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NewsToday is a versatile WordPress theme for magazines, blogs and news portals. It is a best WP template produced by Mythemeshop till date. The theme is developed in such a way that it takes care of content presentation, performance and SEO benefits. So what is left to be done from your side it keep writing good articles and that’s it.

All technical stuff is automatically managed by visual options panel. You don’t have to lift finger for programming work as it comes with user friendly options, shortcodes and custom widgets. This journal template can meet all you demand for adsense or content marketing site. The demo shows, how it keeps readability in front focus while showing lots of contents on single page.

NewsToday News Magazine WordPress Theme - MyThemeShop

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NewsToday MyThemeShop : Quick Setup Process

Frontpage Layouts : There is no one rule on how you can develop homepage area. Because every magazine or news site can have different demands and therefore flexibility should be there all the time. The developers has given 3 layouts which shows widely used layout in default mode. You can also try out other two homepage styles which are known as Dark and Craft styles.

I won’t say much on what is good or bad as all layouts would work nicely. If you need gaming or entertainment site then dark layout is best. And craft style is good for fashion, art, food, lifestyle and other creative niches. Thanks to MyThemeShop for providing Unique Magazine Design and layout options. You will see options to change background style, fonts, colors and other stuff in options page.

Homepage Layouts - NewsToday

MyThemeShop NewsMag : Magazine Theme

6 Homepage Posts Layouts : Before we start talking on this point, you must know that NewsToday WordPress has flexible homepage. So, website owners can use multiple content sections for homepage area. Now coming to point, these content blocks are known as category blocks. You will find homepage options to add multiple featured blocks for selected categories.

Each block shows one category with recent post entries. You can show posts in hero style, multiple grid, slider or other styles. There are 6 posts listing layouts found for category sections. So you can have all sections to show featured post entries in unique style like demo preview. Besides that, it can also highlight latest posts with pagination.

6 Post Layouts for Homepage Categories

Top Features : Magazine WordPress Theme

Header Area : The header is combined with multiple elements and some of them are optional. The left side shows logo which can be an image or text that shows your identity. The right of logo offers space to display search box, call to action and Social links. The call to action is a button where you can use custom text and links. This button can be good option to divert visitors onto sign-up, contact or any important section.

The menubar will show all links that you choose to be visible on primary navigation. Header menu can be setup in sticky mode (optional) also, which is visible on page scrolling.

Header and Breaking News - NewsToday

Breaking News Ticker : This section is considered as hot favourite by most of the news and magazine agencies. Because, it can easily show lots of news headlines in rotating style. If you check big news portals then you will find a breaking news on top area that keep showing different text headlines at some interval. Same way, NewsToday WordPress theme also gives you news ticker in optional mode.

This block appears below header with custom background style. You can make it display latest text headlines from selected categories. You can specify number of posts and selected many categories for it.

Options Panel : Let me again remind you that MyThemeShop had crated it’s own theme options panel. So all premium themes that yo buy from this store will gives you access to visual options. There will be no coding requirement to edit styling, insert banners or setup homepage area. You can freely choose custom layouts, add multiple sidebars and enable/disable all contents with mouse. This is good for novice and web developers who wants to concentrate on other tasks.

Options Panel - NewsToday MyThemeShop

Other Best Features : News Blog Theme

Widget Areas : The sidebar is first and footer is second best widget area which promotes contents easily. These widget sections are supported by MyThemeShop widgets so you can have featured posts, recent posts, banners, tabbed sections. Apart from that, there are other widgets to display social links, social media updates, subscribe form and much more.

The page layout options helps you to shift sidebar on right or left side. You can totally disable sidebar by selecting full-width style also. Homepage, Single post, Archive and all page sections can have unique sidebars also. The footer offers two blocks, out of them first area can display from 3 to 6 widgets. And second block can show around 4 widgets.

Single Posts : Displaying posts on website can not do all the magic to keep visitors on site. You have to add extra contents below all articles so that visitors can keep browsing interesting contents. Therefore, NewsToday comes with single post settings having Related posts, Next/Previous posts, Author box and more below all articles.

Single Post and Widgets - NewsToday Theme

You can also use social buttons options to display sharing buttons on top and bottom and both places within articles. If that’s not enough then bloggers can also display a floating social media sharing buttons list on the left side of articles.

When you use this type of magazine WordPress theme then it saves time and give you great results. There are in-post Ad sections, multiple pagination, performance and other options. So you must give it a try to make an authority magazine or news site for any niche.

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