Ovation AudioTheme REVIEW : Responsive Music WordPress Theme

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Meet Ovation – A WordPress Music Themes with responsive design and developed by AudioTheme. The versatile layout is the main power of this theme which makes it suitable for all types of band, music and orchestra websites. If you are into music industry then you are going to need an all rounder this like this one. The theme includes options to promote albums, events, play-list, videos and everything for music industry professionals.

Ovation AudioTheme - Best Music Event WordPress Theme

The theme offers a set of custom plugins and also supports 3rd party plugins. Once you install it then you need to setup recommended plugins to get access to certain features. For e.g. custom play list support, gigs listing, video listing, and more.

What’s Good in Ovation Music Theme ?

Easy Homepage Setup : This music template has been inspired by one page layout which gives you multiple sections for homepage. Hence, you don’t need to ask visitors to visit page by page to get all details. Instead, you can add multiple sections on homepage area and content them to different pages and posts. This way, fans and music lovers can easily read details about Upcoming shows, Latest music albums, Contact details, Recent blog posts and much more.

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Ovation Frontpage sections and parallax image

The back-end customizer panel includes special “Front Page Sections” which shows you list of all available pages on your site. So administrator can begin adding contents into selected sections to display custom playlists, Instagram feeds, newsletter signup form and more. You have no limit of what to display, even you can re-arrange order of home sections with drag and drop method.

Every section is different entity for homepage area and you must make them look different. But how ?, well Ovation WordPress theme enables you to add featured images for various home sections which is best way to split all sections in visually appealing style. Hence, this is better way to introduce all section with relevant image while making them look separate from each others.

Adding featured images to various sections on your homepage is a great way to create a visual buffer between content, and gives you the option to create a cool parallax-like scrolling effect.

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Styling and Sidebar Options : AudioTheme

In order to keep user friendlies in the top priority, Ovation gives you a special toggle button to show/hide sidebar widgets. This button it located on the left of the navigation bar and it keeps sidebar in hidden mode in default state. So user have to click it to toggle between sidebar and full-width layout. The sidebar becomes best place to highlight latest records, videos and newsletter box.

Ovation AudioTheme - Responsive Music Theme

You can also promote new albums, banners, custom links and other stuff on sidebar and other widget areas. The footer is also has widget space which is idea to share Instagram photos, social links, contacts and other stuff. Thanks to developers for providing custom widgets which improves website navigation system.

The WordPress customizer is single options panel for whole site which has options to manage homepage, colors, header, background and much more. The responsive layout keeps this theme always fit and fine for all screen types. Be it mobile, tablet, or any modern browse, it just adapt to any device easily.

Custom Header : The header area provides a new method to impress visitors as it shows full-screen media elements as header background. You can add a video or an image as background which could be great way to welcome your fans. The top header shows social media profile links, middle part is for logo and tag-line. The bottom header is for navigation part where you can display menu links and toggle button to load off-screen sidebar.

Header Media - Ovation Theme

Ovation navigation panel always remains visible on the top of the screen area. Because it has been crafted by floating design which keeps visitors into contact with menu bar. So user don’t have to scroll back to top from bottom to access menu links. The fixed menu always follows you during page scroll so you can always use navigation bar links in just one moment.

Final Words : Conclusion

Before we finish Ovation music theme review you must know how you can access music related features. AudioTheme plugin gives you all features access that is required for a band or music website. This plugin is built by Audio Theme developers and it is provided with all of their music templates to gives you music related features. So you will find easy options to manage Gigs, Records, Videos etc.

Ovation AudioTheme Music Features - Gigs - Discography and Videos

For each feature, you will find custom page templates so that visitors can easily browse events, albums and other stuff. If you browse gigs page then you will see list with nearest date on the top and others on the bottom. The top navigation bar will give you buttons to browse upcoming and past gigs archive. Same way, you can also add all music albums, EPs and tracks on “Records” page. This page will also give you filter options to browse music tracks.

The video module is developed to embed all videos from different sources like Vimeo, YouTube and other sites. So fans can easily see access video library to see videos for past events, and music latest albums. From my personal view point, I would surely recommend this WordPress music theme to every one who is in music industry.

Whether you want a music site to sell gigs, promote events or create blog to engage with fans, it has features for all purpose.

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