Winkel Themeum – Ecommerce WordPress Theme for Online Stores

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Meet Winkel – A Best WordPress eCommerce store theme by Themeum. This WordPress theme is highly responsive and capable to work over all screen sizes. It has advanced layout with sort, filter and unique navigation options. The special shortcodes, product listing options and simple options panel makes it best for novice users.

Winkel eCommerce WordPress Theme - Themeum

If you want to start cloth store, book shop or versatile store then it has multi-category system for product management. Thanks to dynamic homepage and page builder that adds featured sections to promote new products, banners, sliders and store features.

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Why Winkel Is Best for Online Shops ?

eCommerce Shop : Online stores need a smart browsing system to save visitors time. WooCommerce plugin offers product filter and sorting options for quick browsing. The sidebar can display product category list so that visitors can directly browse product pages. The featured product grid shows thumbnail, price, full page link, favorite and cart buttons.

Winkel Product Shop Page

Single Product : Visitors can easily come to single page for selected products. The listing page shows photo gallery, price, product variations and more. The right section is fixed and visible all time while scrolling through vertical photo gallery. The bottom part shows detailed information, and reviews.

Related products are promoted with all listings so that visitors can check out more items before going to cart. Related items also provide a way to cross promote more items to boost store sales. Winkel WordPress theme consist of simple product listing and shop management feature which is biggest advantage for eCommerce need.

Winkel Single Product

Wishlist Plugin : Shoppers will always find a heart icon with listing page and single product screen. This is called favorite button which helps user to mark selected product to add in wishlist. This list can be browsed anytime to buy products from selected goods. It can help customers to make a list of favorite products and shop them later anytime in festival discounts.

User often become confused when he likes many items and Wishlist help buyer to organize selected product at one corner.

Wish List - Winkel Shopping Theme

Themeum WooCommerce Theme Features :

Custom Cart & Checkout : Visitors can always see cart shortcut on header area and go for check out from anywhere on the website. The cart section shows list of all selected product with individual price, quantity and total amount. The coupon box is displayed on the same page so user can easily claim discount before making final payment.

Many thanks to eCommerce plugin for offering advanced features for cart, payments, and product management.

Winkel - Cart Checkout Page

Highly Customizable : Winkel is offering custom features to customize header layout, frontpage, blog and all sections. Site administrators are capable to manage typography, background, page layouts, and other elements from one corner. The visual customization brings lots of flexibility to edit elements while checking real time preview on the same screen.

Blog : The blog always works as a best marketing tool for business and e-commerce sites. You can publish festival offers, fashion tips or product related ideas using blog posts. The niche specific tutorials, free tips and advise can attract organic visitors for online shops. Right strategy can turn readers into clients by showing product links or banners with blog section.

Blog - eCommerce Themeum

Winkel Other Benefits – Themeum :

Header : The custom header provides styling options and many optional elements to simplify site navigation. You can have mobile menu button that works on PC and Mobile users. Along with that, you can add traditional menu to browse site pages, store and homepage. The header looks perfect when it shows icons for Search, Checkout, and Login page.

Winkel Header

WP Mega Menu : This is advanced part of menu system that improves the overall store browsing experience. The mega menu can insert multiple columns under dropdown panel. You can add featured links, and multiple product categories or pages for menu drop-down. This is optional but you can use this feature with a big multi-category product store.

Winkel MegaMenu

Currency Switcher : This feature can simplify shopping experience for local and international clients. Visitors can find currency switcher on the header section and choose base currency. It will display all product prices with preferred currency for each user. Site owners can define default and alternative currencies from back-end.

This is complete WordPress eCommerce theme having all features required to make an authority store for any niche. The responsive design allows visitors to check, and buy products from small devices.

Currency Switcher - Winkel

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