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Taskerr is a responsive micro jobs WordPress theme released by AppThemes. This is best micro job application theme which runs on the core framework of AppThemes. People also knows it as a best fiverr clone and service marketplace theme.

It is powered by best design and many back-end options which puts it in the center for all type of users. So you never have to search for any WordPress micro jobs plugin which may not provide all the modern features like this one.

Taskerr AppThemes - WordPress Micro Jobs Theme Fiverr Clone

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Overview of Taskerr WordPress Theme :

Before we talk top theme features and back-end options, we will look around homepage layout. Therefore, you can get idea on how easily visitors can find right gig seller. The theme was developed with 2 user entities in mind : Gig seller and Buyers. The service providers are going to be main income of your source as they will attract more people who needs their jobs to be completed in fixed price and certain time frame.

The built-in features will help you easily start micro jobs marketplace. You don’t need to hire programmer or buy any expensive plugin to create a professional looking micro jobs posting website. Taskerr theme brings easy registration system so new user can easily create new account. User can get access to certain features which depends on type of user selected at the time of registration.

You will find options to list out custom gigs with details and make earning by getting client’s from jobs website. The visitors are those people who needs some one to finish their task in return of fixed pay. The website owner is middle man which connects these two user types and earn commission share from all successful gigs.

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Why Taskerr for Micro Jobs Website ?

AppThemes has provided different monetization features, SEO ready design and easy administration panel. These features makes it all easier to start a micro jobs platform and get huge success with less efforts. The payment options, website design, content listing, price package creation and everything is taken care by back-end panel.

Therefore, most of the people prefer to choose Taskerr as first choice, instead of other fiverr clone scripts.

Frontpage Overview : The homepage and entire site is crafted with user experience as main goal. The header shows space to access social links, navigation menu, logo, search option etc. Logged in users will see top bar (right) with links to access Favorites, Notifications, Profile and Dashboard. User can find gigs using search option, or from category pages.

The homepage top widget areas let’s you add introduction with big title, description and button linking to any page. The homepage has category block with drop-down option button. So, user can view one line with few category and use drop-down button to access many other categories to browse desired gigs. The bottom homepage shows “Latest Services/Gigs” along with sort options.

Homepage Overview - Taskerr Micro Job Template

So, all homepage visitors can come and browse newly added services in nice featured style. The featured listing shows thumbnail, details, ratings received, favourite and buy button. Custom sidebar is available for homepage,Single Service, dashboard and other sections. Taskerr WordPress theme many custom widgets and you can place them on any sidebar or widget area.

Top Features List : AppThemes Micro Jobs Theme

Listing Services : The sellers are those people who can list out their services using gig listing form. This visual form is accessible to every registered user who wants to earn money by selling their services. Apart from title, details and category (sub-category), you will have access to many custom fields. Hence, gig sellers can easily add price, delivery time, images, tags, videos, attachment and other media files with listings.

Listing Services - Taskerr

Once the listing task is done then you will see a nice gig page that shows every content and detail in proper style. Visitors can come and add comments and reviews ad feedback. Visitors can also add gigs in favourites list especially when they are searching for one gig and likes many. Later on, user can access all favourites gig from profile section and choose any one.

Apart from adding to favourites, People can also contact seller, or buy gig and do much more. The gigs page also shows other services by the same user so visitors can browse more gigs from sidebar. Overall, listing page looks attractive and informative which can boost sales rate and also help user to find right services provider.

Gigs Page - Taskerr AppThemes

Price Options and Monetization : Once you launch your site then Taskerr will option to add price plans for gig sellers. You can either charge fixed price or take fixed commission percentage for all successful gig sale. Pricing plans create many ways to earn passive income by creating multiple pricing plans. Website owners can earn extra income by selling featured projects space for home and category pages.

Pricing and Monetization - Taskerr

More Benefits : AppThemes

We just checked all major features and there still many more features which seems small but plays big role. Please keep reading Taskerr review to check how all the features can simplify content browsing.

User Favourites : This is heart shape button and it is visible on the full gig screen, on bottom side. This button can add any gig into favourite list, for registered user. Then user can enter into dashboard area and access all favourite gigs from within single screen. You can use this feature to choose all best gigs and then view them later to select the best one.

Favourites Option - Taskerr

User Dashboard : User can access this one board to view all gigs, order status, completed task, earning and profile details. It is main center for all users which is also known as workspace. You can access ut to view all listed services, tasks, reviews, contact details, favorites etc.

Other Features : The theme comes with 15 HTML email templates that are used to send email or notification to users. These templates are based on AppThems framework and comes in mobile friendly mode. User will get email notification for every event that happens on the site. So they can also unsubscribe from certain type of emails.

User Dashboard - Taskerr

The support for PayPal Adaptive payment gateway makes easy payment collection window. You can also use other payment options, and currency settings from payment options page. Escrow feature will be available soon in future, which holds payment securely between both parties (seller/buyer). The AppThemes Back-end Options improves overall website administration which takes little time to decide homepage layout, fonts, colors, header, navigation and everything.

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