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Moves is a dance WordPress theme for dance studios and training schools in similar niche. It is produced by ThemeFuse and given free as a part of The Core for existing members. This dance template comes with demo file which creates the same website copy as shown in demo. If we talk in detail then it can be used any dance studio who is offering training for Hip Hop, Ballet, Salsa, Tango, Pole dancing or Waltz.

Move Demo - Best Dance Theme for The Cre by ThemeFuse

The good part of the theme is one page layout with content ready design. So you can just fill all your details like course list, price, instructors details and contacts in proper way.

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Why Moves – The Core WordPress Theme ?:

If you need a professional online presence then it is advisable to pick niche related templates. You can surely use simple business templates to create dance studio information site. But that would not create sound impact on the visitors coming to your site for the first time. So you need s special WordPress theme to create an effective dance academy website.

Moves theme provides a list of all unique category sections that are required by dance school or studios. So you can easily upload the ready template demo file and edit those dummy texts and images with real one. Forget those days when websites need to have lots of paces to display all business information. Now, you can just have all your key information on single page and still display all your good stuff to the visitors.

Responsive Dance WordPress Theme - Move

ThemeFuse decided to follow single page design to create this dance WP theme. Because, modern users always prefer to browse those sites which saves time. Therefore, programmers though to create such a dance template that would show all stuff in just one page. The homepage is everything for this Core WP theme which shows all stuff from Introduction to Contacts.

Let’ see how dance clubs, studios and personal trainers can use this ThemeFuse dance theme to boost client’s and earnings.

Benefits Of ThemeFuse Dance Theme :

Moves WordPress Theme was created with a goal to follow stylish approach especially for dance studios and training academies. The theme puts high focus to deliver best visual interaction for people visiting the website. That’s the reason why it is offering many customization options. The flexibility is something which helps dance trainers and schools to display their main contents in section layout.

As I just said that, The Core package developers has used one page layout concept to put everything on one pace. Hence, you will be getting a page with multiple sections to display dance class introduction, type of training or classes, schedules, etc. Apart from that, it includes many other sections like instructors section to share photos, and professional details of dance trainers. And finally, there is a price table section where you can list all course list packages, fess, benefits and everything.

Moves Single Page Dance Template

If you follow what is given in demo then you don’t need that much time to start a dance school. The demo was crafted with general requirements in mind and that’s why it has all sections expected from a dance related site. When you list all information on single page then it requires to extra page navigation and save time.

Hence, visitors would get more time to check each section details and then take next action to join your course or contact you from website. The design and customization options are provided already and you need no coding skill to change them. So all you require is to add useful content and media items that would prove you as a best dance academy.

Customization and Other Details :

Unique Features : ThemeFuse Moves is rated as the best WordPress theme for Dance Studios. The reason is the pre-defined template design and layout which puts content in main priority. The light and stylish color skins that is given in demo sample is just excellent. It will show contents in elegant style while still using colourful background and stylish headings.

The theme has bundle of unique short-codes that would have great impact on how visitors see your business at first visit. If you want to prove yourself as a creative dance class then you need to show some samples. And the shortcodes list has option to add Images, Charts, Tabs/Toggles, Buttons, and Lists.

ThemeFuse Shortcode - Moves

Frontpage Sections : This Dance School WordPress Theme combines ready home sections and you can edit them easily. ThemeFuse offers custom page builder to create new homepage or you can just use default one. Each home section is customizable in visual mode so no technical skill is required. Just edit title, background, content and section order as you like.

Moves homepage sections are connected with a floating navigation system that remains on the top area because of floating mode. So visitors can check jump to any home section with menu links or they can scroll manually with mouse wheel. The manual scrolling process is good for firs time visitors who wants to check everything. But, repeated users can directly navigate to required section with auto scrolling menu bar.

I just loved the way it loads content in animated style when user is scrolling from the page sections. You can use custom font style, background image, content loading style and other styling features from “The Core” options page. You will be having features to display image portfolio, videos, training course list, table, a big slider, hero introduction section and more.

Movies Homepage Sections

This is best WordPress dance template that is fully responsive and easily customization. Novice users and dance class owners can use this theme to start site on their own in normal budget. Once you follow instruction guides and tutorials then you don’t need any web master’s help.

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