Bold Themify – Stylish Blog and Portfolio WordPress Theme

Bold WordPress theme is a multi-purpose website solution for Blog and Portfolio websites. Themify has tried to introduce an excellent stylish layout so that modern content marketers and bloggers can easily spread their articles and marketing stories. The demo shows that it has top advanced features for blogs and portfolio needs, therefore yo need no extra plugins from 3rd party developers.

Bold Themify - Responsive WordPress Blogging Theme

If you really need a visually stylish blog to share quotes, videos, photo gallery, designs or any other journals, this is best solution for all needs.

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Themify Bold Features Review : Homepage Style

Welcome Message : The blog style homepage demo layout shows that it uses full-width design to display each featured post on homepage. Before showing latest post entries from blog and portfolio sections, it will show custom message. Welcome message box is always visible on top homepage region that is good place to show introduction, welcome text, or any other text message with custom links.

The homepage looks excellent when it shows featured post entries with custom background and bold font style. Because of wide homepage layout and big featured display boxes, you can easily show images and videos in large preview style.

Bold - Welcome Message Homepage

Styling Options : The most attractive part of Bold WordPress theme is it’s styling ability. The options panel comes with lots of choices to set background and color style. The theme has predefined styling elements that includes 10 background colors, and 22 background images. Besides that, it shows 9 theme skins with preset color style box, so administrators can begin quickly.

These are just ready options for styling, if you still need customized color or background image then you can choose your own idea too. The ready styling elements save time required to manually pick colors and add background images.


Responsive Layout : We have suggested this WordPress theme to many bloggers and creative artists to increase visitors. The excellent mobile friendly layout provides a way to adjust homepage, portfolio grid or single post at user’s end. Responsive design resize menu into a button while showing images, and videos nicely on any screen size.

Metro – Themify Blog Portfolio Theme

Themify Portfolio Blogging Theme Features :

List / Grid Layouts : The theme comes with modern as well as regular features so that user is never forced to choose latest features. The layout options consist of simple list style and grid style, both in optional mode. You can go with list style to show few posts in single page with large featured preview. Those bloggers who are planning to show many articles in one page can go with grid layout.

The grid style shows 2,3, and 4 columns so you can pick any number of columns for grid style. Thanks to Bold WP theme for offering these many options for styling and layouts.

Bold Theme - List Grid Layouts

Lightbox / photoswipe Gallery : The lightbox is best choice for all websites that shows videos or photos. With built-in light box, you can easily show single or multiple photos in separate box that doesn’t navigate user to other page. Nor you will face any page refresh to view photos because lightbox uses extra box to display photos that is loaded on the different window without leaving current page.

Now coming to photoswipe gallery, this feature shows all your photos using masonry type layout. It uses smart grid to adjust different image sizes in single display board leaving no extra space between grid boxes. With light-box support, it provides high-performance to let visitors check all your photo collection from their desktop or handy devices.

Bold - Lightbox Gallery Slider

Pagination : Themify has been offering support for two paginations with all premium WordPress themes. The one is numbered style that shows numeric buttons to browse contents from previous pages. Another choice is “infinite scroll” that shows contents with great speed. Just open demo and keep scrolling down on homepage to check this feature in live action.

The infinite scroll is Ajax based feature that automatically loads content while not reloading the entire page. As a result, visitors can browse more posts in short time.

Bold - Infinite Scroll Pagination

Other Best Features : Bold WordPress Theme

Post Styling : Whatever single posts you see in demo is setup with custom post styling options. The post editor will show you options box below editor screen where you can set sidebar, media alignment, post color, media type, slider etc. The post styles box provides extra options required to add custom style for your article. That means, bloggers can manage every post style with ready options.

Bold - Post Custom Panel

Themify Custom Panel : Whatever features we discussed here are all controlled from one options panel. Themify uses clean and easy to use visual options panel so that visitors can easily set page layout, grid style, colors, background, typography, pagination, header and everything. No coding work or manual process required to setup a portfolio blogging website.

Bold - Header Options

Custom Header / Footer : Again, the header section has stolen my heart with it’s big spacious size and floating navigation. Because of large space, you can show custom text, social links, search box, menu bar and logo in vertical stack order. The footer serves you with 4 columns to display widgets in all or few columns. When you enable sidebar for posts, it shows widgets selected for sidebar and full-width layout shows no sidebar.

This is how you can develop a perfect media blogging theme for all your topics for travel, technology, art and other fields.

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