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I am happy to share news about Shoppe which is a new WooCommerce WordPress theme with advanced features. Themify already has many best shop templates in it’s store and this is new addition in it’s eCommerce category list. If you are running online goods store with outdated or boring template then it’s right time to replace your current theme. This modern eCommerce template can not only revise the look of your site but also provide you many advanced features.

If you need a professional eCommerce site that required little budget and no coding work at all, then here is the solution. Just grab this premium WordPress theme to start your own store in just little time.

Pinboard Theme Review : Themify

What’s So Great About Shoppe WordPress Theme ?

As I just said that it is a Themify product so you are getting full support for Tehmify builder plugin. This one plugin covers many features where you get several layouts for header, website and other areas. It let’s you choose custom header, and footer style for any page or entire site. If you check-out product demo then you will find live preview of Shop archive page having 2,3, and 4 columns.

Shoppe is a great time saver WordPress theme which takes little time to establish your own shop. If you are a busy web designer who needs a professional store for client then you will find ready demo layouts. Just pick any demo that meets your client’s requirement specifications and you are done. Once you finish installing Theme and necessary Plugins then you can instantly pick and install and demo template.

Themify Builder Layouts - Shoppe

Pinshop : Themify eCommerce Theme

The demo template will create same clone as shown in particular demo so you don’t need to waste time to learn or create things manually. It gives you “Clear” button to remove all sample data and then you can add real data : e.g. pages and posts. The theme covers MegaMenu, Ajax shopping cart, Ajax search, and many advanced WooCommerce features.

To be more specific about benefits let me tell you that Shoppe gives you 14 custom header layouts where logo, menu and header contents are arranged in different styles. Same way, it has 9 layouts for archive page that includes list post, Masonry layout, tiles, Slider, Overlay and upto 4 columns grid.

Footer area is seen at last moment when user reach on the bottom area. But you still need to implement good stuff in this section. That’s why Themify has given 6 footer layouts where you can add social links, contacts and important stuff using widgetized footer block.

Features Details : Themify Shoppe eCommerce Theme

Before we talk our journey for features overview let me tell you that Shoppe WordPress theme is designed by Liam McKay. And final coding touch is given by Themify expert programmers team. So you can put full trust for security, reliability, compatibility, speed, and SEO friendliness. If you browse live demo and go through different pages then you will get idea about it’s strong navigation. Each page will take little possible time for loading and you will see same speed over mobile and tablet devices

We have enough discussion on demo files, structure and base features. Now we will share details about eCommerce shop related features. So product sellers can get idea on how they can develop a user friendly store to provide better shopping experience.

Ajax Cart : As use clicks on “Add to cart” button for an item, it instantly gets updated into cart section without reloading the page. At the same time, user can see figure of total number of items that is shown on header top area. So use can click header cart link any time from any pace and go on cart page easily with single click. The cart page allows user to remove items, apply coupons see total amount before final check-out process.

Ajax Cart - Shoppe

Wishlist : A heart shape button is displayed with all products which is known as “Wishlist” feature. It allows user to browse wish listed items later any time. This way, user can sort all best items in wishlist and then finalize top one for purchase. When user clicks wish-list button then user will see a beautiful animation effect that shows flying hearts in rotation style.

Wishlist - Shoppe Themify

Other WooCommerce Features :

Quick Look : Shoppe offers this feature to help visitors to quickly skim through products within minimum time. And this feature provides a special lightbox where user can view main item details without accessing full product page. You will see a nifty flipping animation when quick look light-box is being loaded.

Quick Look - Shoppe

Gallery Slider : When you are browsing product archive page or featured listings then you can view product with gallery. As you hover on product image, it will show you ajax product gallery slider to give you look at all images. This is good way, to check out item from all angles so that buyer can get more idea about product features.

Shoppe Gallery Slider

Image Zoom : This Themify eCommerce WordPress theme has special image zoom feature that helps user to check product image in zoom mode. So viewers just nee to click on image to view it in large mode. Users can see each portion of image in zoom mode as they hover mouse on the product image. This feature is supported on tablet, mobile and desktop devices.

Image Zoom Faetures - Shoppe

Easy Social Share : Apart from SEO ranking, you also have to concentrate on social media optimization. This is only possible when ou add social sharing buttons with products. Shoppe WordPress theme gives you social share buttons next to buy button so that user can share your website / product links with their followers. You will also find widget to display your social profile page links on header, footer, sidebar or any widget areas.

Social Share Button - Shoppe

Final Words :

As we have reached towards the conclusion part, I would like to give you quick look at other best features. If you check menu bar from demo and hover mouse on shop page then you will see big list under drop-down. This is because of Mega-Menu support which enables you to add multiple column sections. As a result, you won’t ever lack space when it comes to add links for store products and other main pages.

Shop Page - Filter Sort options

If you check out header design then it looks simple but interesting. It stays visible while scrolling because of floating mode. You will see logo, menu links and other useful stuff like Email, Location, Search, Cart and more. Shoppe theme was made with a purpose to speed-up product search task. Therefore, it offers an “Ajax Quick Search” feature for shop and blog page. It will display suggestion of product as you type words in search box.

Single Product Page - Shoppe

It will be same experience as if searching spelling in dictionary or finding contacts from phone book. The ajax search will show you suggestion that is relevant to the words type in search box. This feature will help visitors to find best products by typing keyword for desired product types. The shop page shows sort options list on the top right of shop page. The shop page sidebar provides options to display categories, price filter, and other options to help user to find and filter right product as per the given preference.

Ajax Search Shoppes

As user lands on single product page then it will display product gallery, price, detail, review etc. The bottom area will display “Related Items” list with big thumbnails so user can browser more items from within same page. When you buy this WordPress eCommerce template, you are getting 10 bonus addons that will help you create beautiful layouts.

I recommend all product sellers and online shops to use this WordPress WooCommerce theme to increase leads.

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