Anariel Design Lolipop Demo : Fashion Blog WordPress Theme

Lolipop is a WordPress magazine theme ideally released for fashion blogger from Anariel Design. This blogging theme provides finest content listing features and layouts. It works with majority of niches including fashion, beauty and other lifestyle. Widgetized areas like footer and sidebar works quickly to promote Advertisements banners, Latest posts, Category links etc.

Lolipop Demo - Anariel Design Blog Theme

Any female bloggers, marketers and tech experts can go with this WordPress theme.

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Lolipop WordPress Theme Features :

Front Page : The homepage is built using widget supported content blocks powered by theme itself. You can also use several builder widgets to make complex page structure. Homepage easily shows slider, featured pages, CTA, latest posts and more. Thanks to flexible homepage for offering 7 layouts to display featured blocks.

If you happen to start a product store then you can set homepage as shop style. Just install WooCommerce and you can start selling goods from blog or magazine style website. No separate theme is needed to create stand alone blog or a magazine website with shop. Bloggers can sell books, tutorials, crafts, images, and lots of stuff.

Front Page - Lolipop

Theme Options : Any WordPress theme from Anariel store is integrated with customizer. You don’t have to learn coding in order to setup homepage, layouts, header, blog and all sections. The options page has controls to setup typography, sidebar layout, colors, widget, navigation and all other areas.

Lolipop saves plenty of time taken for website setup and routine customization. The options page, documentation and other material helps novice to get used to customization task easily. The search engine ready layout, easy style setting options and fast loading speed are some top factors for suggestion this theme to bloggers.

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Anariel Design Review – Fashion Blogging Theme :

Responsive Design : A website has to offer mobile support to get many visitors from search engines. If your template is responsive with truly adaptive structure then you are in safe zone. Most of the big search engines has started sending traffic to responsive sites. This is because it affects user experience and also retain small screen device users for longer time.

Blog Options : The blog template provides support for upto 3 grids with optional sidebar. Pages can have full-width style when sidebar are not needed. Traditional bloggers can switch to list blog style to show promote featured post in normal style. All these layouts will show excerpt, featured image, and title with different sizes.

Blog Options - Lolipop Theme

Single Post : Lolipop has always supported bloggers to boost page-views and overall browsing experience. The single post promotes sharing buttons for many sites at bottom area. Readers would automatically promote articles to social friends when they find sharing links on articles.

Related posts section uses category and tags to display featured posts to boost engagement. Hence visitors can start reading more articles from this related articles box. Featured images, and titles create nice featured preview for all posts promoted in related posts section. These single post features will stop readers bouncing out from website and offers something worth reading.

Related Posts and Sharing Buttons - Lolipop

Why Lolipop Magazine Theme ?:

We have seen most of the top features in this review. We still have more to discuss on other benefits to get clear idea about this blog template. The widget areas and page templates list are still to be discussed in this articles. Let’s check how custom widgets and page templates can contribute to make a content focused journal website.

Header : The header uses two custom menus one of them is social navigation and another is primary menu. The top header space shows social menu using custom link icons and search box. Middle section promotes site name or logo with tag line. The bottom area shows main navigation useful to promote blog, main pages, and other links.

Header - Anariel Design Blog Theme

Widgetized and Pages : We take footer and sidebar as main widget sections for on site promotion. The footer stays visible while site ideal for contacts, social links, and other stuff. Sidebar also remains important despite being optional to blog or any selected pages. We can see sidebar widgets easily and footer is only visible when we reach at bottom.

Footer Widgets - Lolipop Theme

Still both for these widget areas are equally important for any blog. Widgets can display menu links, recent posts, author information and lots of stuff. The page templates list include grid, full-width and other layouts. Site owners can assign any page style to contact, home, about, blog and other pages.

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