ThemeIsle Naturelle Pro : Eco-Friendly Environmental Theme

Naturelle Pro is Eco Nature Landing page WordPress theme by ThemeIsle. It is published as multi-purpose theme so as to work for business organizations. So every business or volunteer group can try this theme to create website to promote activities. The theme gives you enough features to display project list, partners, products and all past of ongoing campaigns.

Naturelle Pro - ThemeIsle One Page Nature WordPress Theme

If your business is working for environment conservation then you need professional Environment & Ecology WordPress Theme. And this theme has all characteristics that is required to display your message in bold and clear way. This theme should work for any one who wants to start website that shares information about green and environmental issues as well as solutions.

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Why Naturelle Pro Is Best WordPress Theme

First of all it is a single page template for WordPress, so you need only one place to display all details. There are many business organizations who produces eco friendly products that would help save environment from green-house and other danger effects. Apart from that, we have many environment saver groups who works to create awareness to save our nature by adapting to Eco-friendly products.

Shop Page - Naturelle Pro Green Theme

These business individuals and environment conservation groups would require such a website that would provide them best “Theme” for their work. When you choose ThemeIsle Naturelle Pro then you automatically get necessary layouts and styling features. So you don’t have to work hard to spread your best works, services and products. Every business organization needs online presence and for that you need to choose right WordPress theme that fits to your niche.

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ThemeIsle is among very few WP themes developer who has introduced multi-purpose Eco-Friendly WordPress Theme. You can not only use this theme for business only but also use it to start a blog, online shop or personal website. The one page layout gives you a landing page type homepage where you can add slider, portfolio, calls to action, and more.

Blog Page - Naturelle Pro eCo Friendly template

The theme has additional templates like Contacts, Blog, Shop and more. We love it’s modern stylish layout that uses parallax background and hover effect to engage with visitors. You just need this one WordPress theme to start your nature or environment related website. Whether you are NGO, Corporate company or individual who work to promote green energy or save environment, it should work for every one.

Naturelle Pro ThemeIsle : Homepage Details

As I just said that you are going to get this WordPress theme as single page layout. Though you can add more pages if required by your business. So if you prefer to follow same layout as shown in demo then you are not going to need much time. Just pick the demo data and follow documentation tutorials. It will explain you how you can setup custom featured sections from top to down for homepage area.

Every section on Naturelle Pro homepage is a separate entity and connected with custom options. When you load customizer, you will find ready options to implement contents into each home sections. These featured sections allows you to choose custom parallax background, unique title and nice hover effect as you like. You can also choose color style, font and other styling options for all.

Homepage Featured Sections - Naturelle Pro

Here is the detail of all home sections that construct the homepage for demo preview. It will give you more idea on what can you add for homepage and how you can utilize it to create more leads. Every business has unique purpose so by reading this review, you will get idea what you can do with this environmental WP theme.

1) Intro Section : Add message and custom call out with button
2) Service List : Display key service category list using icons
3) Team : Show gratitude towards your team members by showing their details on website (e.g. Image, Name, Designation/Skill).
4) Blog section : Latest blog posts
5) Partners List : Display business partners and sponsors logo
6) Shop : Display and sell products on website using WooCommerce
7) Work Section : Portfolio support to display work
8) Testimonials : Display client’s testimonials or volunteer’s experience
9) Contact : Add email, phone, address and all contact details

Other Details : Naturelle Eco-Friendly Green Theme

Floating Header : This nature WordPress theme is optimized for easy browsing through better navigation system. Because it has a nice header that connects user to the each home section and page template on the website. As you start scrolling on the page, it will constantly show you header and navigation menu. The menu bar shows link for each home block, so user can click and reach over selected home sections.

Floating Header Navigation - Naturelle Pro Green Theme

So you can use manual scroll mode to browse home sections one by one. But if you already know where you want to go then you can choose direct relevant section link from menu bar. If you have blog, contact, shop and extra pages then you can add links for those page using custom menu options. The menu management page gives you flexibility to add Home link, Front page sections links, Page links and External links also.

The hop top section is not visible during scrolling but it still provide you extra space to display custom elements. So this is good place to add custom message, phone number, email and social media profile links.

Simple Customization : After looking these many advanced features and live demo, you must be thinking about skill requirements. Well, Naturelle Pro theme doesn’t demand for any coding work or web design experience. The options panel is integrated with WordPress customizer. So this one place is going to give you styling, layouts, header and all options. You can add new testimonials, team members, calls to action directly from customizer.

Contact Page - Naturelle Pro

Conclusion :

The blog section gives you place to share all news and latest updates. Shop page is powered by WooCommerce plugin, so this one plugin offers support for product listing and shopping features. The additional contact page is also given which helps user to send message or use other options to get in touch with you.

The package gives you necessary page templates, widgets, layouts and other options. The responsive layout can adapt to tablet, mobile and every modern devices. So I suggest all Eco-Friendly business professionals to choose this theme for their website.

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