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eCommerce is a gorgeous online shopping cart WordPress theme developed by Mythemeshop. This theme is ideal to promote any type of goods from tangible to intangible. The built-in demos can be used to create any type of eCommerce shop website with simple or stylish look. Administrators will be able to view all 4 ready demo layouts that offers unique homepage style.

eCommerce MyThemeShop - WordPress WooCommerce Theme

You can also use this theme as simple blog template or shop page with extra blog page. Whether you want to sell your own goods or promote affiliate products, it is compatible for both needs. If you don’t have products then you can join some affiliate programs and start selling products by adding product details, photos and affiliate links.

Spike Review : MyThemeShop Theme

Mythemeshop eCommerce Theme Review :

Flexible Homepage : You can have demo layouts as your homepage to clone the same look and design for your online shop, or use your own concept to create different homepage with home options panel. The homepage options include custom slider listing panel to promote new offers, product arrivals and other stuff. The homepage area is flexible enough to display not only shop items but blog posts, categories, featured pages, special offers, brand partners list, product tabs etc.

Homepage Featured Sections - eCommerce

Product Carousel Widget : This widget is used to display many shop items with selected categories. This slider widget is used on homepage and single posts to display related items. When you use slider section instead of static one, then you can promote multiple items regardless of width space available on the screen. The slider won’t just highlight multiple items but also boost page-views.

Product Carousel Slider Widget - eCommerce

6 Header Layouts : Mythemeshop eCommerce has been provided with variety of header styles. These layouts share the common element with different placement locations. For e.g. you can have logo in middle or left side, with menu on bottom or right of the logo. The header uses most of the space to promote two navigation menu with primary menu on bottom and secondary menu on top area.

If we talk about shop features then header shows Wishlist and Cart button links. Header can also display search box so that user can start finding product by keywords. This is how you can speed up product search process with custom menu and search box.

Header Styles - eCommerce Mythemeshop

WooCommerce Features : Mythemeshop Shop Theme

Shop Featured Listings : You can use widgets and custom shortcodes to promote desired categories on home or other pages. WooCommerce shop page comes with custom settings where administrator can define total Number of products for single page, product hover effect and more. Shop page will become extra powerful when you choose sidebar layout that shows “Price Filter” widget, Product categories, Featured products etc.

The shop page has “Sort” list with pre-defined options to help visitors to find products with popularity, lowest price, highest price and other preferences. Shop owners can choose to display ribbon on every product or disable this feature with single click. Hovering mouse onto listings will show custom icons to visit full post, add to cart, add to wish list and quick view.

Shop Page Layout - eCommerce Theme

Mythemeshop eCommerce theme help user to add items into selection basket using “Wish List” button, to view wish-listed items later any time. The “Quick View” option loads product on Ajax separate window showing main product information on the same screen without accessing full post.

Single Listing Page : Visitors will be having lots of flexibility while browsing single post on the screen. The product listing screen will display image box (multi image slider), Add to cart link, product features, and tabs with details. User can view items with all details, add them to Wish List or view reviews from previous buyers.

Every product listed will show “Related Products” and “Featured Slider” carousel with certain number of entries. You can enable these features from WooCommerce settings page so that visitors can always find related and feature products list while browsing items on your website.

Product Page - eCommerce Mythemeshop

Quick Check Out : The step-wise checkout process will simplify online shopping experience for every type of user. It will guide you straight from cart to check out page with given payment options. You can define cart page and payment settings from plugins options page. User will see all items total in cart. Cart page shows all items with delete button so that buyers can remove product from the cart with one click.

eCommerce WordPress Theme – Other Benefits :

Footer Widget Columns : Shop owners can add upto 5 widgets in footer area to display contacts, custom links and more. The wide footer space is ideal to boost social followers, or sales by displaying ad banners. Many shop websites prefer to display payment options, tags/categories, recent posts list and other useful stuff in footer.

Theme Options : All premium and free Mythemeshop WordPress themes are provided with list of custom tabs. These tabs are options screen where you will see custom settings for Ad management, Homepage, WooCommerce shop page, Styling, Header, Single post etc. The visual simple options page show you controls to enable/disable certain features with just a few clicks.

WooCommerce - eCommerce Mythemeshop

What Else We Liked In eCommerce Mythemeshop ? The theme has simple and modern pagination options with total 4 choices. Therefore, online shops can provide Ajax loading, Numbered, Next/Previous and other buttons. 3 single post layouts had been given to create unique presentation. You will find a comparison tool for single page which loads other similar product to compare price and features.

Hence, visitors can compare current product with other items and find the best deals without browsing plenty of items. There are around 17 custom widgets available to promote products, featured posts, categories, banners, and many other elements. Thanks to the responsive design which manage all customers coming from smart phone, tablet and different small screen devices.

This is how you can turn your simple website into professional store without coding skill or big budget. You are getting ready options to manage listings, cart, check out, and payment gateways. I strongly recommend this WooCommerce WordPress theme to ever who is starting online shop.

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