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Andros CSSIgniter is a responsive hotel WordPress theme that covers unique layouts and customization features. This package consist of all features required to start resort and hotel business website. The theme allows you to create multiple page templates so you can share details about key services, media items, rooms list, price details and more.

If you are running an accommodation related business then you need such a template that provides all these features. The theme takes no more than a few minutes to create website with demo sample files. You can easily create a nice homepage like demo and create extra pages for contacts, business details and to promote other stuff.

Andros Hotel WordPress Theme - CSSIgniter

Andros WordPress Theme : Header and Frontpage

Custom Header : We have seen header with blogs, and all websites as it is a common part just like footer. Mostly, header provides limited features to display logo, menu or few widgets. But, this hotel template has additional “Top Bar” to display phone number, email, social icons and search box. The header left has 2 text boxes which shows contact details in demo, but you can replace them to display any text you want.

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The right side elements are optional so you need to click check box from header options to make them visible. The main header section shows hotel or business logo image on the left. The right portion can display all selected links that is placed under primary menu. Apart from that, you will see a custom button with header to link user to booking or other pages.

Header Options - Andros CSSIgniter

This way, you can divert user to booking contact page so they can easily get in touch with their inquiry.

Frontpage Widgets : The homepage layouts includes two options where you can display Video or slider on top area. If you don’t want to go with demo sample homepage layout then you can create your own homepage using widgets or page builder. The top hero section covers to options where you can add image or video in hero box. Along with that, you will have space to display main and subtitle for business introduction.

If you come to widget part then, CSSIgniter Andros offers custom widgets to display featured posts. There are widgets available to highlight posts from selected post types. You can choose number of posts, title, background image/color and everything for home sections. So novice users will never have to fall in coding process and enjoy smooth customization.

Homepage Widget Sections - Andros

Demo shows a great example for hotel website that highlights Introduction paragraph, selected room types, Testimonials and Instagram photos. The clean design and use of imagery makes homepage look creative.

CSSIgniter Hotel Theme Features :

Booking Options : Modern hotel sites need to provide this feature to get real benefit of online presence. CSSIgniter gives you full support to integrate any hotel booking services. You can copy/paste custom code into new page and make it a booking section on the site. Whether you want to use external booking platform or a WordPress plugin, it supports everything.

Booking Services Support - Andros Hotel Theme

Rooms Page : Andros WordPress theme is best example of hotel website. Because it’s back-end includes custom page templates(attributes) list to create hotel listing page. The listing page options box is visible on the bottom of page editor. This is where you can define base category,columns,and loading effect for grid section. You can also apply masonry effect along with category filter options like portfolio websites.

The grid based layout makes it really best way to showcase many rooms and suites on one page. User can view all listings with thumbnails along with title, price and button to view full room features with full post.

Rooms Page - Andros

Listing Page : When you have setup rooms page then you can start adding rooms and suites from listing page. Click “Add New” button under rooms menu from back-end and you will see editor screen. This is the place which provides space to display rooms title, description, add photos, amenities, and slider. It any rook is available on low or competitive price then you can mark is “Offer” to attract visitor’s attention.

Rooms Listing - Andros CSSIgniter

More Benefits : CSSIgniter

WPML Support : Hotel site should be presented in multiple languages as most of the tourist are coming from non speaking countries also. If you want to target client’s from all part of the world then you have to make your site available in all popular languages. WPML is the widely used free WordPress plugin to present a website in multilingual form.

WPML Support - Andros

This plugin works with Andros and it shows list of languages on the top right header. So visitors can choose desired language to check all rooms, hotel services and other details in native language.

Custom Pages : Apart from home and booking section, you can also add many other pages. As visible in demo, you can also add media pages to share videos and photo gallery with visitors. So user can see all hotel areas, event videos and great scenery for nearby locations. Blog is another unique part that works as a promotional section for your website.

You can use blog to share popular tourist spots so get in-bound traffic and then promote your hotel booking link along with articles. Many people use blog as content marketing platform by sharing useful contents. You can also share offers and other news on blog section. You can enable sidebar for selected pages and share banners, recent post and other widgets on either side. Footer is additional widget section to post custom links, contact details, social links etc.

Images and Video Media Page

Options Panel : CSSIgniter options panel creates unique customization experience for non coders and professional web developers. You will see live customizer with all options to control colors, header, background and other areas. All website controls are found on options page with visual options. So you need to make choice with given options.

Andros is a best hotel theme we have seen for WordPress CMS. We suggest to check demo and details page.

Customizer Andros Options

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