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GalleryPress is a WordPress photo gallery theme for creative bloggers from ThemeCountry. This theme can be used to share your photo collection or any imagery like food, cloths, designs etc. Countless blog templates are available in the market but very few provides this type of gallery options. You can try this theme to create gallery listing blog or a simple blog to share informative articles.

GalleryPress WordPress Photo Gallery Theme - ThemeCountry

What you see in demo is one example of standard blog layout. You can change it to show post in different styles and also manage colors, fonts and all stuff.

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GalleryPress Frontpage Review :

You must use the featured grid style as homepage layout to share all blog posts using nice thumbnails. The options panel can help you setup homepage and all the areas within couple of minutes. What we see here in demo homepage leaves great impression in visitor’s mind. It shows a multi columns grid board that shows thumbnails with light dark image overlay style.

Visitors will see post title and details by hovering mouse on any grid section. This design can not only show posts in visually stylish way but also create lots of space to display many posts on single page. The full-screen grid layout is main attraction of homepage area and infinite scrolling will boost browsing experience. This new pagination style keep loading the content when user reach on the bottom while scrolling.

Featured Posts - GalleryPress Homepage

This ajax pagination loads content automatically with scrolling process and you can also use 3 other pagination. The alternative pagination include Load more option, Numbered pagination, and default (Older Posts/Newer Posts). Besides that, GalleryPress WordPress theme provides more freedom to bloggers for content presentation style.

You can share blog posts in full style or use excerpt to display a short version from first few lines. The excerpt allows you to add custom text at the end of the line, For e.g. Read more, View Full Article etc. User just have to click on the post title to read full article on the screen. This is how visitors can browse all your latest posts directly from homepage area.

Header and Other Blog Options :

Header / Menu Options : The header code box helps you to add Google web master code or Pinterest code or any verification code easily. The custom settings allows you to define best color and style for your header panel. This section looks small and takes little space but still you can change it’s background color, text color, link color, and link hover color style too.

GalleryPress header panel shows a slide in menu button (3 horizontal bars) on the right side of the screen. Hence, user can use it to toggle menu on the screen easily. This new menu style will not distraction user’s attention by keeping header links invisible in default mode. Thanks to ThemeCountry for offering mobile friendly navigation and responsive design.

Header Menu Options - GalleryPress

Just try scrolling over the page and you will notice that header bar follows you all the way when scrolling. This floating header design is best for blogger who wants to deliver a nice browsing experience. It won’t just impress visitors but also provide a dedicated navigation.

Back to Top : Long pages always need easy way to get back to the top area. The infinite scroll mode will keep loading content on the single same page without page refresh. But, then yo have to create some way to take user to the top of the page easily. This is where yo can click “Back To Top” button that appears always on the bottom right corner of the screen.

This button can scroll user on the top area for long article or homepage or any page. Just one click will scroll user smoothly to the top of the page to save browsing time.

Single Post and GalleryPress Theme Options :

Footer Options : Many bloggers overlook footer section as it is bottom part of the website. But, GalleryPress WordPress blog theme encourage you to use this block to promote contents using custom widgets. The flexible options allows you to enable one, two or three columns to add desired widgets. It will automatically expand footer as per the number of widget columns activated by administrator. Footer section gives you space to add custom text like Disclaimer, Copyright text etc.

The social profile section makes footer more powerful by highlighting social links bar on footer. When you add contacts, author details, recent posts and social links in footer then you can surely rip lots of benefits from this bottom area.

GalleryPress Theme Options

Single Post : The blog posts will show full-screen featured image on the top. You can use nice headings, images, videos, buttons and other stuff to create stylish articles. Apart from that, you can set your blog posts to display many other engaging stuff in automatic mode. If you enable “Post Navigation” then it will highlight next and previous article entries automatically.

The “Author Box” and Threaded comments option will also add extra glory to the post listing style. If you want to add more stuff then it’s good idea to enable “Related Posts” feature for single post. Just define taxonomy (categories, tags), number related posts, and display style (List style with title only or Thumbnail with title).

Blog Post Preview - GalleryPress ThemeCountry

Final Words : Other small but useful features include social settings feature which shows social sharing button with blog articles. You can display sharing buttons before / after content or on the left in Sticky mode. This is how you can setup your photo gallery blog in just a little time. The WordPress customizer will offer preview box and all theme settings in single window.

So novice users can also afford to manage their gallery website easily. No coding skill is required if you follow documentation and acquire little WordPress knowledge. This is best responsive gallery WordPress blogging theme available with reasonable price.

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