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Risen is a sophisticated and pure elegant WordPress blogging theme from Mythemeshop. If you have a dream of starting a blog or magazine site in specific niche then we suggest this product. The homepage and single post dynamic layouts provide lots of freedom. It’s ability to work for news, magazine and blogging needs makes it known as best versatile blog template.

Risen Mythemeshop - Magazine Blog WordPress Theme

The modern design structure provides speed, SEO powered layout and lots of performance based features. You can choose content loading style and pagination to boot performance. From single post to footer section, it has everything covered by advanced features. Thanks to shortcodes, built-in widgets and theme options for offering flexibility in customization.

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Risen Review For Homepage Options :

Home Sections : Like all the latest MyThemeShop WordPress themes, you are getting custom section based homepage. The pre-defined home content sections provide 9 layout options to display categories in any style. Site owners can select category, thumbnail style, section title, and everything. Home Featured Area is displayed on the top below header and above the navigation.

Homepage is not just used to display featured categories only. Bloggers can make it to display Recent posts, Newsletter block, Ad Banner section etc. The sidebar is optional for home, single post and archives section. You can choose custom widgets to populate footer and sidebar by selecting custom sidebar.

Risen Home Sections

The demo sample files and custom layouts with simple options page will help you bring your imagination in reality. Bloggers can develop an eye catchy and and clean interface that would spike interest to check more contents in visitor’s mind.

3 Header Layouts : If you fail to develop right navigation structure then people would end-up falling back from website. The homepage can show a few categories and some extra links for quick browsing. Therefore, you need to develop a right navigation to connect user with top level pages and categories.

The header has sliding menu options suitable for all users. It also has simple navigation options that shows all links horizontally. Risen promotes search button, social links and other elements in header easily.

Risen Header Layouts

Fluid Responsive : We have always tested all WordPress themes on mobile devices for responsive test. This journal blogging theme works well on vertical and horizontal screen sizes. Just test the demo on tablet, smart phone, and desktop devices with resized window. It perfectly resize home section grid, single posts, and menu section.

Risen Fluid Responsive

Mythemeshop Blog Journal Theme Features :

The second important part after homepage is single post that is most visited section for all news blogging sites. You have to show engaging feature to make readers stay on site for longer. Below are some features that we found useful to boost page views.

Risen Single Post Sharing Options

Sharing Options : The floating sharing bar always promotes social sharing buttons using icons on right of the post. User can share good posts any-time on Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter. This kind of sharing options can be useful to reach out wide range of audience directly on social platforms. Same way, if you display social profile widget in widget area then it can get many followers.

Related Posts : Risen WordPress theme is prepared to interact with readers. This feature shows the similar featured posts below the article. It has 5 layouts that decide how related posts are highlighted within articles. People becomes interested to browse more articles when you automatically suggest some relevant contents within same post.

Risen Related Posts

Newsletter Signup Form : We really loved this feature for it’s ability to catch visitor’s email. When you show email signup on right places like homepage or single post then it is likely to get many emails. This email list can work as a content marketing tool for future promotion. You can send email newsletter for new blog posts, affiliate offers or marketing deals.

Author Biography : Blog platforms are always successful because of talented writers. If you put author bio section just below the articles then people can get view photo, social links and other detail about content writers. Comments option is available here and it is seen as best feature to provide freedom for open talk between readers and author.

Why Risen WordPress Theme ? :

The first reason for suggesting this theme is versatile platform. It works for people who need modern blog, simple blog, news site, or online magazine. The ability to manage speed, modern performance features and SEO ready layout makes it first choice for all. We have seen many bloggers get tired of hard customization features and restricted design and layout options.

This theme gives you flexibility for every section including header, frontpage and all areas. Let’s check other features so that you can decide it’s important.

Options Panel : Mythemeshop has always worked as a companion especially for non coders. The options provided here are very much easy and flexible. The panel controls provide check box, of/off buttons, and ready choices. You just have to select preference using visual controls to decide header layout, single post, background, font style etc.

Risen Options Panel

Footer Widgets : Just check the footer section that promotes a few best widgets with back to top floating arrow. The sidebar widgets also provide a way to to promote recent posts, banners, and other stuff. Total 14 custom widgets are integrated so that bloggers can optimize widget sections with useful contents and links.

Risen Custom Widgets

Pagination : Bloggers can decide to set an ajax or simple pagination option for website. Modern journal sites mostly prefer to use auto loading option as it boost content browsing. The pagination and content loading performance both can impact browsing experience. Developers have covered both of these options in this blog template.

Risen Pagination

This is perfect WordPress theme for bloggers, review writer and content promoters.

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