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Ad-Sense is a stylish revenue generating WordPress blogging theme from Mythemeshop. We have reviewed many Ad-sense template but non of them have ad-block detector. Only this WordPress theme has built-in functionality to detect ad-blocker on user’s side. The theme has only two goals first is to unblock ads from user’s browser. And second goal is to earn maximum revenue by showing advertisement banners on different ares.

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Why Ad-Sense Mythemeshop WordPress Theme ?

The built-in ad spots can easily boost your Ad CTR by showing ads on right places. If you purchase regular blog templates then you may have to use extra plugins for ad management. But it’s not required with this Mythemeshop blogging theme. It has given custom options panel on back-end side. So you will find various tabs to manage Advertisements, Website performance, Homepage layout, Styling, Background, Single Post and other stuff.

The Ad-Management page gives you ready options to enable ads for particular sections. So you just have to tick buttons to display banners above post, below post. Not only that, you can also display promotional banners on header, sidebar and footer areas.


The theme can help you write best reviews with Mythemeshop review plugin. So affiliate marketers and adsense bloggers can take maximum benefit of Ad-Sense theme. It has options to display “Related Posts”, Custom menus, Social sharing buttons, banner widgets, category widget, custom page layouts and more. The theme is released with plenty of features so content marketers can manage their website easily.


Ad-Sense – Mythemeshop : Unique Features

Single Post Ads : If we check-out any post from Ad-Sense demo then it reveals many features. The bottom of the article shows Previous and Next articles and top area shows breadcrumb links. It addition, it shows “Related Posts” in featured style so visitors are asked to browse more contents. Other features include author box, comments option, social sharing options etc.


Now let’s talk about advertisements, then single post gives you 2 sections. So you can choose to highlight banner right below post title or below post content. And when you blend adsense ads with contents, then it can surely earn you lots of revenue. When you activate this feature from ad-panel, it automatically displays banner with articles in defined position.

Multiple Ad Spots : Mythemeshop Ad-Sense WordPress theme helps you to use Header Ad and Navigation Ad options. So these are other best places to earn genuine clicks from visitors. The Ad panel gives you special “Ad Code” box to provide banner code for each section. You use or disable any advertisement section as you like


Other Important Features : Ad-Sense Theme Mythemeshop

Ad Blocker Support : I just gave you rough idea about this feature in the beginning of this article. Now let’s go in more deeper to check-out how exactly it works. The Ad blocker is helpful to unblock ads on user’s side. But this feature is optional so you can disable it if you don’t want to show your ads forcefully.

Mythemeshop has offered 4 options to display Ad Blocker Notice on visitors screen. So you can choose Ad blocker to hide content or show Popup or display floating notice. For advanced users it provides shortcode feature which is ideal when you just want to secure particular pages with ad-blocker.


More Benefits : The Ad-Sense theme is packed with 7 pre-defined layouts so you can try it for different blog niches. E.g. Fashion, Sports, Recipes, Fitness, Kids blog, Online shop (WooCommerce), Shop etc.

The list is not over yet, Mythemeshop developers has also provided five homepage layouts where you an choose multiple post view style. For e.g. single columns list view style, 2 columns, 3 columns, sidebar and more.

We all know that modern internet users would love to browse sites with advanced platform. That’s why Mythemeshop Ad-Sense theme gives you mobile ready platform that fits to all size. Apart from that, it has parallax background option, auto ajax pagination options (on scroll or on click content loading), Ajax search option, and more.


If we talk about readability then options panel allows you to select best font style, color skin, background style and more. MegaMenu options is also available for those individuals who wants to display plenty of links on navigation bar.

If you really want to boost your ad-income and SEO ranking then here is the right time to pick best theme for your website. Please keep reading Ad-Sense review to get more details about other features.

Other Features : Mythemeshop

  • Shift sidebar on right or left
  • Insert custom CSS through CSS box
  • Header elements control
  • Add upto 4 footer widgets
  • Attractive thumbnail hover effect
  • Author box below post : Photo, Details, Social links
  • Social share icons : Attractive
  • 10 best widgets : Boost page-views
  • Schema support : Enhance rich snippets
  • Off canvas mobile friendly menu
  • Responsive google ads support

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