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Crypto is a fully content focused Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency WordPress Theme from Mythemeshop. This theme was developed to help people promote cryptocurrency related blogs. Besides regular blog features, it has many cryptocurrencies related features to make it the most popular cryptocurrency theme for crypto bloggers, traders and marketers. During blogging and marketing, you will meet lots of ways to monetize website through ads listings.

Crypto MyThemeShop - Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency WordPress Theme

People are already using this WP theme to promote and post market live data about BitCoin, Blockchain, AltCoins and other Cryptocurrency related news.

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Crypto WordPress Theme Details :

Live Coin Price : The most important element for any financial world is the price. Crypto theme can display live coin prices for all selected cryptocurrencies. The theme comes with API Key Integration, so you can show real time pricing table for all selected currencies on your website. Hence, people won’t just visit your blog to read news only but they would become regular visitors to view live prices.

Dedicated Coin Page : This feature allows you to display overall price history of cryptocurrencies which can predict important trends and help readers to take benefit of the analysis. Not only that, you can also compare different crypto coins against each other. This feature can help generate deep analysis about future trends for your readers.

Live Rates - Crypto Mythemeshop

2 Dedicated Widgets : Widget areas are very helpful place to share selected information to the blog visitors. Mythemeshop has designed this cryptocurrency template with many widgets, but there are 2 special widgets available to convert coin price and display historical data.

This WordPress theme was created to give a perfect platform to bloggers who wants to promote their news, and knowledge about digital coins. You can use this template to start a blog for any selected or entire spectrum of cryptocurrencies. It is not just made for blogging, you can use WooCommerce to create an online store to sell books, software, service packages or other niche related stuff.

Mythemeshop Cryptocurrency Theme : Features

Homepage Sections : When you create engaging homepage then your website becomes a magnet to attract more and more readers. But that’s not possible with traditional blog or marketing templates. Crypto theme has drag and drop sections which solves the issue faced by old blog templates. You will find easy way to display crypto news, prices, sliders, featured categories, and other stuff on homepage.

There are 2 homepage post layouts available for homepage, and you can select one of the best style for all your posts, or use different styles fo each home section.

Frontpage Sections - Crypto Mythemeshop

Responsive : Mythemeshop always develops responsive WordPress themes with modern users in mind. So, any WP theme that you buy from their theme store will work on mobiles, iPad, Tablet and other devices. When you have responsive cryptocurrency blog, then people are more likely to visit your platform to view live prices, ICO news and other updates from handy devices. It won’t just boost their browsing experience but offer flexibility to access your website using any device any time.

ICO Archive : When a company or group is launching a new crypto coin, they need to publish ICO (Initial Coin Offering) to promote their new cryptocurrency coin. The theme can list ICO details with ICO custom post. You will have unique ICO archive page to display details about all ICOs within one page.

ICO Archive Page - Crypto Mythemeshop

Crypto Mythemeshop : Other Features

Advanced Options Panel : A WordPress theme is only called user friendly when it has easy to use control panel. Mythemeshop has produced it’s own theme options panel for all the premium WP themes. So, you will see homepage controls, social media options, ads-listing section, pagination options, layouts, color selector, typography setting page on one board. There are performance options available to make your website load faster in different ways.

This is perfect cryptocurrency blogging theme for modern authors who wants to earn affiliate commission or ad revenue with content marketing.

Options Page - Crypto Theme

Advanced Slider : Crypto WordPress theme has inbuilt slider which is useful to get user’s attention on important stuff. The feature rich slider is used to promote blog posts that shows news about latest ICOS, new currency launch, or breaking news about trend.

Slideshow - Crypto Bitcoin Theme

Final Words : I liked advanced pagination options that loads website faster with ajax loading style. The ajax search, parallax scrolling, custom header layout, and translation options are also best features. If you need a blog platform to share cryptocurrency news or other related stuff then we suggest this theme as best solution.

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