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Language School from Themeum is an awesome LMS WordPress theme for language institutes and coaching. All Education & Training Institutes can choose this theme to provide online education. eLearning is getting lots of popularity because it breaches boundary of delivering education. On the other hand this type of learning management systems can sell memberships to students wanting to take online courses and tutorials in lowest price.

Language School Demo - Themeum

Any LMS Theme or Elearning Software can help you raise leads and income. But, online course provider classes should make sure to offer certain features in their LMS website. We will discuss important features and factors that would be required to make you success.

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Top LMS Features – Language School WordPress Theme :

Listing Page Options : How you display course materials really matters a lot especially to get new students to enroll in your language program course. The program listing page shows all the listed courses with search option. User can define criteria to find type of course, category and search keyword to find suitable courses.

The list of the course appears in featured style showing ratings, course title, author name, price and enroll button link to check full course details.

Course Listing Page and Search Options - Themeum

Professional Showcasing : The core content listing system is powered by Tutor LMS plugin. This plugin works for every eLearning WordPress theme from Themeum. This plugin bundle is offered free here so you can easily insert course details. Looking at the single course here shows show education providers can display details like course duration, topics list (dropdown mode), instructors, ratings etc.

You can use multiple video sources to insert videos inside course page. The right hand side panel appears in each course will show video trailer, course material list, requirements, and Add to cart button to buy or enroll into the course.

Course Showcase - Language School LMS Theme

Responsive : Never forget the power of a mobile optimized website. Language School is a WordPress education template with with SEO optimized and flexible layout. That means, it can rank easily while serving users having smart phones, tablets, laptop and any devices. When you see speed, best user experience and SEO power in a WordPress theme then it’s surely going to make you a winner.

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Why Themeum Is Best Education Theme ?:

Several factors plays a combined role to make a perfect WP theme package to design an online Training Institute website. We have seen main course building and listing features. Let’s have a look at some extra features that would help in content and events promotion. Let me remind you that Gutenberg editor support is also available with this WordPress Elearning theme.

Course Builder : We already discussed on how Language School theme can display different course details on listing page. It is all possible because of the advanced course builder provided in with this LMS WordPress theme. Classes and language training providers can not do any coding or web customization task.

Advanced Online Course Builder - Themeum

So, developer thought to provided drag and drop system that helps them add lessons with introduction, quick, questions, images, videos and other elements. This would become easiest way to make interactive course listings without CSS or HTML coding skills.

Front User Dashboard : Registered students will get access to personal user account with sign-up system. They can login to front dashboard and check courses enrolled. The dashboard allows user to manage everything related to their membership status. Having front-end panel can help user to get access to their course materials, and account elements.

Dash Board - Language School Theme

Events & Meetups : Themeum offers this additional feature to help eLearning sites to promote events easily. You can also promote events on website for online webinars, and meetups. The event system shows listing page with all future seminars with dates, poster etc. You can show count-down clock for nearest event to get sales and more inquires for events or seminars.

Events - Language School Themeum

Main Pages Integration – Language School Options :

Page Building : The WP Page Builder PRO system comes with all WordPress templates by Themeum. It is a real time front-end page customization system to add sections, edit contents and styles. You can use many pre-defined styles and save custom made sections to copy them later on for other pages. 30+ addons are available to make media rich and clear content focused pages.

Learning Blog : Online learning websites mostly target new students with content promotion strategy. The blog section can promote many free tutorials with some quick solutions that attracts people from search engines. Each blog article can promote courses or tutorials with free information to convert blog traffic into leads. Blog sidebar, and single posts can promote courses with different methods.

Blog News - Online Course Learning Theme

Fixed Navigation : Couple of elements are put to gather to make a perfect header to promote brand, contacts and links. This WordPress Education theme uses left space for logo promotion for branding. The top space shows social links, phone, and address for communication. Bottom space shows navigation menu with links to pages visible all time through floating layout.

Online education sites can also insert links to search courses and login/registration page for easy navigation.

Header Navigation - Language School

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