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The viral theme is a bloggers and social media marketers wanting to crate hype around readers. This Mythemeshop blogging theme is another best release after big success with previous release called SociallyViral theme. If you are a big fan of social sharing options then you must check out this review. Apart from general blog features, it includes advanced pagination, social share options, voting buttons and widget galore.

So you will never be using stack of 3rd party widgets that would just slow down your website or affect security. This is full blog WordPress theme package that combines basic to advanced features, so yo can develop engaging journal site as required.

Viral MyThemeShop - Blog WordPress Theme for Social Media Marketers

BloggingBox Review : MyThemeShop

What’s Best About Mythemeshop Viral ?

I just can’t say that only particular features makes it a best blogging theme. So let’s talk about all features in this review so can decide yourself on what is really turning point in this theme. I must say that frontpage is the first features that comes in my mind for this talk. So let me give you detail on how you can develop a nice frontpage that shows lots of interesting stories.

The homepage can put all latest stories in featured style using excerpt and featured thumbnails in desired style. You can also popular it with selected category sections to display new posts from those areas. This is best way to display all recent posts list along with special category sections. Mostly news and magazine style websites prefer to highlight top categories on homepage.

Carousel Slider and Homepge Featured Posts - Viral Theme

You must know that frontpage has 3 post view options that includes single layout as well as 2 and 3 columns layout too. You can use homepage settings to define default post listing style and control entire homepage.

Carousel Slider : Viral WordPress theme brings a nice thumbnail slider which shows multiple stories on single block. This slider appears on two locations so you either set it to display on the top above content or bottom area just before footer. The carousel provides options to select multiple categories for slider. It scrolls through slide in automatic mode and also has next and previous navigation arrows.

Other Features : Viral Theme MyThemeShop

Featured Post Elements : The archive, homepage and all posting pages will show lots of extra stuff with feared listings. Each post shows big featured image and post title in attractive mode. Apart from that, it shows voting button with up and down arrows along with vote count. These buttons helps user to show their views like YouTube up and down thumb buttons.

Viral Featured Post Options

The social share buttons are also accompanied with featured entries so user can share them directly without opening full post. If we go in detail then it has shows total comments count, and total page-views which can develop curiosity to check out full articles.

Single Post : Viral WordPress theme consist of many features for full articles listing page. So readers can easily engage with many stuff after they are finish reading articles. The first is social share links block which has 3 locations options. You can add it above the post or below post or display sharing bar in floating mode. The bottom section creates opportunity to display Author detail box, and Related posts list.

This blog template works great for journal sites as it has commenting features. The theme also combines Ad spots within single article and other areas. MyThemeShop ad management panel offers code box and other options to define Ad location, and Time to display ads.

Single Post Features - Viral MyThemeShop

The footer and sidebar are also good spots to display Ad banners, Recent posts, Newsletter subscribe box and other stuff.

Viral Blogging Theme : Final Words

Header Area : This section has options to display multiple links through primary navigation menu. You can also add extra category links on the top of the header. The header will display your logo on just the left and menu links on the right. Apart from that, it also has options check boxes to display Random post link, Upload, Signup and other links.

The “Upload” load button for useful for those news and blog sites where contributors are invited to submit contents. If you want to create an authority platform with multiple authors and contributors then you can enable Upload button for header right area.

Header - Viral Theme

Custom Widgets : MyThemeShop Viral is a modern blogging theme which is dedicated to improves page-views. Therefore, you will see a set of uniquely developed custom widgets in demo preview. These widget helps you to share Trending posts, Popular posts and Recent posts in appealing featured style. It uses thumbnails to display featured posts on footer and sidebar. So visitors are surely going to notice those top stories displayed on sidebar.

Thanks to the advanced package for offering widgets, short-codes and page layouts for all purpose. Other best features includes Ajax pagination, Custom menus options, Background options, Color skins selection, Typography settings and lot more. We suggest this WordPress theme for news, magazine and blogging needs.

Viral Widgets - MyThemeShop

The theme uses social sharing and voting buttons to spread trending stories. This is the only solution for people wanting to develop a viral content sharing site for all niches.

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