Bluchic Adriana Demo : Best Feminine Shopify WordPress Theme

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Introducing Adriana by Bluchic : A Feminine Shopify WordPress Theme for women goods sellers and shop owners. If you have been selling goods through physical store and planning to live then pick this best shopify template for 2017. It not only helps you to setup an online store but also increase your sales and profit. The theme has been powered by built-in shop features, email subscriber features and several unique widgets.

Adriana Demo - Feminine Shopify WordPress Theme by Bluchic

So any lady craft sellers, recipe books sellers, and fashion entrepreneurs can choose this Bluchic eCommerce theme to build online shop. What we really like about Adriana WordPress theme is it’s flexibility and integration with Shopify. Hence, you don’t need plenty of plugins to start selling goods online. Whether you sell digital or physical goods, everything can be sold through this online platform.

Features : Bluchic Shopify Theme

Many eCommerce platforms are normally integrated with free WordPress plugins like WooCommerce, that’s good. But Bluchic decided to provide you next level eCommerce theme that includes advanced shop features. That’s why they developed a feminine eCommerce theme that works for different types of shop websites. This theme supports Shopify which is an advanced ecommerce platform.

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While using Adriana Shopify theme, you can easily customize your store without indulging into any coding work. Not only that, it enables you to add unlimited products and categories for better shop management. So novice women can easily afford to start an online shop without big budget or hiring any programmer. The theme just needs WordPress CMS and Bluchic eCommerce theme.

Shop Page - Adriana Shopify Bluchic

Notification Bar : Any eCommerce site needs easy way to spread message about sales and special offers. And that’s only possible when you add a notification section that is visible everywhere on the site. With this need in mind, Bluchic decided to add custom notification panel that shows text message and links on the top area of the site. Hence, user can always see important offers or message from product page, shop page, homepage and all areas.

Instagram Feed : Day by day, social media platforms are getting popular to connect with the other world. That’s why online shops and all business are using Faceboo, Instagram, Twitter and other sites to connect with more clients. This WordPress provides Instragram Feed section for footer area. Hence, you can share instagram photos using custom widget section. Not only that, it can also grow likes and followers for social platforms.

Adriana Feminine eCommerce Theme : Special Features

Homepage Slider : The homepage is built with product presentation and navigation in mind. That’s why, Adriana WordPress theme provides a top slider for homepage. This slider can highlight featured products, blog posts and other stuff. At the same time, user can also browse top shop categories and other links from the left side of slider.

If you check demo, then it shows a vertical list of links on the left of slideshow. This section is best place to add tags, categories or any links that connects visitors to shop or any important area of the website. You can also use header menu for navigation but that is good place to add links for Shop, Home, Blog and other pages. Whereas sidebar is good place to add links for all top categories.

Adriana Shopify - Slideshow

Other Frontpage Sections : This eCommerce feminine theme gives you a Welcome Message below slider. So you can add introduction or business details for better presentation. This intro section could be used to add some details about shop or business and then you can link to shop page. Many shop owners add unique details about their goods and prices and then add link asking visitors to shop page.

Welcome Message - Adriana Bluchic

Recent Items : The homepage is not sufficient to display all eCommerce goods at one place. That’s why it provides a “Recent Product” section to display newly added items on homepage area. The featured entries will attract visitor’s attention to check out those items as well as other stuff from shop or category pages. And it can directly affect your page-views and sales.

Recent Products - Adriana Shopify

Other Home Sections : Adriana Shopify Theme

Feature Blocks : The another section is know as “Feature Collections”, which is provided with shop and other pages in mind. Bluchic Adriana let;s you use 3 columns blurb to connect with any shop category, collection or other pages. For e.g. you can add 3 top categories in this section, or add page links for Shop page, Offer page and Blog page.

It just shows any page that you would want to highlight for home visitors. Administrator just need to use featured image and custom title to show details about each featured block. So visitors can know about what section they can visit by clicking on each featured block.

Feature Collections - Adriana eCommerce Theme

Newsletter Sign Up Form : Grow your email subscribers using footer area which allows you use MailChimp sign-up form. Once have confirmed email sign-up section from Bluchic options panel then you can grow email subscribers easily. And those email list can prove as your business asset when you use them to promote new store offers or latest product news.

If you use built-in blog template and Newsletter to promote contents then you can surely see great results. The blog section can promote all latest news and offers that is going on over your store. So visitors can see blog posts to check new offers. But those people who don’t visit your site every day can be informed about new offers using newsletter.

Footer Widgets - Instagram - Adriana

To conclude this WordPress review, I just want to say that Adriana is the best eCommerce theme for all girls, women and chicks out there. Whether you want to sell goods, start personal site or launch a blog, it adjust to every need.

Bluchic : General Features

  • Responsive layout
  • Clean and Feminine design
  • Custom header logo uploader
  • Social media icons
  • SEO optimized and minimal
  • Customizer : Change colors
  • Ace : Custom options panel
  • Detailed documentation : Learn to setup website easily

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