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Meet Coupon WordPress Theme from MythemeShop to start a website to share deals and earn money. This is one of the best coupon WP theme for WordPress which helps you get started a deals sharing portal that fits to all budget levels. The theme provides WooCommerce support so that coupon websites can also sell goods, memberships or anything. If you really want to ear huge revenue then here is right web template to create deals posting site.

Coupon Review MythemeShop - WordPress Deals Coupon Theme

We have often seen people searching for best deals and coupons to buy show tickets, cloths, software, and books. If you use this theme for coupon marketing then it can help you start multi-purpose website to share offers for multiple niche and categories to get huge profit from affiliate marketing. The built-in coupon button will hide deals to make sure that you earn commission from every coupon shared with users.

Why Coupon WP Theme from MythemeShop ?

Lots of advanced features have been integrated with this theme so that visitors can find deals, recent posts and top trending offers everywhere. The homepage, sidebar and single posts will have enough space to promote carousel slider, and banners. You are getting widgets and advertisement support to make good profit so it is upto you on how yo implement those features.

Flexible Homepage : Forget those traditional sites which ask you to follow only pre-defined layouts for homepage. You can now insert deals carousel slider on the top of the homepage, single post, and archive sections. Therefore, user is able to notice top offers just above the every page. Carousel bar shows arrows so that visitors can check many more deals than what they see in single screen space.

Carousel Slider - Coupon Theme Homepage

Slideshow Settings : Most of the sites user slideshow to share good stuff like top trending blog posts, special offer news, or anything that needs attention from home visitors. Slider will use big view port to promote contents with big featured layout that shows selected image, video, text and links for every slide.

Category Tabs Settings : MythemeShop Coupon WordPress Theme has category tabs section available for homepage. By engaging this tabs section, you can display deals from multiple areas within one section. The settings panel allows user to pick multiple categories for tabs so that visitors can easily browse new coupon codes for those products.

Category Tabs -Coupon Theme MythemeShop

Other Benefits : MythemeShop Coupon Theme Review

Popular Stores : Use this feature to promote top or selected stores on homepage area. It will show total coupons featured under particular store section on hovering mouse pointer. All the above mentioned homepage features works smoothly to increase page-views for coupons page. Therefore, site visitors can easily link to top deals by selecting preferred product store.

Social channel becomes important tool to drive regular free traffic on website. Therefore, you can try showing social links on homepage to get more followers to share future deals through social pages. If you use newsletter form and social media links widget properly then it can work as a free traffic generating tool.

Popular Stores Section - Coupon WP Theme

Coupon Archive : MythemeShop Coupon theme has custom settings to setup archive page. You can define custom title, description, number of coupons and preferred pagination style for achieve page. Visitors can view store archive page with all basic details and featured entries in list style. You can select custom sidebar for each category or use one sidebar for all to promote widgets.

Coupon Expiry / Rewards : The featured entries will show limited but enough details to draw visitors to access single post. If you go to any category archive page then you will see that featured post shows how many people have used this coupon, with reward details and time remained for deals expiry. You just can’t improve page-views by only showing accurate or valid coupons only. Content presentation should be clear and engaging enough to draw visitors to access coupons from give links.

Expiry and Rewards - MythemeShop Deals Theme

The Ajax Coupon user counter will count every user who clicks the deals reveal button so that other visitors will click those deals which are clicked highest time.

How To Make Profit from MythemeShop Coupon Site ?

Single Coupon Page Options : Affiliate marketers can set custom affiliate links with “View Deal” button so that user is able to access offers page with given link. Site owners can control what is displayed on single post screen along with coupon code. You will see button to copy deals code, and other interactive features like like/dislike button, social sharing links, recent offers, related offers, and subscribe box.

Thanks to MythemeShop for offering Customizable Coupon Popup so that admin user can edit popup message box screen.

Coupon Single - Coupon Theme MythemeShop

Responsive Layout : Every website that works on mobile devices is likely to earn good profit, especially in marketing field. This responsive coupon website can adjust to user’s screen to show deals and offers properly. User can browse carousel slider, archive sections, deals and everything from their screen. So it becomes good option to target tablet or mobile users who wants to book tickets or enjoy shopping from handy devices.

Coupon Pop-up - Coupon WordPress Theme

Theme Options : The main options panel delivers special controls to manage everything including different homepage elements, single post, archives, advertisements, color styles, and general options. You can also export and import theme settings to use them later in future. The settings page has controls for social icons, slider, blog, footer, header, styling, custom sidebars, navigation and more.

Sign-up settings are available to share custom sign-up page link on header. The header provides space to share logo, coupon search box and custom links like log-in and sign-up. The navigation bar is placed below header showing all links for homepage, categories, blog, contact and all top sections.

Header Menu and Search Box - Coupon Theme MythemeShop

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