Designer MyThemeShop : A Hand-Crafted WordPress Blogging Theme

Designer is a hand-crafted WordPress theme for professional designers and creative people. MyThemeShop has introduced totally new design that fits on any blog that promotes ideas, and tutorials. The way it shows featured sections, widgets, menus and other stuff looks just great. If you really want to start a blog to promote design and art knowledge then you must try it out.

Designer MyThemeShop - Crafted Blog eCommerce WordPress Theme

Bloggers don’t have to put any efforts to design and decorate web pages. The ready options and page layouts provide lots of support to easily control everything. This craft theme is combination of two stuff that provides blog and e-commerce options in single package.

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Designer Theme – Main Features Detail :

Options Panel : The single options panel offers simple controls so that authors can setup desired style for blog. You will have control for homepage, advertisements, blog section, header and every element. The back-end panel has single control center so that bloggers can easily setup colors, fonts, home sections etc.

You can even setup header, single post layout, pagination and everything for website.

Options Panel - Designer MyThemeShop WordPress Theme

Fluid Responsive : The mobile supportive layout creates best browsing environment for all types of devices. If you browse menu bar, single post, and homepage sections from small screen devices then it will resize every element. The fluid responsive layout shows headings, paragraphs, photos and everything according to screen size.

Designer WordPress theme is rated as the top WordPress blogging theme for the year.

Designer - Fluid Responsive

Header Layouts : 3 Pre Defined layouts provide options to promote main navigation bar, logo and social links in one place. Because header has floating layout, you can make it accessible all time from the top of the website. Header adjust logo and menu bar according to layout selected by administrator.

Designer - Header Layouts

Top Benefits Review – MyThemeShop :

4 Blog Layouts : It’s not so hard to switch among unique blog layout with ready options. Blogs can choose left or right sidebar layout so that you can promote widgets with blog section. Blog shows featured posts with nice thumbnails, expert link and title. Hence, readers can check many post entries and choose best one to read.

4 Blog Layouts - Designer Theme

Featured Posts : Designer promotes top stories in featured sections that is visible sitewide. You can promote multiple stories using full-width featured section that is visible on the top, just below the header. Most of the art and design blogs use this feature to display top posts, latest shop items and other important stories.

Featured Posts - Designer MyThemeShop

Slider layout : I just lived the way it promotes contents in with big slideshow. The slider has separate sections to promote images and content information. It promotes title, details, and custom link with text box. The automatic transition and manual navigation tabs are useful for quick browsing.

Slider - MyThemeShop Craft Blog Theme

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Other Facts For Craft Blogging Theme :

Dynamic Design : Creative bloggers can choose any homepage style that is required by selected niche. You can choose magazine, blog or eCommerce style layout for homepage. The pre-defined home sections provide space to display latest posts, shop items, featured categories, banners and other elements.

Single Post : Just selected any blog articles from demo and see how it promotes engaging contents. Visitors going to find related posts, sharing buttons, author section, and many stuff. You can enable date, categories, and other taxonomy details. These contents makes visitors to browse other blog articles, achieve pages and links to share contents on social sites.

Related Posts - Single Blog Post Layout by Designer

Other Details : Last but not least, we will talk about two more features. First is Ad banner options that brings revenue from website. You can promote advertisement banners at selected location with all blog articles. The widget provides a way to promote recent posts, banners, category links and lots of stuff. Footer and sidebar both can promote widgets selected by craft bloggers.

Custom Mythemeshop Widgets

Whether you are a chic blogger, jewellery designer, or photo artist, I suggest this WordPress theme to every one. Just start your blog, online e-commerce store and marketing site with this WordPress theme.

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