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Dividend is a most advanced WordPress magazine theme from MyThemeShop. It is powered by customizable layouts and custom post type options. So it will be easier for your to share news stories and deals for products or services. If you have been searching for a journal theme with multiple layouts, widgets, and social sharing options then it’s here.

Dividend Demo - MyThemeShop Magazine Theme

We love this theme for it’s built-in support available for MegaMenu and Subscribe widget for MyThemeShop premium plugins. You can also turn it into a stylish blog, news website or a magazine site that shares contents for many topics. If you are marketer then it also provides review widget support to earn affiliate income.

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Best Features : MyThemeShop Magazine

Homepage Details : The homepage provides 7 custom post listing layout options so you can have each category appear in unique style. While adding category sections from homepage panel, you will have options to choose number of posts, title, post listing layout and more. Furthermore, you can also choose to display latest deals from deals listing page on homepage.

Dividend WordPress theme gives you an all founder homage that is not just limited to one slider and one category sections. It also provides 3 slider and carousel which shows multiple featured stories in single block. Carousel bar shows thumbnail, post title and arrows for both side navigation. Besides that, you will find call to action section which could be used by marketers and professional bloggers.

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Homepage Layouts and Header Options - Dividend

The “Client Carousel” is also available to share list of business or brand partner or you can show list of magazines where you had been featured. There are 4 pagination types available including ajax button and auto loading options. This is how you can develop an engaging magazine or news type website with minimum efforts.

Header Details : Header has logo and menu options to promote your magazine studio as brand. The navigation bar appears in normal style or you can make it visible in floating mode, all over the page while scrolling. If we go further in header options then you offers options to display Social icons and search box to search for contents within site.

Advertisement and Deals Listings : MyThemeShop


Deals Archive Page : You will find custom post type to list all deans news from eCommerce stores or any product or service selling programs. Deals archive layout provides 2 column layout with pagination so user can easily browse all the deals listed with custom deals post type. MyThemeShop provides “Deals Expiry Date” option so you will see expiry date with featured listing and into full post view also.

Deals validity can help user to figure out deals remaining time and entice them to take action for those deals which are hot and going to expire soon.

Deals Archive Page - Dividend Theme


Monetized and 14 Widgets : Dividend theme is monetized for all corners with widget areas and ad slots. There are 14 custom widgets provided to optimize footer and sidebar area. You can easily insert ads from Ad options panel to display ad blocks on top and bottom area on single article page. Besides that, you will have footer and sidebar widget areas available to display banners, recent deals, recent posts, and more. This is how you can earn good revenue by showing ads from affiliate programs and Adsense.

The custom sidebar options helps you to create multiple sidebars for single page, posts, homepage and archive pages. So you can have custom widgets for all sidebar sections to display content related ads, social links, author details, and other elements.

Footer Widgets - Dividend MyThemeShop

Footer Options : This section is a common part for all websites just like header and frontpage. But it is still helpful and can be used to promote widgets and menus as it is visible everywhere on website. The footer layout selector provides 3 and 4 widget options. You can also display custom footer menu and Move to Top button. If we talk on styling then you will have control for footer background style, and also combine parallax effect for it.

Dividend Blog Post and Theme Options:

Single Post Elements : Every post that appears in the demo shows many elements on top and bottom. The social sharing buttons appears on top, bottom and left side in floating mode. The single post options page gives you easy mode to add author profile section and related posts. The comments section comes with “Facebook Comments” support so user can enjoy talking to each other like forums.

Single Post with Widgets - Dividend MyThemeShop

Visual Options Tab : MyThemeShop Dividend is a modern magazine theme for non-coders and profession web developers. It is integrated with options tab which takes you through easy setup from home page layout, single post, header, social buttons and more. This is one place to setup custom pagination style, header style, footer style, and everything.

If you had been looking for a mobile ready WordPress theme with truly responsive design then it is here. The theme takes care of loading performance, styling, content presentation, typography optimization, and more. I suggest this theme to all bloggers and news writers who loves to work with user friendly options panel.

Theme options - MyThemeShop

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