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Oblique Pro is a premium masonry WordPress Theme for bloggers who writes on food, lifestyle, and other topics. ThemeIsle provides this theme with a unique blog layout that provides flexibility to fit for any niche. You can optimize homepage with blog style or a custom page design that looks like news or magazine. The theme has unique navigation menu attached with single sidebar. Hence, user can easily check widgets and menu from single area.

Oblique Pro ThemeIsle - WordPress Blogging Theme

This is one of the best WordPress blogging theme ideal for affiliate marketers, adsense and other bloggers. This blog solution is compatible for novice and established bloggers as it has simple options and advanced features. You don’t have to buy expensive plugins or hire programmer to create blog website.

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Oblique Pro Review – Top Features Overview :

Home Featured Area : The homepage shows blog post entries using one of the given layout options. The homepage shows 3 columns with default layout and 2 columns with alternative layout. Visitors will see featured images with excerpt post entries where you can set text length for excerpt. Hover effects are used for all featured posts displayed on archives front-page.

Oblique Pro Featured Homepage

Bloggers can e4nable author detail, categories, tags, and date using taxonomy options. This flexibility provides a freedom on how you want to set homepage, and other elements. If user finds latest post entries on homepage area then it should give you lots of page-views. The featured post entries uses big images, and colorful “Read more” background to impress readers.

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Floating Menu : The primary menu is integrated with mobile app style sidebar button. You will see a button in top right header that shows menu links and sidebar with widgets. Administrators can choose custom links with drop-down for main menu and set it in floating style. Hence, user will see menu link all time when scrolling on website. The slide-in menu style only shows sidebar manually on the screen therefore user will always see homepage, and single post in full-width type layout.

Oblique Pro Menu with Sidebar Widgets

The main header shows top area with social navigation options and search bar. The header also includes custom image support that appears in cross stylish mode. Header shows logo and slogan line in middle space to confidently promote your blog as brand. Whether you need a blog, or personal news marketing site, this is what you need as last resort. Oblique Pro WordPress theme has simple but unique design that promotes content clearly.

Oblique Pro Header

ThemeIsle – Best WordPress Blogging Theme Benefits :

Page Builder Support : As I just mentioned that homepage shows latest blog posts with selected layout style. There are certain bloggers who need complex homepage that shows different contents. This is where you can use any free page builder plugin with this WordPress theme. The builder gives you base structure with rows and columns options. One it is ready then you can choose content to promote posts, pages, calls to action, sliders and other elements.

Oblique Pro WordPress PageBuilder

Most of the affiliate marketing professionals and magazine websites nee page builder to create high level engaging pages.

Recipe Post : Bloggers can show your new food recipe invention using special recipe listing plugins. Recipe post type will show steps, ingredients and other details so that readers can easily learn cooking. Even if you write general articles for travel, or health tips then it still works best. The In-Post navigation creates links to open next and previous articles that is visible below articles.

Oblique Pro recommends certain tools that you need to activate during setup process to get benefit of all features. Readers can check author detail, taxonomy and comments section with articles. The media support creates space to display images, videos, and other stuff to make engaging content layouts. Whether you write affiliate product reviews or general news, this all rounder blogging theme for everyone.

Oblique Pro Blog Post

If you go onto the demo and check performance then you will see pages loading at great speed. Whether it is content packed homepage or single post, every section maintains good speed. The main coding work and design concept is performed with new SEO rules in mind. So, bloggers will be able to offer best performance while getting good speed, SEO ranking and page-views. At the same time readers can easily check many pages and save time taken by browsing activity.

More On Oblique Pro ThemeIsle – Masonry Blog Template :

Slider : The slideshow options give you a substitute for header image. You can enable a slideshow to promote best posts from some important topics. The shortcode will help you add slider by replacing header image easily. All the slideshow options are found in options page to set speed, contents and navigation mode.

Responsive : Test out the demo on any device or just resize the browser. It will show you instant demo for every device type to prove how it can adjust to all screen types. The blog posts, homepage, header, menu and everthing can resize itself to be visible on user’s screen. This is called modern responsive blog template that won’t just improve SEO rank and also get many readers.

Oblique Pro Responsive Food Recipe Blog Template

Main Theme Options : All the options that we require for website setup or content styling are found under customizer. The site owners can load options panel to edit header, color styles, main font style, page layouts, widgets, and navigation. No coding process is required to setup background, color skins, excerpt style, or blog posts.

Last but not least, every ThemeIsle template supports WooCommerce. You will be free to setup this plugin to create eCommerce shop anytime. Bloggers can start digital store to sell affiliate items, books, cloths, recipes and other elements. This is one of the best mobile friendly WordPress blogging theme.

Oblique Pro Theme Options

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