Sideways Organic Themes : Split Scrolling Blog WordPress Theme

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Introducing Sideways : A new content focused blogging theme by Organic Themes. This is the first WordPress theme by this developer which provides no widget support at all. Because, developers just wanted to create such a site where nothing should should distract reader’s attention. If you check-out demo then you will see that it uses split screen layout which show left half portion for featured images and right half for contents.

Sideways Organic Themes - WordPress Blog theme with Split Screen Layout

Let’s brows deeper in this new blog theme concept to see how it can prove fruitful for your blogging needs. Many bloggers feel tired an boring after using same traditional layout which is no longer effective to impress readers. In this case, you can try out Sideways WordPress theme to change the look and feel of your blog platform.

Novice bloggers can also choose this blog template as for their first blog journey as it doesn’t need coding skill and offers a great flexibility. The SEO friendly design, responsive platform and customizer support are some best features from it’s core area.

Adventure Review : Organic Themes

What’s New About This Sideways ?

As I just said that Organic Themes has figure-out that widgets are not that much useful when it comes to promote contents in effective manners. Though you definitely need them to display social links. That’s why, developers added a split screen concept where left portion shows a big full-width image as background with text overlay.

Sideways Right Portion - Split screen content area

If you check any single post then you will see unique background style with post title as overlay. Along with that, you will see social sharing buttons with circular icons style. So readers can always access Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter and other links. The left portion is in floating mode so it never movies when user scrolls on the page.

Because it is designated to provide you access to title, featured image and navigation system. The menu is not visible in default mode as Sideways Theme wants to give you all space for contents only. It has “Hamburger” style button on top left which enable/disable navigation bar on the screen. Just click this menu button to see how it pushes your contents on the right side to show you a dedicated menu bar.

Sideways Navigation Menu on left

It let’s you add drop-down links and plenty of menu links so that visitors can browse all blog categories. A scrolling function is added to menu bar when you add more links than screen limit. So your readers are always going to enjoy browsing contents easily from their favourite topics. Just resize browse window size to see how it responds to different screen types.

If you check demo on mobile or tablet then it will show you power of responsiveness. The theme can adjust split screen layout, menu button, featured images and everything to fit nicely on user’s screen. So modern internet user’s should have no trouble browsing your blog platform.

Sideways Left Portion - Navigation button and Social links

Blog Features : Organic Themes

Post Formats : Ready blog post formats ease up sharing media elements in proper style. So you are given choices to select right post type from list : Video, Quote, Gallery and others. Once you insert contents, and media items then it shows them all in best style. So content marketers, and media bloggers can rip benefit of built-in blog post options.

Below Post Features : Once user finish reading article then you should display contents to keep them longer on your site. That’s why Sideways WordPress theme provides custom single post options list. It let’s you add Author introduction box, Threaded comments form and in-post navigation. This post navigation block shows Next and Previous post entries.

Single Post Features - Sideways Theme Organic Themes

So user can instantly go to other articles or they can use floating menu button to switch to any category. We also found some mouse hover effects while browsing featured posts on homepage. The way it scrolls smoothly leaves long lasting impress into visitor’s mind.

Organic Themes has crafted this theme in such a way that all featured post entries are shown in visually appealing way. Traditional blogs only shows featured image and contents in excerpt box. But this theme uses big featured thumbnails with large heading font. Excerpt texts and title are shown above featured image to save space taken to display image and text on separate blocks.

Blog Post Formats - Sideways Blogging Theme

Conclusion Part :

The numbered pagination buttons let’s user to jump onto previous pages and browse previous posts. That’s all about Sideways and it’s unique features package. If you are really focused to spread contents through unique blog platform then it’s here. This is a responsive journal theme for people who don’t want to show large banner or big widget blocks.

It is simply content first WordPress blog theme with split scrolling layout. The customization options gives you freedom to share logo, tag-line, select colors, background style in visual mode. The theme also has built-in portfolio, gravity styling support, WooCommerce support and many other benefits.

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