WPLOOK : Gym & Fitness WordPress Theme for Yoga Classes

Fitness & Gym is a WordPress theme released for yoga classes and fitness training centers wanting to expand their business. WPLOOK has developed this gym template with best features that would show all your main services, price list, team members, testimonials and other stuff. If you are a gym trainer and doesn’t know anything about coding, you can still start your own business website with just a few clicks.

Fitness & Gym WordPress Theme - WPLOOK

We have tested this theme for speed, content display style and customization needs. It proved best for all corners so that site administrators can easily control everything with flexible options. Visitors can quickly browse training sessions, photo gallery, blog posts and other stuff.

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Fitness & Gym Features Details : WPLOOK

Before we start discussion on main features, I would like to draw your attention onto important feature. This theme has 4 Custom Post Types which covers requirements to list out courses, coaches, price list and more. You will get custom listing options, and page layouts to showcase different contents for your gym. So, It won’t need a plugin or extra tools to display fitness related content on the intensity.

Classes Page : This page shows custom header title and background image showing all classes post entries with nice featured grid. Once you add courses then you can see them with 2 columns page layout that shows each featured post entry with unique hover style. The pages can combine sidebar to display latest classes, course sign-up form or anything.

Fitness & Gym Classes

If you open single course page then you will see featured image covering all with on top area. Mostly, courses display workout or program related photos to impress visitors. The course title can display time duration, level of course and other key details. You can also highlight class schedule using special table format that shows multiple rows to display weekdays with course timings.

The goal of classes template is to display all your courses or program types so that user can get details about contents, benefits, schedule and pricing. Fitness & Gym uses best presentation style so visitors can clearly see every detail.

Membership : The plans and pricing page will display all your membership programs. You can simply enter course name, price, validity and benefits from listing page and then it will show them in rocking style. Membership listing page shows featured images with title, price and total duration. User can hover mouse and see list of all benefits covered by the program. An attractive “SIGN UP” link is placed on the featured thumbnail to encourage user to join program.

Fitness Gym WPLOOK - Membership Page

Other Features : WPLOOK Gym Fitness Theme

Trainers Page : Trainers are listed under single page so that visitors can know about your gym or yoga instructors. The thumbnail and featured image is displayed in default mode, but you can see more detail by hovering mouse. Just place the mouse on any featured entry and it will display skills (speciality), social links and More button to browse full page.

When you open single post for any trainer, it will display featured title, with name, charges and main skills. The right side of the screen will display image slider, trainer’s schedule, and request form to contact trainer to get free trial. When you display courses and trainers properly, then your gym website is likely to attract more clients.

Fitness & Gym Theme - Trainers Page

Header and Slider : If you check homepage then Fitness & Gym will show you a clear header bar with colorful border line. You can develop a unique branding logo for your business and use it as an identity symbol. Header shows logo and all top links with navigation bar so that visitors can check pages, blog, and other sections.

The first thing we notice on homepage is slideshow that shows navigation arrows and rotates automatically. You can display all top courses, offers, and special news on slideshow.

Fitness & Gym - Header Slider

Frontpage : When you start a diet consultant site, online yoga studio or fitness portal, you have to create impressive homepage. What I mean by impressive is that user should be able to see every important piece of details righ from the homepage. WPLOOK Fitness theme provides parallax home sections and flexible structure to display featured posts from all pages.

Therefore, visitor should easily find top courses, trainer’s page link, and contacts from homepage.

Fitness and Gym Theme : More Details

Online Store : Create online shop and start selling fitness related goods to make extra income. You need this one theme and WooCommerce to start online fitness store with business site. Most of the fitness sites would prefer to sell diet recipes, workout cloths, workout equipments, and eBooks.

Blog Page : Whether you need a fitness blog or a blog section for gym website, you can full-fill both purpose with this WordPress theme. The blog uses nice featured layout to show all blog stories published by authors. You can publish regular articles to share tutorials, health and yoga tips from blog section to attract more visitors.

Those visitors can then be turned to clients by showing ad banners, course list and other call to action elements in blog sidebar or within blog articles.

Fitness & Gym - Blog Post

Final Words : WPLOOK provides Gutenberg Editor support so you can use them to add content sections on homepage. It simplifies task of adding featured sections with nice images, and other details. Theme options panel has options to manage frontpage, page sections, slider, classes, header and everything. That means, it won’t require any programmer to manage your website.

This is best WordPress theme for people who are running or starting business in fitness niche.

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