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Performag is a best WordPress theme for magazine sites by Thrive Themes. This WP theme company always develops their templates with marketers and business people in mind. Therefore, this theme also brings best content highlight and monetization features.

So you will be promoting all your articles in best way while earning income from Advertisements. Thanks to Thrive Themes for providing built-in theme layout options tot choose widgets, calls to action and custom banners.

Performag Thrive Themes Review - Homepage Demo

The theme has many Focus areas, Ad spots, Widgets and other features. So you can easily get many page-views and earning from banners. Any type of content writer can go for this WP theme for blog, news and magazine websites.

Pressive Review : Thrive Themes

Thrive Themes – Performag Features Review

This WordPress theme is known as a truly magazine template for news and journal type sites. It not only look like magazine but also gives you actual features to create an engaging magazine site. If we scroll over the homepage area then it has couple of best featured sections having many stories, videos and other stuff. The homepage is combination of featured articles from selected category sections.

Performag Responsive Magazine theme for WordPress

The middle area also shows a banner to generate some extra revenue, which is configured from Ad section. Full-width space offers wide space to display many stories on frontpage. You can select sidebar layout for single post and other pages to highlight widgets. The footer and sidebar can display featured articles using Thrive Posts widget which shows article with thumbnails and title.

Infinite Scroll - Performag

The infinite scroll option is attached as pagination for homepage and latest posts below articles. So visitors can see more articles loading in automatic style as they scroll on the bottom. Thanks to Performag theme developers for providing performance boosting features. The light weight and SEO friendly responsive design is best part of this magazine template.

Some Top Features : Performag WordPress Theme

Floating Menu / Header : The header looks awesome with solid and bold color style which shows your brand logo on the top left corner. Just below the header, yo will see your primary navigation menu having all links added form menu customization page. The good part about menu is it comes with floating mode so it stays visible always when user scrolls on the site.

Another good part is MegaMenu type menu design which shows multiple columns and category sections under drop-down. Hence, user can hover on the category links to see featured posts and custom links from desired sections. This type of menu design can not only impress visitors but also help them browse many top level pages and categories easily.

Performag Header and Floating Navigation

The navigation bar can show-off extra elements like social share buttons, search box etc. So visitors can search articles or access your social presence from one place.

Slideshow Post Type : This is another big feature of Performag theme which creates nice slideshow for all images. It’s really hard to display many images using traditional blog post formats. So designers, travel photographers and creative bloggers can choose slideshow post type to create single gallery slider for all selected images.

The gallery slider shows a view port to display images with banner (top), share buttons (bottom left), and links to check next and previous slides. So can make sure that user can see banner (top left, right), social share icons and slide navigation buttons.

Slideshow Post Type - Performag

Last Lines : Thrive Themes Magazine Theme

Ad Management Options : The back-end shows “Thrive Ad Group” panel which has options to choose different Ad locations. The theme permits you to display Ads inside posts, sidebar, frontpage (between articles). It is more than showing ads as you can choose clear and detailed Ad targeting options. The Ad location list helps you to display Ads at Beginning, After “X” (Certain) paragraphs, After “X” (certain) images or at the end of the post.

Moreover, you can select Ad visibility for posts or pages. When you choose Post for Ad integration then you can select one or multiple groups of categories or tags. None of the marketing WordPress themes in the market provides these much flexibility for Ad integration. Once you add multiple Ads for any Ad group then it will automatically rotate ads on the website.

Ad Group Panel - Performag

Mobile Ad support is also provided so your magazine platform will show responsive ads for smart phones and all small size devices. It will make sure that you are earning revenue from all types of visitors. Non even a premium Ad management plugins offer these many features.

Social Share Options : This feature is integrated on all sections including homepage, blog page and single articles. The Performag WordPress theme shows share buttons with total count counts on homepage with hover effect. If you check blog listing page then it combines share buttons with all featured post entries. And single articles also shows social share icons below post title on right side.

Social share options - Homepage and blog page

The good thing about floating navigation bar is that it shows “Social share” links instead of menu links when you scroll on articles. So user will always be in connection with share buttons while reading articles. The floating menu again shows menu links instead of share buttons when user scroll to the bottom of article.

Single Post Social share floating menu

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