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HotelEngine is one of the top hotel booking WordPress theme powered by EngineThemes. Hotel Engine Classy and Comfy are two different versions with same goals. You can use them to develop a hotel business website to share your rooms services, events and online booking facility. If you have been running accommodation business in traditional offline way, then finally this is best product to go online.

HotelEngine Classy Comfy Enginethemes - WordPress Hotel Theme

Having hotel, resort or holiday homes website can generate many bookings compare to traditional business marketing methods. When you start a website with Engine Themes hotel template then you automatically start getting organic visitors. Thanks to search engine optimized and responsive layouts which plays big role to target relevant visitors.

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HotelEngine WordPress Themes Review :

Hero Image / Slider : When you create homepage with big hero image section then it impress your visitors easily. You can welcome hotel website visitors with big hero section on the top of homepage. Or replace this hero block with a full-width slider that shows multiple images and text overlays. The hero or slider section is ideal to display hotel images like best rooms, outer look or some unique photos of your accommodation place.

Gallery : Display photo galleries for best hotel areas like rooms, spa, swimming pool, and other places to impress new visitors. When you promote hotel website with beautiful photo gallery then people are encouraged to make bookings. You can attract bookings without showing beauty of your accommodation place and best pricing and rooms features. Gallery section uses light box slider which easily shows all nice photos that you add for your hotel business.

Hero Image Slider and Testimonials - HotelEngine Classy

Testimonials : This is one of the top important feature that comes in the way before booking part. HotelEngine will show rooms details, photos, price and contacts. But, how can you convince client’s to book your hotel for their holidays or vacation. Well, This is where you Testimonials box comes into play to revel opinions of past clients.

If you insert this section on homepage or other places then website visitors may get a lot of trust about your hotel and services. The testimonial slider appears in wide layout that shows client’s testimonials with quote marks and nice font style. Every testimonial slide will display their words, client’s name, and navigation arrow for sliding. The slider keeps rotating at some interval so user will automatically see opinions of all previous clients right from the homepage.

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EngineThemes Hotel Engine Classy / Comfy Review :

Booking System : HotelEngine is rated as the best hotel booking WordPress theme by many professional review writers. Because, it combines many advanced features that is helpful to run hotel business website. We already those features in above paragraph, and another one is Booking Module. This is must have feature for any small or big hotel to secure advanced booking requests for holidays and vacation seasons.

Admin user will get advanced booking management system with pre-defined fields and options. Site owners can also change fields and details of booking form and also add other elements manually. This way, you will have complete online hotel rooms booking system available within website. The booking form will collect requests and forward it to you for further follow up about booking confirmation.

Hotel Rooms Booking Form and Widget

The built-in booking form offers widget support so you can insert rooms search module on homepage like demo. The search module will find relevant rooms list as per criteria given in search form. Once user browse rooms page then he will see “Make Reservation” link on the top corner in heading area. That means, visitors can straight go to booking form section after watching rooms page.

Navigation and Floating Header : EngineThemes have developed this hotel business template for modern users and new internet devices. The mobile ready menu button is there with burgher style icon which opens slide-in menu with single click. This is useful navigation system for mobiles and all devices. As you start scrolling down on the website, you will see header section following you all the way.

Thanks to fixed header that always follows user when scrolling and offering dedicated access to menu links. Header accepts logo and custom links : e.g. Rooms page, Service Page, Homepage, Contacts, Booking, Blog etc.

Header Navigation Menu - HotelEngine Comfy

HotelEngine Rooms and Theme Options :

Rooms Page : Resort and Hotel business will like rooms listing option that permits them to highlight every important element of the room. If you check out one of the rooms listing page from demo then you will get idea about this excellent feature. The single listing page clearly shows a heading with custom background image, rooms title, details and reservation link on the top area.

The main body section highlights rooms price, maximum occupants detail, and call to action type booking link. The listing page will automatically arrange all the sections like Room Services, Room Specifications, Room Photos etc.

Single Rooms Listing Page - HotelEngine Hotel Booking Theme

Widget Support : Multiple widgets have been made available so that you can extend the customization experience with drag and drop method. The custom widget areas includes Main slider, Single sidebar, Pages sidebar, Footer sidebar and Page bottom sidebar. These widget areas will easily promote Slider, Hotel booking form, Calendar, Rooms categories, Recent posts, Testimonials slider and other important stuff.

Engine Settings : This is default part which is known as theme options panel. HotelEngine has standard options panel with general options to display logo uploader, website title, and breadcrumb background. You can also choose different languages, social links, email templates and more. The rooms, galleries and testimonials listings are managed with custom post types that is available in back-end.

Responsive Hotel Theme - HotelEngine

This is top responsive hotel WordPress theme that is capable to serve all user types and allows online booking from any devices. If you need a hotel website with rooms listing page, contacts, services, blog, and gallery section then here is best Hotel Software for WordPress.

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