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Introducing best Auction WordPress theme with advanced options panel and flexible design powered by SiteMile. Have you been searching for a responsive auction script or software for WordPress ? then here is the right solution. This WP theme needs no extra plugins or external tools to start auction or bidding website.

What we liked about this premium Sitemile theme is that it can work as a Reverse Auction theme Too.

Auction WordPress Theme - SiteMile

Project Bidding Theme Review – SiteMile

Auction Theme Main Features Review : SiteMile

Account Setup : Any one who wants to sell product with bidding system or want to take part in bidding need to register as a member. The built-in registration maintains all user’s so that they can view their listings, favourites, and manage personal profiles. The new account sign-up takes only a few moments especially when you choose to go with social media login.

User can sign-in with Twitter or Facebook account or use regular email to create for sign-up. The registered members can access dashboard to view latest active auctions, pending auctions, latest closed auctions, and more. If you are a seller then you can check other details from back-end like offers received, Awaiting payment items, Shipped items, Not shipped items etc.

Auction Featured Listing - Homepage

Auction Post : Once you are a member and log-in to account then you will get option to post an auction from back-end or front-end area. The auction listing task is managed by custom post which shows a wizard type screen with ready to use fields. Seller have to fill the given fields to provide maximum detail about item being sold.

At the end of the listing process, you would have filled all details like start price for bidding, buy now price, reserve price, shipping charges, auction ending date/time, and more. There are 3 wizard in listing process where first is adding details, second ask you to upload product photos and the last one ask you to review listing before publish.

Auction Listing Page Preview

Other Benefits : SiteMile Auction

Auction Tools : This WordPress auction theme provides other features that would improve the bidding process so that product is sold at highest bid price. The system automatically adds little extra time if it detects last time bidders. The Auction Theme also has an automatic bidding feature which bids against user’s bid.

Seller can define maximum bid value to trigger automatic bidding by system until that Max bid price is reached. This process is also called “proxy bidding” and you can manage it’s settings from admin panel.


Buy Now Price + Make an Offer : When you post an item for auction process then you can add a “Buy Now Price” also. This is the final price so user can directly buy the product by paying a fixed amount. Your auctions will also display “Make An Offer” feature so bidders can send you lower price request than buy now price. In response to that, seller can either accept offer, reject it or make counter offer.

Monetization and Payment Options : You can use different monetization tools to make revenue from the auction website. The earning methods include : Sell featured listings, Take fees for product listing, Take percentage or fixed price for every sale, sell membership etc. The payment side is quite strong so user will be getting options to make payment with PayPal, Skrill, Payza, Payfast and many other gateways.

The theme already supports many payment options and different types of currencies. So, website owners can select all payment options and currencise so that user can have wider choice to buy auction items.

What Else We Loved In SiteMile Auction Theme ? :

Rating and Feedback : User can rate their products using star rating system and add comments message as feedback. This would affect other buyers experience by showing them ratings received by past clients. Sellers can view all ratings and feedback received from clients from back-end profile area. This type of system can add transparency between quality and fake seller which is good for genuine sellers and buyers.

Back-End Area : When administrator enter into back-end panel then he can manage everything for Auction platform. The options panel provides way to define payment options, membership or auction fees, custom fields, withdraw options, and more. You can also control homepage elements, font, color style, header and everything with visual options.

Any one who can manage WordPress is able to start and create Auction website. No big budget or programming skill is required here.

Auction Backend Options - SiteMile

Responsive Design : SiteMile WordPress themes are coded to work every device that user might have in the hand. Just check demo with your smart phone device and see how it shows listing page, homepage grid, header navigation and everything. When you get SEO optimized WordPress themes with responsive design, modern features, support and all benefits then you must give it a try.

Last but not least, when you check homepage then you will see that it has search option, featured carousel slider, categories list, banner space, and widget areas on both side. Thanks to 3 columns layout which gives you option to use grid and list style to display items listings. The featured listing shows each item with thumbnail, and important details like price, expiry, Read more link and Watchlist button.

Auction Theme - Responsive

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