Bluchic Lynette Demo : Chic WordPress Blogging Theme

Meet Lynette : Best feminine WordPress theme for women bloggers from Bluchic. Have you been looking for a responsive chic blogging theme that provides flexible homepage ?. Then look no more, just pick this single theme which has been already selected by many female bloggers. Whether you share beauty tips, food recipes, or any content, juts try it out for all blogging needs.

Lynette Bluchic Word{ress Blog Theme - Homepage screenshot

The theme offers a very crisp and elegant layout that includes feminine touch and content focused design. So you just need to write articles to get more page-views on the site. Forget about design and manual coding work, because theme options panel has ready options for everything.

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Why Lynette WordPress Theme Is Cool ?

Forget old era when people used to choose simple blog templates for blogging needs. Things have chanced a lot in recent moths, so you have to make sure that your WordPress blog template has everything. When you pick Lynette then you already get responsive layout, Search Engine Optimized coding and other benefits. So bloggers are likely to get lots of SEO benefits and huge traffic from tablet, mobile and other sources.

Lynette - Customizer Options

This feminine WordPress blogging theme is optimized to give you all benefit of monetization. So bloggers and marketers can easily make profit by sharing useful contents on the website. The theme detail page says that it has multiple banners spots that covers header, single post and widget areas. So when you have special offers or want to display ad-sense ads then it won’t take much time.

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Sidebar Widget Area - Disply Ads and Social links

You just have to insert Ad or Banner code into advertisement panel and specify location for Ad. Let me tell you that Bluchic allows you to display Ads above header, and Below post. Alternatively, you can also use this space to display newsletter signup banner image. On the other hand, stylish women bloggers will get hand on features to optimize colors, layouts and typography styles.

Footer Widgets - Lynette Theme

Lynette Bluchic : Top Features

Two Menu Locations : The top header area is made of flexible layout so you can use header PSD to edit this section. Hence, it will become easier to create best header by using custom background style, logo and tag-line. You can also use your own header image but the size should be exactly as specified in documentation. Now coming to the navigation par, Lynette theme has two menus which is located on the top and bottom of header.

Lynette Header and Menus

The top menu is Primary and Bottom is Secondary, so you can use them to displays set of best pages and categories. Many bloggers would use it to display all main blog categories on bottom menu as it is visible easily. And top menu is used to share page links like contact, about, services etc. When you use multiple menu and add all key page links in proper way then you can get good results.

Hence, visitors can easily navigate to different blog category pages and access everything easily. Setting up navigation part in proper way can help readers easily reach over their favourite contents in minimum time. Which can improve browsing experience and save lots of time.

Featured Slider : Let your readers notice best posts, images and offers easily. And for that, you can use homepage slideshow to get full benefit of modern blog design. The home slider gives you settings panel where you can add pause time, transition time for slideshow management. In addition, you can also make it slide automatically and insert navigation buttons for manual transition.

Featured Slideshow - Lynette

The home slider gives uses 640×405 px size featured images. So you can add caption/title and Link back (source UIRL) for each slide if required.

Homepage Features : Feminine WordPress Blog Theme

Category Widget : The featured posts that you see on homepage demo are displayed using “Ace Category Extract widget”. This custom Bluchic widget is specifically crafted for this theme so that bloggers can highlight latest posts from best categories. If you set Blog template as homepage then you can display latest posts on homepage like other traditional blogs.

Lynette Featured Category - Blog Widget - Ace Category Extract widget

But if you create static homepage like Lynette demo, then you can display latest post updates from selected categories. The widget allows you to insert custom title and select category. You can link each category title to the category page so that visitors can directly browse category page. Thanks to developers for offering this widget which helps bloggers create a dynamic homepage.

Featured Widget : This is another custom widget that is provided with a goal to display specific page. This section allows you to add 3 blocks and you can choose Top or Bottom position for homepage. It is helpful when you want to add featured pages on homepage area : e.g. Services, Blog, About us etc. It provides options to add custom URL (for source page), Featured image and Title.

The footer has 3 widget blocks which is good place to share social links, contacts and other stuff using Ace custom widgets. Apart from that, you can also display Instagram updates on footer area. The sidebar is best place to share banners, blog categories and other useful stuff using widget.

Footer Widgets - Lynette Theme

Lynette WordPress theme offers you flexibility for Ad integration, Homepage layout, and Customization. That’s why we recommend this feminine WordPress blog template to all creative women bloggers who wants to take benefit of modern blog features.

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