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Feather is a premium WordPress theme right for business and personal websites need. It is released by Elegant Themes to help agencies and all types of business create online portal. The theme provides light weight and airy design where you can highlight everything in proper way. The home demo shows that it has best wide layout to help you present main services, galleries, and blog posts. It offers you 2 two features in one package : Simple design with decent color mixtures.

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Feather WordPress Theme Demo - Elegant Themes Review

Feature Details : Feather Theme Elegant Themes

Custom Control Panel : This is a unique business template which needs no CSS coding skill or high programming expertise. You just have to know WordPress CMS and that’s it. The theme has CSS control panel which let’s you change colors and fonts directly from front-end. Apart from that, you are getting ePanel to manage homepage tab sections, slider, textures, background and everything.

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All options in control panel are developed in user friendly style. So you just have to choose desired elements with ready list or check-box or buttons. And Feather WordPress Theme will apply all desired changes for website. This is not just a business theme as it has Portfolio, Blog and other templates. So you can think of starting a gallery site, corporate site, personal site or blog too.

CSS Control Panel Options - Feather Theme

The back-end will give you access to wide range of custom page templates, special shortcodes, widgets and many other options. So this is one template having many website solutions. The setup takes a few moments as you don’t have to follow any hard steps. You can either create site using demo sample files or create new one on your own using options panel and documentation guides.

If you are looking for stylistic and appealing design then it is for you. It is a multi-purpose theme which can be utilized for any professional websites need. It can help you to start freelancing site, photography site, news portal, business junction and more.

Other Features Details :

Stylish Header : This is a versatile WordPress theme that provides you various controls and options. That’s why many people choose Feather theme to create business website. The premium WP theme has header with stylish menu having found and appealing menu bar. You can just easily develop menu bar from menus management page. Here, you can add single and multiple drop-down links to connect user’s with vital pages.

Header and Slider - Feather

The header also has space to display custom links for feeds and social media pages. So it can work as a best navigation point to help visitors browse best sections and social profiles from one place. It places your logo image with tag-line on the left side. So visitors can always know your brand from logo image. Thanks to Elegant Themes for offering logo uploader and custom menus support.

Unique Slider : This feature is seen with most of the WordPress themes. But yo are getting extra benefits with this slider. It offer you ability to promote pages or posts, whatever would your strategy. Feather WordPress theme enables you to switch between 5 slider variations using “Featured Slider” dropdown menu options. These options are displayed below post/page editor into “ET Settings box. Elegant Themes has it’s own slider management options. So you can choose custom title, text, image alignment, links and other stuff for each slide.

Custom Pages - Feather Busines Theme

Homepage Features : Business WordPress Theme

4 Content Boxes : The second block on homepage area gives you four content boxes to highlight any pages. You can easily customize and manage these content blurbs from ePanel options page. These sections are flexible so you can pick any pages for all of them. Administrator can apply custom thimbnails, texts, title, and use “more” tag to truncate text.

4 Blurbs - Feather Theme

Other Sections : The next is text area which is good place to display welcome introduction or special message. This sections uses large and stylish font to display your message. So it is nice place to introduce visitors with your business or you can add a slogan to say how you are unique. If you go down, then you will see 2 more sections “Recent Blog Posts” and “Recent Work” blocks. These blocks are wide enough to display multiple entries.

Homepage Features - Feather Theme

The options page will help you to configure them with categories to display posts from desired topics. These blocks offers left block to display custom title and details and right block will display contents. The footer has 3 columns and blog page has sidebar to share new posts, banners, and other widgets.

We would rate this theme as best WordPress business theme for all corporate needs. Any one can surely try it who no limited budget or no coding skills.

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