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MakeMoney is a premium WordPress blog theme with responsive layout, released by HappyThemes. This theme lets you create a Pro blog to promote content with adsense integration. Besides that, it also provides coupons and deal promotion features so bloggers can earn money from different affiliate programs. This WP theme is suggestible for regular blog or marketing website.

MakeMoney WordPress Theme - HappyThemes

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Why MakeMoney WordPress Theme For Blogging ?

Featured Posts : The homepage is populated with custom featured post section which shows blog posts from different categories. Besides that, you can display latest post entries using large featured images, excerpt, and big headings. You will see nice attractive “Read more” links with every excerpt post that is visible in home or archive page sections.

The other elements includes “Ribbon on Featured Content” which easily attracts visitor’s attention onto home featured area. The pagination shows list of numeric buttons which links visitors to previous sections easily. The “Back To Top” is found on the website footer so that you can automatically scroll to the top of the area with only single click.

Featured Post - MakeMoney Theme

Various Widgets : MakeMoney WP theme is blog template having lots of custom widgets as well as basic widgets too. Bloggers are able to place widgets into header and footer sections which are both flexible to accept any widgets. You can drag and drop widgets to share Most viewed articles, Blog category list, Advertisement banners, Search Box, Custom menu, and more.

The footer has wide enough space to display upto 4 widget columns. Thanks to HappyThemes for providing these many custom widgets and flexible homepage layout that easily convert a simple looking blog into unique website.

Footer Widgets - MakeMoney

Powerful Design : The fast page load speed will manage your website for better performance. You can check speed by accessing blog articles and pages from live demo. This fast speed will secure good SEO rank and it will take less time to browse more content on the website. The widgets and navigation menu will help user to browse contents easily which can affect browsing experience.

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HappyThemes Blog Coupon Promo Theme : Features

Coupon Marketing : The MakeMoney theme provides Built-in features to promote affiliate offers with Coupon Codes & Deals System. It will offer ability to create custom coupon listing template where all your deals are automatically shown. The custom post type will boost promo and offers listing task by adding posts under custom page.

The “Click to Reveal” Coupon Codes buttons will show hidden coupon links with deals page. So user will be enticed to click those buttons to view offer codes. And this event will automatically open affiliate offer page while revealing coupon. So you will automatically make sales commission from user’s purchase action as affiliate cookie will be dropped into user’s device.

Affiliate marketers and all Pro bloggers can use this feature to promote coupons for different types of products. If you promote niche related coupons and discount offers then it can bring lots of leads from the website.

Coupon Deals - MakeMoney Marketing Theme

Single Post : Just browse some blog articles from the demo and see what you find interesting in them. I am sure, you will be amazed to see social sharing links, author details, and related posts in every article. These are options elements but you can keep them on to create engaging blog platform. When you offer featured posts in related section then people are enticed to automatically check more contents.

This way, you will be getting extra page-views and sharing on social sites which is good for SEO and Ad revenue.

MakeMoney HappyThemes : More Features

Advertisement Options The monetization task is managed with custom widgets and ad spots provide within different areas. The header shows a banner sample in demo preview, and you can also implement advertisements in content area. This is how you can make profit from banners and coupon marketing.

Header Elements : The header and floating menu are both unique features that we loved about this premium blog template. You will have floating primary menu that is optional and visible every moment when scrolling. The second menu is available on the top of the page. Bloggers can insert social links on the right of top menu and search box with primary menu bar.

Header Social Links and Menu - MakeMoney HappyThemes

Theme Options : We loved MakeMoney WordPress theme for it’s powerful content friendly layout. The options panel is another biggest advantage that improves website setup task. Bloggers don’t have to hire programmers to create blog platform with branding logo and stylish pages. Just check out given options to change color skins, fonts and all other stuff.

Before we end this review, let me talk about “Responsive Layout” which makes this blog template compatible for all platforms. You can check out this theme on smart phone device, tablet and all platforms to see it’s performance. When your website works with every device then you start getting many visitors, and huge revenue from adsense marketing.

We suggest this WordPress coupon deals blogging theme for every professional who wants to promote contents.

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