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WP Quiz PRO is the best WordPress plugin with interactive quiz options powered by Mythemeshop. You can buy this plugin to boost engagement rate for your blog or content marketing website. Most of the Question Answer sites and Forums use this plugin to make interactive pages. Big corporate companies can get client’s opinion about product or service by posting questions with this product.

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The advanced options can easily post questions with multiple options and other choices as needed. If you really want to collect opinion, views or conduct study on something then here is best option. Most of the survey sites use unique set of questions to check their customer’s mood. We have seen Facebook and many other social sites offering Quick options in content posting board.

WP Quiz PRO Review – Best Quiz Plugin :

Unique Features : The free plugin version has all the basic features for beginners. If you really want to get all the benefits of the latest features then I would suggest buying PRO version. You can easily post quizzes, apply animations, choose to randomize questions, and do lots of stuff. The options list is so big that you will hardly get to use them all at once.

If you talk about the types of Quizzes then it allows site owners to post Trivia, Personality, List, Flip, Facebook, Swiper etc. Your visitors will never feel bored when you select different quick types for each post.

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Least Requirements : Once you have purchased WP Quiz from Mythemeshop then it will not ask for extra budget. The compatibility to work with any WordPress theme makes it right choice for existing blogs, forums and QA websites. You can either continue with existing template or buy new one at lowest price from this developer.

Mobile friendly and SEO ready design takes it to the top level compare to other similar plugins. User can play quiz from tablet, and smart phones without taking any trouble. It will resize questions, choices, buttons and all information to fit easily within screen.

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Benefits Of Using Mythemeshop WP Quiz :

Easy Posting : The simple interface helps user to post questions easily. There are ready options to choose quiz types, colors, transition styles etc. The players will be asked to sign-up for account to fill all details including email, and basic profile information. Hence, you can keep all these details to follow them back using email marketing campaigns.

Quic Editor - Listing Options by WP Quiz PRO

Big platforms can choose to connect Aweber, or MailChimp to collect email for mailer list. Websites can ask user to share on Facebook, or subscribe for newsletter to check the results. The system will automatically send result to user’s registered email or you can reveal it directly on the screen.

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The back-end system will keep track on all data and reveal the statistics for players or quizzes. WP Quiz helps site administrators to check highest popular questions or quizzes. You can show ads between questions to make extra revenue from the website. Just sign-up with any niche related Ad program or use adsense to show content relevant advertisements on website.

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This monetization feature will help you make revenue from the visitors while helping your site to earn passive income by sharing information. Survey sites, forums and Question answer platforms can easily rank on search engines. Visitors mostly choose these types of sites to get information, solution or share their knowledge.

WP Quiz More Detail – WordPress Plugin for QA Sites :

Interactive Features : Remember those old content survey sites where user could only find texts for question and answer. Mythemeshop has offered support to use interactive media like photos and videos to keep your user engaged with contents. You can display question with a video clip explaining topic in more detail, or use photos to make things more clear.

Most of the online exams and testing systems use media with questions.

Image and Video Integration - WP Quiz

What We Liked ?: Many professional survey platforms make money by sharing results of the surveys or quiz with potential clients. You can define a paid system where user have to buy package or pay fees to check results for particular study conduced through survey. The options page supports Stripe and PayPal both to collect money to sell results from website.

Admin user can choose currency, payment gateway and other features.

Options Panel : The back-end system provides a custom editor to post questions with all details and media contents. You can also manage core functions like quiz types, payments, advertisements from main settings page. Thanks to Mythemeshop for covering option tabs that include Subscription, google analytics, Quiz types, and other general as well as default options.

WP Quiz PRO Settings

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