Tapptastic ThemeFuse : Mobile App Shocase WordPress Theme

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Tapptastic is an App WordPress Theme for mobile software developers by ThemeFuse. Tapastic mobile theme is prepared to display everything including software demo, pricing, features and everything. Most of the android and IOS app developers need website to promote their creations. The demo highlights pages, featured homepage, contact page, and lots of stuff.

Tapptastic ThemeFuse - Mobile App WordPress Theme

The features list provide custom options so that you can promote top features properly. If you don’t want to spend money and time for manual coding then just buy this mobile app website template. Let’s check how this app dev WP theme can promote your business.

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Tapptastic – Best Mobile App WordPress Theme :

Hero Slider : The main slider has two options so that you can promote Image / Video contents. Your slider can either promote your apps with video tour or display demo photos in slideshow. The large slider space provide option to display title, details and images of your software. You can choose custom background for slider so that content looks appealing to the viewers.

Tapptastic Image Slider

The slider has a navigation for manual transition and automatic presentation options. The content display style makes any one speechless. Just check the demo to see my words in action. You must not forget that any business website need home slider to impress visitors at first sight. So, what you show in slider makes different in business growth. It’s advisable to share new offers, latest apps and upcoming product news with slider.

Services : The another home section that we find useful is service area. Tapptastic has font icons collection that is used to display services. You can choose icons to display service types or App categories. People loves it when you display information in simple and clear style. The wide multiple columns block will display 3 services in single row.

Tapptastic Services

App Screenshot Slider : This is another special slider developed to present mobile application screenshots. Just create snaps of each section of your application and then put it in slider. This is good way to promote new apps highlight with potential buyers. Image speaks thousand words, so if you use imagery for content promotion then people can get real feel of product. As a result, mobile app sellers can boost their leads.

Tapptastic Mobile App Screenshot Slider

More About ThemeFuse App Showcase Theme :

Testimonials : Reviews, Ratings and Testimonials are the best tools to boost product sales. Whether you are an eCommerce store, or digital product seller, these features are helpful to boost sales. Buyers always look for positive reviews and testimonials from previous users. So, if you offer some benefit to buyers in return to give their genuine testimonials then it can attract new leads.

Homepage has content slider that will display message and client’s name. The visual builder will show any content for homepage. Other ideal home sections are call to action Buy now link, Contact form, Offer banners etc. homepage is main section and people will visit other pages fro home featured links or navigation bar. So, all your efforts should go to create best homepage instead of only content writing.

Tapptastic Testimonials for Softwares

When you combine power of organic content, best website design and attractive media elements then you have almost won the entire battle. Tapptastic has everything that it takes to boost your business.

Built-In Page Layouts : Besides a custom homepage layout, you can also have other pages to share news, photo gallery, contacts and other details. The ready templates and layouts provide ability to create gallery listing page, blog page, about page, and contact page. You can use custom header image and title for each page so that user feel good while browsing contents from different pages.

Tapptastic Page Layouts

Slide-In Menu : If you check any software download website then it will probably have simple header and menus. But, this mobile app showcase theme takes entire header and place it behind the scene. It creates a mobile type menu button and shows it on top left corner. User can click this navigation button to view page links on the screen. This button based navigation system works for Desktop and Mobile devices.

Tapptastic Slide-In Navigation

Why Tapptastic Extra Features Review :

Responsive : You must see the demo on your handy internet instrument. Just see how it resize the whole website and load it on your device screen. From header slider to each section, you will see perfectly resized preview. Even if you check menu section, contact page, or app slideshow still it works.

Contact Page : Business homepage always shows contact section for connection. Still mobile app selling websites should create separate contact page with message form, social links, phones, email and address. This page can welcome many inquiries regarding product purchase, development or freelancing work.

Tapptastic Responsive Mobile App Business Theme

Other Details : ThemeFuse always strive to make best quality WordPress themes that is demanded in the market. You can use it for mobile app promotion as well as other business purpose too. If you have creative concept then it can promote your business services, digital goods, or anything you have.

The back-end options and framework provides customization options. You can setup pages, add contents, modify font style, change background, and do much more. Visual options, custom widgets and page layouts provide all the power that you need to start an App promotion website.

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