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Meet Voice WordPress Theme which brings a header less and responsive blog layout for modern readers. It is a product of Thrive Themes which is best WordPress themes developer for blogs, magazines, business and all needs. Today we are going to review this theme with brief details so you can check out all top features. The top most features includes a header less design which shows only contents on the screen.

Voice Demo - Responsive Blogging Theme from Thrive Themes

The theme has a nice flexible options panel and also provides native WordPress features. Hence you can manage authors, post formats and manage everything for your site with simple options panel.

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Thrive Themes Voice WordPress Theme : Features Details

Core Layout : The entire side is crafted with content as main element so you are not going to see header on the top area. The header elements like logo, menu and widgets are placed on the sidebar. The left of the screen includes space to display everything that is normally placed on header. But this theme design is revised with new style where traditional top header is eliminated so that user can only see featured posts or full post contents while scrolling on the website.

The sidebar that you see on Voice demo is presented with two parts. The top part is static which is not movable and shows logo image, author box and tag-line. The sidebar shows an app like menu button which shows menu links when clicked by user. So this is a hidden menu which shows all links from primary navigation bar. Right besides that, it has search icon which shows search box when click by visitor.

Voice Sidebar Menu - Logo - Widgets

The top sidebar section includes space to display main logo and menu links which is mostly included in header. The bottom section provides scroll support where you can add custom widgets. So it could show recent posts, popular articles, categories, and other stuff using custom sidebars. Thanks to featured post sidebars which shows thumbnails for all posts shown using widgets.

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Theme Options : Thrive Options panel shows multiple tabs so you can define layouts and styles for all elements. The options panel has controls for sidebar, author box, sidebar background, fonts and color styling. You can change blog settings, logo, background style, social media links and all other items from ThriveThemes options panel. Apart from that, it has page templates, and custom shortcodes which creates many possibilities to create dynamic website.

Thrive Options Panel - Voice

Other Features : Voice Thrive Themes

Frontpage Layout : We just talked particularly about sidebar and now we will have a look at entire site layout. When you land on Voice theme demo then you will see that left sidebar remains static while scrolling through the page. Whether you scroll on homepage or single post, the sidebar is not going to move from it’s place. This type of design makes sure that user can always be in contact with navigation links, sidebar and other important elements.

When you check featured post entries on front-page or archive sections then you will feel very much attached to the contents. Because, all post entries show big featured images, and large titles. It shows custom excerpt preview with “Read more” button which takes user onto full article.

Voice Homepge Layout - Blogging Theme

Post Formats : Thrive Themes has provided blog post formats for flexible blogging. So authors and content marketers never have to choose additional tools to share videos, gallery and other elements. The post editor will show you post formats list on the right side so you can just click radio button option for desired post type. Once you are done with post format selection then it will automatically load custom post options just below the header.

So for e.g. if you choose video post type then you will find video embedding feature in post options box. The blog post formats list includes 6 choices that includes Video, Image, Galley, Quote, Audio and Standard post.

Post Format Options - Voice Theme

Thrive Themes : Best Blog Theme Features

Single Post : This WordPress blog theme is optimized with social sharing floating bar that appears on header. As you open any single post and start scrolling down then you will see that social share bar automatically comes on the top of the screen. This section shows social sharing buttons for twitter, facebook and other sites with calls to action asking user to share the contents.

Voice Social Share Floating bar

Author Feature : The author box that you see on sidebar is optional so you can show it or remove it as required. This author box can display a default image as you like, and it will automatically rotate author box image as per post selection. So user is always going to see different author image which depends on which author as written the article. You will see back-end options to display author details, image, social links, and more.

Author Box Image - Voice ThriveThemes

Sidebar Background : This is most powerful and appealing feature of Voice WordPress theme. We have seen many WordPress themes that provides custom header support where you can use color or image. But this theme provides more options than any advanced blogging theme. The theme let’s yo choose default option which shows default image as sidebar background.

If you choose color then it shows that color style as background. The “Image” option shows custom image for sidebar background. And finally the last is “Featured Image’ which dynamically changes sidebar background as per current post or page. What I mean is that, it just picks feature image from current post and shows it with blurred and and auto scale mode to match the height of the sidebar.

Voice Sidebar Background Styles

This are the best features that not only improves the blog content presentation style but also improves the readability. It has best navigation and content sharing options supported by social media features. This is best blogging theme for people who needs less widget areas and more space for contents.

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