AudioTheme Marquee : Band Music Theme with Split Screen Layout

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Marquee is a gorgeous WordPress theme for Bands and Musicians. AudioTheme developed this music template with amazing split screen layout that shows website is branding style. This new layout keeps header and content areas in equal focus by splitting screen in two parts.

So you will get enough space to share brand logo, and large poster in header background area. If you are singer or music blogger or orchestra wanting to promote business or contents then this is right product for you.

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Marquee AudioTheme - Music Theme with Split Screen Layout

Top Features Overview : AudioTheme Marquee

Many WordPress developers have released music themes in the past, but still they can’t beat Marquee. This theme uses it’s own AudioTheme plugin and framework options for content management. Therefore, you will always have handy features for gigs, albums, and videos listings. The theme will give you support and full access to all necessary plugins so you don’t have to look outside.

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For e.g. “Cue” is a Audio Playlist Plugin by AudioTheme which enables you to add custom playlist with audio player. Same way, you can install AudioTheme plugin which adds 3 core features on back-end side. Those features are Gig, Discography and Video archives. So you get easy listing board to add music albums, and gigs with full details.

AudioTheme Music Features - Gigs Discography

These features helps you to assign Gigs with Location map, Ticket links, Venue, Show timing, and other details. Similarly, you are going to add discography albums with selected tracks, release date, featured images and other information. These features can boost your business revenue by selling more gigs (tickets) and albums.

The additional basic features pack offers a blog template so you can post all your news easily. The AudioTheme provides custom plugins, layouts, and several styling options to create attractive online music portal.

Other Details : Marquee WordPress Theme

Split Screen Layout : I just shared a little overview of this feature in the beginning of your talk. With distinct split screen layout, music website owners can now promote their business with unique online presence. This layout puts all header elements on that left and posts/pages contents on the right window. So user is always expected to see navigation menu, social menu, logo, audio player on the left of the screen.

The site-wide player is accessible from the bottom of header area so visitors can enjoy music. Cue plugin helps you to add play-list for this media player so visitors can easily browse their favourite songs.

Split Screen Layout - Marquee Demo

2 Off-Screen Panels : This is also a part of menu and audio player, but we are talking about it separately to give you clear idea. This theme shows a “Hamburger” style button (top left) to give you access to navigation menu. So you have to click this button to access menu links from of-screen navigation window. This type of menus are mostly used for mobile devices but you can access it for all devices.

Music Player (bottom right corner) also highlights a toggle off-screen button to load play-list. This section also loads on the screen in same way as menu-bar. They will save lots of space which is occupied to show links in default mode. Marquee developers has put them back in manual mode so user can browse it through off-screen buttons.

Offscreen Menu and Playlist toggle - Marquee

More Details : Music Theme AudioTheme

Responsive : AudioTheme has never compromised with design and development quality. That’s why you will see full-responsive layout in this WordPress theme. It just works so nicely over tablet, iPad and all modern smart phones. Because of space limitations, you won’t see split screen layout on small screens with handy devices.

The desktop devices will show both sections of split-screen like demo. But it will shift header from left to top when you browse site from small screens.

Marquee Responsive Mode

Site-Wide Jams : The left bottom area shows media player all the time so that fans and visitors can enjoy music tracks. This is first music theme that offers seamless music streaming experience. What I mean to say is that, you won’t feel breaks in music while navigating from one page to another.

Because left header area is in fixed mode and if not reloaded when you browse other posts or pages. The music player has controls, playlist toogle, and other buttons which helps you to access and play music tracks.

Marquee Site-Wide Jams

Custom Theme Options : The customizer itself mange to provide you all features into single window. You will find access to Header image, Colors, Cue Players, Menus, Fonts and other theme options from customizer. Marquee WordPress theme has introduced “Fast page loading” features to give you app-like experience. If you browse different pages on demo then you will see that pages are loading in snappy style like browsing mobile app windows.

This feature speed-up process by loading contents in background and showing them automatically on the content area once they load fully. This modern feature can improve browsing speed and user experience while adding extra benefit for SEO.

Marquee Customize

Every entertainment professional and music blogger should use Marquee as it has all music niche features. The video listing page, gallery page, custom homepage (widget support) are best features ever.

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