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QAEngine is a best question answer WordPress theme powered by EngineThemes. Clean design and user-friendly layout are the main Assets of this QA theme. The Idea behind developing this thing was to create an engaging platform where people can come and post questions to find solution. At the same time other registered members can reply to all the posted questions so they can share their knowledge and also find solution for their problems.

QA Engine Review - Question and Answer Theme by EngineThemes

Before we discuss about all the features let me tell you that the concept of this Question and answer website is to earn good profit. You can sell premium plans to display questions on the top of the list and also sell banner spots that are visible on footer and sidebar. If you put your efforts to create engagement design and easy registration process then you can surely find many members and boost profit as well.

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QAEngine WordPress Theme Homepage Overview :

FrontPage Design :The homepage looks quite promising because it has content focused layout so you will find contents everywhere in the body area, left and right side. The header is visible on the top in floating mode so it it is always going to be visible while scrolling. The header shows one search box in the middle so visitors can enter search keyword and find related questions. The left of search box has space to display logo image.

If you move into the body section then it shows filter options having list of categories. There is additional filter box which shows questions from categories based on Poll. Other options will help you define how many questions to be shown on single page for homepage. The homepage shows all latest questions by default, but user can choose to see latest entries based on Votes or Unanswered.

QAEngine Frontpage Responsive Demo - Questions and Widgets

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Featured Preview : The home featured section shows newly posted questions in except style, so you will see title for the questions along with short description, categories assigned, writer’s name etc. Next to each entry, you will see total views, total answers total votes received by members.

Widget Areas : The left and right sidebar are two primary widget areas where you can place custom widgets showing category list, Total questions, Total members etc. EngineThemes has included special widgets in QAEngine WordPress Theme. The widgets will help you display most used tags, hot questions, and top users (based on points, questions, and answers).

Top Features : Question Answer Theme – EngineThemes

Posting Question : The left top header section will show a button asking user to add question. Even if yo scroll on page then you will still see this button on the bottom left of header. This button easily sticks to visitors eye because of big size and colorful background. The button will take you to a screen that shows a form to full-up details for question.

The QAEngine has front-end question posting module having custom fields. The form includes fields to add custom title, list of category (select one), content box (with tool bars like page editor), tag box and Submit question button. If you want to create poll with question then you can add pre-defined answers so that visitors can choose one to give their opinion. Most of the users prefer to go for simple layout, but Polls are useful when you are conducting surveys for product, services or anything.

Question Form - QAEngine Theme

The polls settings helps you to allow user to make single or multiple choices. The tool-bar helps you to use custom HTML text, Links, Images, and apply styling for fonts. The question box gives you same experience like writing articles with WordPress post editor.

User Controls : Once Question is posted then it is visible on homepage and you can also view it under relevant category. The full-page will show question with many interactive features. Visitors can leave comments and contribute on the question answer platform.

A user must be registered in order to add question or leave comment for any posted questions. Voting buttons are also given for question so user can click Vote up or down button to show their liking. The writer can define maximum answers, total days (deadline) and select best question from all replies.

Question Preview and User - QAEngine EngineThemes

Features Benefits : QAEngine WP Theme

Badges and Point System : Every user will get certain points for adding replies which is visible on back-end profile section. User will get badge levels and points based on contribution to the website. By collecting more points, you can progress to secure higher badge which has it’s own benefits. The badge system and benefits are defined by site owner (admin user) from back-end page.

Most of the Question and Answer websites provide lots of benefits to members who have received highest level of badges. Receiving these badges will unlock certain limitations and give you more freedom and access to top level features.

User Badges Payments - QA Engine

Back-end Controls : Engine Settings panel has several control tabs under Administration section. This page will how you “Members” tab with option to view all users and search them with user type or keyword. Thanks to QAEngine for offering visual panel that works for non programmers people also.

The next “User Badges” section which is a place to create user level. This section helps you to add name for the badge, points (required to get badge), and color code. Once user receive that much points then his profile will automatically get relevant user level status and all benefits. The user badge provides you fields to add points for all activities.

Engine Settings - QAEngine Engine Themes

So you can define how many points a user should receive for creating a question, writing answer, Vote up, Vote down, and for answer being accepted. The point system will encourage users to take part into different activities so that website will always remain in engaging mode by members. The members can create account with-signup form or use social login options too.

Site owners can also define rules on how many points are required to get access to certain privileges. For e.g. you can define 10 points requirement to leave comments.

Back-end Features and Conclusion :

The “Payments” tab will show you list of all options which helps you to earn profit by pumping question. The payments gateways includes Cash, check out and Cash mode. Another module is known as “Pump Question” which can be earned to earn revenue. Site owners can define time delay for premium and free pump. You can also choose time format to delay visibility of pumped question.

Pump Question - QAEngine EngineThemes

There are pre-defined packages available which can be customized by administrator. So professional users can easily buy pump packages to post questions. The packages can can have custom price and it can be set to allow user to post certain number of questions. By selling plans, you can allow members to get quick solution by highlighting postings on the top of the question list.

Chart - Poll Feature

The “Poll Maker” tab will enable users to create polls on your question answer website. The poll helps you to set maximum number of answer for poll surveys. You can also check user votes by IP address or using cookies/ The IP and cooking based user tracking will stop same user from voting multiple times.

The charge list will show you list of char types which can be selected for polling. The colorful bars used in chart will help you study poll results easily.

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