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Intrigue modern eCommerce WordPress theme for online stores powered by CSSIgniter. Before few years ago, it was not easier to start an online shop without programming knowledge and big budget. But, everything has chanced with the introduction of WordPress CMS. Now you can start online eCommerce shop on your own with small budget.

Intrigue CSSIgniter- eCommerce WordPress theme – WooCommerce theme

This WooCommerce WordPress theme provides user friendly features so you can start unique goods selling store. It allows you to sell all types of goods without any limitation.

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Why Intrigue WordPress Theme ?

We liked this theme for several reasons, the first reason is “WooCommerce Plugin” support. You need to install this plugin on your website to create online store with Intrigue. Once you finish setup theme and plugin, then you can easily customize homepage, mange shopping carts etc. The plugin alone provides all eCommerce features that includes product listing feature, filter option, sort option, custom widgets and more.

The good thing about WooCommerce is that, it is a free plugin that is widely used by most of the online shops. It provides styling options, detailed product listing support, review option and many more. Therefore, you don’t need extra money to manage your store. Apart from that, CSSIgniter also comes with it’s own custom options panel that includes everything.

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Intrigue Header

The built-in options page let’s you manage color skins, homepage, blog section, layouts, logo and everything. The theme is developed for non-programmer users who don’t know coding and still want to start online store. If you want to start selling products from your own website then you just need to purchase this theme.

The product package comes with documentation, support, page templates, widgets, shortcodes, updates and many other benefits. If you don’t use WooCommerce plugin then you can also use it as blog or personal website. So we can say, it is a versatile WordPress theme that is suitable for e-stores and blogs.

Best Features : Intrigue CSSIgniter

Flexible Layout Options : The homepage is made of flexible layout so you can decide what will be displayed on homepage. The theme let’s you add custom products and categories on homepage area as required. As a result, visitors can always see best contents on homepage : e.g. new products, discount offers, top categories etc.

Intrigue Layout - Featured sections

The theme provides custom widgets to help you add featured sections without touching any code. Thanks to CSSIgniter for providing such a gorgeous theme with user friendly options.

Custom Widgets : This is another main part of Intrigue which enables you to highlight custom contents on sidebar and footer. The theme has multiple widget locations so you can easily promote latest blog posts, social media links, ad-banners, custom texts, featured products and more. CSSIgniter provides general and custom widgets with all WordPress themes. So website owners can develop interesting website that is loved by modern visitors.

Custom widgets - Intrigue CSSIgniter

If you open product page the you will find Product categories, Featured Products, Shopping cart and other useful widgets. Same way, you can add other widgets for blog section. The footer provides 3 columns which is best place to display contact information, custom links and other stuff.

Responsive Design : This feature has become common requirement for all website. But that doesn’t mean that all eCommerce websites are powered by this feature. Your competitors might not have responsive website, but when you have this feature then you can boost your sales. Responsive websites are easily ranked by different search engines and it can boost organic visitors for your site.

Intrigue Responsive Demo Preview

If you want to provide a unique shopping experience from mobiles, tablets and other devices then you must choose Intrigue as your next eCommerce theme. It will resize images, buttons, texts and everything to fit on user’s screen.

Product / Shop Page : Before we conclude this review, let me show you screen-shots of shop page and single product page. So you can get more idea about on how this theme can boost shopping experience of your visitors. The shop page offers grid layout so shoppers can see lots of items on single page. This eCommerce theme has Sort and Filter options which makes it easier to find best products within right budget.

Shop Page - Intrigue

The single product page also provides detailed preview about every product listed on your store. The listing page offers image box, price, quantity selector box, tabs section (description, review) etc. “Related Products” are automatically highlighted at the end of the page to boost page-views and sales.

Product Page - Intrigue Demo

Other Features : Intrigue CSSIgniter

  • Blog template : Post news about offers
  • Shortcodes : Map, Tabs, Buttons, Columns
  • Shop Page : Unlimited categories support
  • Search box with menubar
  • Shopping cart on header
  • Logo Image with tagline
  • Home slider : Auto rotating slides
  • Welcome text box : Below slideshow
  • Big social media featured section : Homepage
  • Regular updates
  • Translation features

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