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Fable is a gorgeous WordPress blogging theme from Elegant Themes. This theme is released with stylish bloggers and all types of creative content publishers in mind. The demo preview clearly shows that it has been integrated with full-width and visual narrative layout. So all your visitor’s focus will directly go on contents only. The full-width layout and long-format style offers best scrolling experience.

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It is tightly focused on contents only so you don’t have to do anything other content writing contents. Bloggers will find post formats support, custom background and fonts styling options. So you will get opportunity to fine tune each article with desired look. We are very much impressed at this blog template for offering clear and spacious layout.

Why Fable WordPress Theme ?

Many blogers are tired of using traditional templates which just offers a few blog features. But this theme is totally unique, if offers all basic blog features as well as advanced styling features. So there won’t be much trouble when you publish media elements or attractive gallery. You can manage each and every corner of this theme using ePanel. This is options panel developed by Elegant Themes experts.

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It just let’s you setup homepage, header, layouts, typography, colors, logo and everything from one place. You don’t need even need to write code to edit or customize any area of the website. The Fable theme can adjust to all types of blogging niche where content is primary focus. You can use it to promote articles for fashion, technology, travel, entertainment and all topics.

Traditional blogs were only focused to display featured posts and widgets. But this theme is developed with content presentation in mind. So you are going to get full-width and long page layouts. So entire with space is used to display your stories only. You are enabled to post videos, photo gallery, quotes or anything that comes in your blog journey.


The theme itself is prepared to take care of performance and customization. So there is no need to install other plugins to manage any key function of blog. Though you can surely install plugins if you need them for SEO, Reviews or other tasks.

Elegant Themes Fable : Key Features Review

Post Formats : This WordPress blog theme is optimized to share all types of stories in unique mode. That’s why it is packed with 4 types of post formats that includes : Gallery, Video, Quote and Standard article. Selecting these post types will greatly improve your blogging experience as you can easily add media items in right style.


Every post type has it’s own design options so you can easily embed videos, create gallery and share quotes using best typography. Apart from that, you can add background image or select any color for each article. ET settings panel is offered at the bottom of post editor, so this is the place from where you are going to define background image or color.

The font color options are also offered so you can choose right font style that doesn’t distract readability. If you have selected light background then you can use dark font color, and for dark background you can choose light font color.

Infinite Color Skins : Fable WordPress theme offers you access to end-less color possibilities. So blog administrators can select best theme color and background style using WordPress customizer. Apart from that, they can also define right color accents for navigation, fonts and background areas. Once you define colors from main options panel then it will become default choice. Though you can change background style of particular post from ET settings if required.


More Details of Fable Elegant Themes :

Responsive Design : The website development is a dynamic field which needs constant updates and improvements. It is not possible to write programming code for common blogger. But this theme is going to be best companion in your blogging journey. It offers responsive layout that is prepared to serve your readers from all types of screens. Whether they use landscape screens or portrait screen, it is adaptive for all internet devices.

Other Benefits : Fable WordPress theme serves you with best header and footer area which works as a navigation system. The header offers logo upload option and custom menus features. So all your page templates and category links will be visible on menubar and under drop-down list. In addition, you can also present custom social links through icons.


The bottom of the page shows pagination bar with numbered buttons. So readers can navigate to previous posts in just a moment. Footer sections provides 3 columns space to highlight recent posts, contact, social link, custom text or whatever is needed. I would suggest this WordPress theme to every one who needs a light weight and advanced blog platform.

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