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Penny Auction is a Responsive Auction WordPress Theme introduced by Sitemile team. This is the only first developer who has introduced a best quality auction script for WordPress. The package has auction tools, listing options, and user dashboard to manage everything. Therefore, administrator never have to use extra plugins to control listings or bidding process.

Penny Auction WordPress Theme - Sitemile Reviews

This auction template gives you a nice platform to start auction website where people can add stuff for bidding and then buyers can come and take part in online action process.

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Premium Auction / Bidding Features : Penny Auction Review

Quick User Signup : New members who comes for listing or bidding are going to need to register as member. The member sign-up page provides a ready form to sign-up with email or social accounts like Facebook/Twitter. You will be asked to install a plugin to add the social login feature in website. Once are are finished with account sign-up process then you can start taking part in bidding or make listings for auction.

Bidding Packages : Sitemile provides membership management options panel where administrator can define custom bidding packages. Just define pcakage name, validity, price and everything about membership. If you offer premium listings then user will be asked to buy membership plan before starting listing process. Some auction website uses mixture of both free and premium plans where user can make listings for limited time and then asked to buy premium auction listings.

Penny Auction - Membership and Payment Options

Payment Gateways : Penny Auction WordPress theme supports PayPal, Skrill, and many payment gateways. So, auction sites can select best one or multiple payment options so that buyers from different countries can have flexibility to purchase premium listings. If you check out options page you will see options to select currency, and payment gateways which needs no special skills like programmers have.

This is first phase to setup membership sign registration page, bidding plans and payment options. Now we will around other options to know listing process, and auction activities.

Auction Theme : Sitemile

Sitemile Auction Theme : Main Benefits

Auction Tools and Listing Options : With a custom post time given for auctions listing, user is able to fill-in all details with editor and custom listing fields. You can add product details like title, description, images, price and more. Apart from that, there are extra auction feature like start price, categories, tags etc. You can also set automatic increase option for bind price and timing.

So, you will have auctions listing pages that would not only show products clearly but also boost sellers profit. The system can show Buy now price, and automatically add more price in bid or add extra minutes at last moments. You can set Auction ending time and date, which is considered as expiry for any auction listing.

The auction image uploader helps you insert multiple photos for every post so that visitors can view products from different sides using light image gallery viewer.

Penny Auction - Auction Post Type

Single Auction Post Options : Sitemile Penny Auction theme shows a big “BID NOW” button along with count-down timer on the top of the listing post. User can use “Add to watchlist” button to select listing as favorite to watch it later. Share Options has buttons for twitter, facebook, tumblr, google+ and many other social media sites. The listing also provides other details like Retail price, highest bidder, current price and more.

This type of informative listing with clear display style can help visitors to find best binds and take part in action. Easy bidding options can boost over all revenue by helping all types of visitors to take part in live auction.

Auction Preview Page - Penny Auction

Search Option : Let user find auctions through search system avaialble within website. The header shows a search box visible all time on top area so user can just enter keyword related to product and locate all related listigns on the screen. The search system is very useful when user wants to find actions in short time.

Many Other Benefits : Penny Auction Sitemile

User Account : The registered user get benefit of account section which shows profile details, total bids for auctions, expired listings, buy bidding credit packages and other details. In-short, user can view all details related to his account activity to keep track of everything.

Admin Options Panel : This feature is for website administrator which helps control mall stuff from setting up membership to homepage layout. You will have access to options for advertisement listing, homepage elements, listing price, payment gateways, currency, layouts, email notifications and more. Site owners can set each listing to go through manual approval before going live.

Email notification provides you to set a default message script which notifies user about every activity like new bid request, winning bid notification and more. When you can do everything on your own for auction site without coding skill then you must try out such a novice friendly auction theme.

Penny Auction Options Panel - Sitemile

Homepage and Other Sections : Just check the homepage which shows slider, and Latest Posted Auctions. It also shows featured auctions which are special paid listings shown on homepage in return of extra fees. Members can choose their auctions to appear in featured area by selecting this option and get many bidders on the listing page.

I loved the featured style that shows fixed thumbnail, live countdown timer, price and attractive Bid Now button. The header area shows company logo and menu bar with attractive background style. Navigation menu is best place to assign links for categories page, closed auctions page, blog, all auctions and homepage.

Penny Auction Homepage Featured Auctions

The responsive layout and fast loading design covers possibility to get top SEO rank. We would say this is a best auction WordPress theme till date.

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