Modena WPZOOM – Responsive Business WordPress Theme

Modena is a premium business listing WordPress theme for small business types. WPZOOM provides a widget supported homepage and a custom directory listing template that works effectively for content promotion. The theme consist of various templates to list testimonials, shop items, blog posts and more.

This is best business website solution for salons, beauty spa, fitness clubs and other service or product selling niches. You must check the design and typography in demo and see how it shows all information in professional style.

Modena WPZOOM - Best Business Directory WordPress Theme

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Modena WordPress Theme Homepage Review :

Homepage Builder : We have seen many external plugins for page building process but this one is different. WPZOOM framework has developed it’s own homepage layout that works with content widgets. You will see home structure with some pre-defined sections. Hence, you can either use them all or a few of them to display featured pages, posts, call to action, and other elements.

If we check the homepage layout screenshot here then it shows how each home content slot is divided for unique purpose. The first part begins with a full-width slider. The widget section begins from second row having left and right column sidebar. This section shows text and recent posts widget in demo layout.

Modena Homepage Widgets

Modena also has a “Call To Action Block” with custom background ready to display any message or link. Let your visitors see your top pages with wide featured page widget section. It’s idea to promote services, price list, skills, team or other details. This wide 4 columns widget section can cover your need to display top pages.
The next row shows 3 widgets so again you are getting extra space to display more pages for your business.

The last home widget section shares the space to display client’s testimonials. You can invite visitors to check all top pages, featured posts, product detail, and client’s opinion from homepage. This is called a long homepage layout that is used by most of the modern business websites. It gives you a design just like any landing page website while still giving you ability to add extra pages as needed.

WPZOOM Premium Business Theme Features :

Directory Features : If you prefer to use a a listing page for services or product types then you are covered. The “Directory Style” page allows you to manage main and sub pages with nice featured listing style. Once yo assign a page to directory template then it becomes parent page. Then other child pages to this parent page will appear as featured listing in grid layout.

Directory layout is best way to display business skills, product types, services, or whatever you have.

Business Directory Structure Modena

Blog Options : Modena is a Multi-purpose and one of the best small business WordPress theme. But, it also has a blog page to share news, tutorials, or any updates. The blog uses excerpt, sidebar, and unique single post layout. People will come to your site from search engines when you publish blog posts with SEO related search terms.

If you have done keyword for your business then blog can cover all secondary level keywords. Blog is mostly used to create “How To” style articles to provide information or solution. Business marketers can easily put their product or service detail in these articles.

Modena Blog Sidebar

Options Panel : If you have checked ZOOM Framework then it covers all the features in one section. The detailed theme options panel covers all your website setup options. Options panel has vertical tab for SEO, styling, homepage, banners, slider and general settings. Thanks to nice options panel that really doesn’t need coding or special designing skills.

Options Panel Modena

Modena WP Theme – More Detail :

Responsive Layout : Search engines has take this feature as one of the ranking factor to improve user experience. If your business portal is responsive then it is likely to receive many visitors. SEO rank, User Experience and Traffic all are inter-connected terms. This one feature can show frontpage sections, directory page, slider, menu and everything properly on every device.

Responsive Business Theme Modena

Header : WPZOOM has used a clear and full-width header so that businesses can easily promote contacts and links. The top left section shows logo image and right side area promotes contact details. The bottom part covers navigation menu where user can see links for top pages, archives and category sections.

Thanks to custom header layout and bold menu that really promotes lots of links using top and drop-down area.

Header and WooCommerce Shop

WooCommerce : Gyms, Recipes, Salons and many business types use online shop to sell goods. The e-commerce page can sell services, subscriptions, ebooks, cloths, or whatever you have. Only single WordPress theme is enough for business, blog and online shops need. It is optional so you can start WooCommerce store and add page link to menu area.

Widgets List : Footer and sidebar both are on-site widget areas so that visitors can notice everything easily. The footer has 4 widgets and sidebar covers vertical space. Use these widget areas to share latest posts, social links, ad banners, email sign-up and more. This is one of the top mobile optimized WordPress theme for all business.

Widgets WPZOOM

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