Elegant Themes Lucid : Magazine/Blog WordPress Theme

Searching for a perfect magazine WordPress theme is little bit hard as you have to check it closely. But when you go for Lucid then you are getting all benefits in one package. It is a WordPress theme by Elegant Themes and suitable to start journal sites like blog or magazine. This theme is coded to offer you best page loading speed with advanced coding and design concept. The theme only use necessary background elements to maintain best speed.

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The demo highlights that is has been packed with best typography and styling options. Hence, there won’t be any factor which dilute the reading experience of your visitors. A website needs proper selection of fonts and background style in order to make it look clean. And that’s how it is prepared for you, so you can directly use sample file to make a site that look like demo. Or you can just start a unique website from using ready options.

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Lucid WordPress Theme : Features Review

Header And Menus : When we go on any site then what is first visible is header. That’s why it is important to develop best header that would help visitors to access important pages. This theme has a best header that allows you to add logo in the middle area. The top and bottom sections gives you space to add multiple navigation bars.


Hence, visitors can see all important links like pages, blog categories, contact page, homepage and more. The top part of header area gives you widget option to display search box, social links etc. We liked menu bar for unique CSS hover effects, just try placing pointer on header and see it your self.

Slideshow (Optional) : If you prefer to put some hand picked article in main focus then slider is very helpful feature. This section is placed at the start of front page so it is viewed by all homepage visitors. The slider functionality is integrated as a part of Lucid Theme. So you don’t have to go for plugins or any extra tools. Just enable this section from ePanel options that is located on back-end.


The theme options panel helps you to control slideshow and all other features. You can select category to display posts or choose custom pages also. The slideshow shows thumbnails on the bottom and manual navigation arrows on the left and right edge. So user can either navigate on slides manually or watch automatic running slideshow.

Options panel is middle point to control homepage, styling, layouts and all areas of the website. It needs no coding work for customization task, as everything is supported by ready options. You just have to gain basic knowledge of WordPress to manage and start your site.

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Manage Ads : Any website that is sharing contents free of charge is connected to some type of income source. So we can say that blogs and magazine sites are always using affiliate program or advertisement program to generate revenue. That’s why you this WordPress theme comes with special advertisement areas. The theme gives you optional banner spots like : 728×90, 468×60, 125×125 etc. All these ad spots are easily controlled from Theme Options page where you are getting ad management options.


Homepage Sections : The front page offers flexible areas so that you can display recent items from different sections. Right after slider, you will see 3 columns block that highlights recent entries for specific category. This is just a 3 columns section where you can add any widget of your choice. In order to add category block like Lucid demo, you can add “ET: Recent From Widget”. This is a custom widget by Elegant Themes which enables you to display recent updates from any category.


If you follow demo concept then next is “Recent Video Slider” section. This slider automatically shows latest video posts from your site. You just have to add each video using “Video Post Type” that is found on post editor. The ready options helps you to create video article by adding URL for source sites like Vimeo, YouTube etc. In-short, once you publish an article using video post then it will be highlighted on this area.

Final Though :

The Lucid WordPress Theme has been powered by best features which helps you to highlight latest updates on homepage region. Apart from that, it offers you sidebar layout options, custom widgets, monetization options, custom page templates and many other benefits. With this premium WP theme, you are getting freedom to use custom logo, background style, shortcodes (buttons, columns), and more.


The numbered pagination helps you to move around previous pages and footer area offers columns to add desired widgets. Thanks to tabbed widget which enables bloggers to display 3 widgets in single block. Hence, you have best way to display recent, popular and random posts in one place. Before we end this talk you must know that this theme is responsive and works on mobiles.

It offers 5 color skins, translation options, custom header and much more. I want to suggest it to every one who needs attractive blog or magazine website for WordPress CMS.

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