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Pinstagram is a Responsive Magazine WordPress Theme developed by MyThemeShop. The theme is inspired by Pinterest and it will give you masonry grid layout that is capable to display lots of posts on homepage. It will help you start a stylish blog platform or magazine website so you can share lots of articles in attractive style. It can adjust to lots of screen types and that’s only because of responsive layout. Thanks to MyThemeShop for providing responsive theme that works with mobiles, tablets and all devices.

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Pinstagram Review - MyThemeShop - Magazine WordPress Theme

Why Pinstagram MyThemeShop ?

Most of the bloggers would think that why they should go for pinterest type blog theme ?. The answer is simple, this concept has already gained huge success and live example of Pinterest. It has become gained this success because of two factors : Responsive Grid Layout and Light weight design. The masonry grid will include lots of post entries on single page so that user can see lots of posts at a time.

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The grid will display featured thumbnails and bold title so that use can easily pick best articles of their interest. If you try browsing Pinstagram demo then you will experience great speed and smoothness. This is only because of Pinterest platform concept where advance features are used to bring lots of articles into focus.

Responsive blog theme - Pinstagram Pinterest Style theme

MyThemeShop has included custom unique styling options and design elements so you can pick right color style, background, sidebar layouts and other elements. In-short, it will bring same features benefits that is provided by Pinterest platform. The theme will help you adjust sidebar layouts, pagination, custom header, ad-banners and all other stuff.

Key Features : Pinstagram MyThemeShop

Slideshow : The slider section will be truly helpful when you want to display best posts or articles on homepage. The Pinstagram will allow you to pick one category for slider and then it will automatically display 5 latest articles that is added into selected category. The homepage slider will run automatically with normal speed so that user can see best articles which may be some offers, special tips or viral posts.

Pinstagram Widgets - MyThemeShop Magazine Theme

Moreover, you can also configure pagination style from two options by selecting 1) Numbers (1,2,3) or 2) Next,Previous mode. So user can browse more articles from previous pages right from homepage. MyThemeShop will allow you to enable/disable post “Meta Information” for homepage entries so you can choose to display Date and Author name.

Header Options : Pinstagram WordPress theme has small but unique header which can highlight custom menu links, logo and other elements. The back-end options panel will allow you to create custom menus and add it into header. You can also enable social media links for header element by enabling relevant option from back-end. The options panel will allow you to insert social profile/page link for Facebook, Twitter, Feed-burner, Google+ and other websites.

Floating Header - Widgets

The floating header option will keep it all time visible while scrolling through the page. The premium blogging theme allow you to use font icons with menu button to make them look more attractive. You can also use custom header logo and tag-line to create a unique brand identity for your website.

Unique Layouts : If you check out options panel from Pinstagram Demo, then you will find that MyThemeShop has provided 6 unique layout styles for website. That means, you can switch two any layout with just a click of button. The homepage is made of 3 columns which consist of Content, Random Posts and Sidebar. You can have two columns or three columns with content on middle, left and right.

Styling Settings - Pinstagram Layouts

The content section will display latest posts, sidebar will display hand picked widgets and Random posts columns will just display any article randomly. This options will improve pages views and make visitors stay on your website for long time.

The Single post layout includes 4 options which includes two sections : 1)Content, 2) “Related Posts”. The content column will display article and related section will display couple of featured articles from similar tags or category groups. This way, user can always see other relevant articles and find more options to read other contents. Overall, these layouts will improve user experience and create easy way to browse more contents.

Single Post Pinstagram MyThemeShop

Last but not least, it has many other options so you can display ad banners, custom text, categories and other elements on footer and sidebar. Whether you are a blogger, news writers or media blogger, you can always go for Pinstagram to start online blog or magazine platform.

All Features : MyThemeShop

  • Background : Color, Pattern, Custom Image
  • Custom CSS : Customize theme (for advanced users)
  • Responsiveness for tablets and smart phones
  • Lightbox pop-up for image
  • Ad Management
  • Social buttons : floating buttons
  • Single posts options : Post Mega, Breadcrumb, Author Box
  • Navigation and Fonts options
  • Ad Banner spots : In-Post Banners, Sidebar widgets
  • Shortcodes : Buttons, Icons, Videos, Buttons, Columns
  • Pages : Contact, FullWidth
  • Ready to use icon fonts : Use with menu or anywhere
  • Integrated with Schema
  • clan coding and SEO ready design
  • Latest Coding Languages : CSS3 and HTML5

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