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Meet BloggingBox : Multi-purpose responsive blogging theme for all WordPress bloggers. It is a best blog template by MyThemeShop team which includes modern features, adaptive layout and much more. Many WordPress blog templates provide styling options and some layouts. But they often fail do deliver SEO benefits and performance. If you really want to get huge success as a blogger or marketer then you have to choose best template for your site.

BloggingBox Demo MyThemeShop - WordPress Blogging Theme

This WordPress theme covers several modern features like Mega-Menu support, Responsive design, Performance features and much more. Along with that, you will find widgets, shortcodes and custom options with user friendly panel. Let’s check out core features so you can have clear idea about all features.

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Layouts and Design Features : BloggingBox

Pre-defined Home Layouts : The theme has been packed with some ready layouts so you can easily start a website for entertainment, travel, and other niche. Every layout has it’s own style so you can view them all in demo and select one that it right for your niche. There is no particular rule on what layout is made for which niche. The pre-defined homepage layout covers most of the possibilities, so user can pick any one from demo files.

Once you have selected right layout then you can begin adding posts and categories. Every section that you see on homepage will show latest posts with featured image. Though you can decide to show-off meta-data details (author name, date, author photo, comments count) from options page. The way it shows each post makes better browsing experience for visitors.

BloggingBox Theme Demo Layouts

Other Home Features : Every post that you see on homepage provides a clear glimpse through featured image and excerpt. You will see title, post thumbnail, comments link and Read more link. The excerpt mode can display lots of posts on single page and easily connect visitors to source page with “Read more” link. The theme shows widget areas on bottom and right side.

The theme provides 11 Custom Widgets so you need to use plugins to optimize widget sections. The built-in widgets includes tabbed sections, social links, recent posts and much more. If you check demo of BloggingBox WordPress theme then you will get all idea about homepage, single post, header, footer and all other areas.

BloggingBox – Best Blog Features : MyThemeShop

Homepage Elements : The first home section shows a beautiful carousel slider with unique scrolling style and hover effect. This slider section shows featured posts from any category that you define from slider panel. It helps you to choose categories, number of posts and also helps you to add custom posts on your own. The smooth auto scrolling style makes it look awesome compare to regular slider.

Home Carousel Slider - BloggingBox

The carousel type design shows multiple posts at one time and it keeps pushing posts from right to left while scrolling. “Featured Category Section” is the second block that appears below slider, if enabled. By default, homepage highlights recent posts on homepage area. So you have to enable slider and category sections manually.

Right below home slider, you can add multiple category blocks to display recent (last) posts. This way, visitors will not only see new posts like regular blogs but they can also see fresh articles from top selected categories. BloggingBox helps you to choose text/border colors, hover background color, Featured category section background color, image and pattern. This styling feature helps you to apply custom style for every category that you decide to highlight on homepage.

BloggingBox Homepage - Featured Posts and Tabs

Home Tabs : MyThemeShop has given options to display two tabs on homepage area. So user can see latest posts and popular post entries without refreshing the page. You can just switch to any tab section with single click on homepage area. As a result, readers can directly switch over to top popular posts when they are not sure on what to read. And regular visitors can see latest posts or browse other stuff from other content/navigation areas.

Features We Liked In BloggingBox WordPress Theme

Performance Options : The theme combines special performance setting panel so that bloggers can take SEO benefits. This panel helps you to use Lazy load (images loaded later only when user view particular section), Async Java Script, and Prefetching. Apart from that, you can further optimize content browsing speed with Ajax auto load pagination options.

BloggingBox Theme Options Panel

Speed is a critical factor to get SEO benefits and reduce the bounce rate. While using this mythemeshop blog template, you just need to concentrate on posting articles. Because theme options panel provides most of the features under theme settings panel. So you just have to make choice through mouse which takes no coding skill.

Post Layout Options : MyThemeShop BloggingBox has 3 post layout options which shows home featured posts in different styles. Check the screen-shot below to see how it can display featured post entries using single and multiple columns. It uses big featured image when to show single post and small thumbnails to display multiple posts in single row. Blog/website owners can see all 3 styles and pick one to apply them for their journal platform.

Post Layout Options - BloggingBox

Single Post Features : Every blog post can reveal it’s true identity through full width featured image that appears behind post heading. If you open any post then you will see how awesome it looks with bold title and unique background image. The header shows categories, comment count, author name and other details like professional news platforms.

Next Previous Articles section - BloggingBox

As you move down to the bottom area then it shows social sharing buttons, author detail box, tags list and comments box. User will see Next/Previous article section (below post) which uses featured images to encourage visitors to browse more posts. This WordPress blog theme is made for every one who believes in content first policy.

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