Elegant Themes Aggregate Demo : Blog WordPress Theme

Meet latest Aggregate : A magazine style WordPress blogging theme that gives you content rich platform. It is a premium theme released by Elegant Themes and works for news, blog, and all types of content related sites. Whether you are a fashion blogger, news agency or affiliate marketers, we suggest it all needs. The homepage layout and entire website is flexible. So there are many ways to highlight articles from best categories.

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The theme also includes many widgets to help you display latest videos, flickr gallery and popular posts of the week. This is a complete WordPress theme which needs no extra plugins. It has a built-in options panel, page template attributes, widgets and everything. So all you need is a passion for blogging and little budget.

What’s Best About Aggregate WordPress Theme ?

The theme has gained lots of reputation from bloggers community. Because it serves you for all your advanced blogging needs. The theme has best header which offer space to display multiple navigation menus. So there will be enough space to display links for all best pages and categories. The primary menu is located on the top and secondary menu is available on bottom of header.


The menu section enables you to drag and drop links for both of navigation blocks. Apart from that, you will get logo uploader to add brand symbol and tag-line message. The top right menu section shows search box widget so visitors can search for desired contents.

This type of header layout is very useful especially when you want to create easy navigation for the website. Aggregate theme has many widget sections on sidebar and footer areas. The widgets are helpful when you want to boost earning and page views. The custom widgets will enable you to insert banners, recent posts, categories and other stuff.


The theme is good package for people who is looking for ready monetization options. The content widgets will boost page-views by helping visitors to browse interesting posts. The theme offers support for “Featured Image” so all your published articles will be accompanied by beautiful thumbnails. Even if you add featured video widget then it will automatically show thumbnail.

Aggregate Elegant Themes : Main Features Review

Single Post : Elegant Themes developers has put content and monetization in front focus. So you are going to get lots of opportunity to get more readers and revenue. If you look over below image then it shows that each article shows a 468×60 Ad Unit on the top of bottom area. It also provides comments box and breadcrumb support which is important for modern blogs.


This way, your readers will automatically generate ad revenue when they visit your site. Monetization feature covers many ad spots like Bottom of homepage, Sidebar widget, in-post ad blocks, footer widgets etc. So there are many ways to display affiliate or adsense ads.

Home Slider : The Aggregate Theme includes amazing slider that is powered by visually appealing platform. So you can display selected blog article with wide big featured images. The slider has wide space so you could highlight featured images in big size. The theme also offers text overlays so you can add details “Read more” button.


The bottom of slideshow area shows thumbnails for all slides. So user could easily click on any image and view that slide on view port. The slider also has navigation arrows for manual transition. Though, slider offers options to set timing for automatic transition.

Other Features :

Recent Post Sections :

Homepage offers 3 widget space so you could display recent posts from best categories. You will find “ET: Recent From Widget” which has been crafted superficially for this theme. So once you add the widget to designated area then you can define categories. And it will automatically display 3 new posts with thumbnails. In addition, it also shows button for category page. So readers could directly access full page to browse all articles from that category.

These are the flexible modules so you can not only place this widget but add any other widget of your choice.


More Details : The Aggregate WordPress theme also highlights latest blog posts on homepage area. It shows them using list view style with “Read More” button, so visitors can view various posts in small space. The numbered pagination bar shows button to browse previous articles. The above footer area has banner spot and there are 4 widget blocks for footer.


The premium blogging theme has unique shortcodes so you can add button, maps, columns and more in posts/pages. The theme includes easy options panel, portfolio feature and many other styling related settings. So this is right package for any one who needs online platform to post news stories and thoughts.

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