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ForumEngine is a modern forum WordPress theme which can be used to create online forums and community websites. EngineThemes has developed this theme with advanced features so user can manage forum platform and post thread topics easily. If we check-out this forum template from admin or user’s perspective then we can find lots of flexibility for both users.

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The administrator can manage whole platform from back-end options panel without knowing programming. Users (forum members) can easily post threads from front-end area which just requires them to be logged-in.


Why ForumEngine WordPress Theme ?

A forum type website can definitely expect lots of visitors as it provides open way for discussion. You can post question or an opinion so that other people can participate in the discussion. You can post unlimited topics and assign them all to relevant category. Therefore, visitors can browse interesting topics via category links.

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The ForumEngine theme provides various positions to display advertisements so you can collect better ad-revenue. Whether you want to go for google adsense or affiliate promotion, it can generate good revenue by displaying relevant ads. For e.g. if your forum is dedicated on software services then you can promote software on your website. And if your forum is covering multiple topics then you can display banners as per category type.

When a visitor access forum topics, they can read questions and replies posted by other peoples. User can also involve in other activities like reply to questions or click buttons to like or dislike topic. The theme requires you to login into forum before you perform any activity. EngineThemes has given registration system so user can make new account and perform everything.


All users will find special profile dashboard where they can check posted topics, replies, profile details and all status about their account activity. The administrator will have full control over entire forum platform. So he can check-out all users details, post premium ads, configure badge system and do everything.

ForumEngine EngineThemes : Main Features

Front-end Posting : Users can directly post new topics from homepage area which is more flexible than traditional back-end posting. The top of the homepage area highlights a special module so you can easily submit new topics with ready form. Hence, members can edit topics and post new contents without moving from homepage.


The topic editor window provides special options where you can submit topic title, description and watch live preview at the same time. ForumEngine topic editor provides toolbar with styling options, image uploader and more. Hence, user can easily add custom links, photos and apply bold, colors and other styles for paragraphs.


Custom Widgets : EngineThemes provides custom widgets with all their premium WordPress themes. And this theme also includes special set of widgets to make your forum look more interesting. Just look over sidebar on live demo preview which shows Forum Statistics (total members, total threads, replies), Categories, Hot Topics, Top Users etc.


When you add these widgets, visitors automatically get engaged into browsing categorises or forum topics. The demo highlights only few widgets, so you can drag and drop banners, custom text, contacts or anything from widgets management area.

More Features :

User Badges System : This is a powerful feature which provides you ability to offer special rights to your user. You can define various badges along with special rights so that user who earns particular badges can get benefit of that. This way, user status is automatically changed when they earn particular points by posting topics or adding replies.

This system not only provide special privilege to users but also encourage members to be more active.


Settings Panel : The ForumEngine brings back-end options panel so that user can manage every part of the website easily. Whether you need to change color style, fonts, layouts or other stuff. Settings page covers all customization needs with user friendly options. The theme has General options, Social media options, Content options, Email template, Language page (choose any language) etc. You can also receive direct update from dashboard area. Just click a button to receive automatic update for your theme and no hassle of manual update.

This theme is good solution for every one who is in search of a best forum software or WordPress theme.


All Features : EngineThemes Forum Template

  • Like button with topics
  • Ajax auto loading : Browse topics quickly
  • Log-in and Sign-up link : Header
  • Header logo uploader
  • Search widget on header : Let visitors easily find topics
  • Language translation options
  • Sidebars with multiple widgets support
  • Schema Markup support : Useful for SEO
  • Works with all SEO Plugins
  • Setup guide with all instructions
  • Live Notification System

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