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Introducing Thrive Architect : Top most page builder plugin for WordPress from Thrive Themes. Use this plugin to turn your imagination into reality with drag and drop page builder contents provided with the package. The Visual Editor makes WordPress even more powerful to create custom pages, posts and websites that would show content in unique style. This WordPress theme gives you rows, columns, full-width sections and other stuff to create foundation for page sections.

Thrive Architect - Homepage Demo Preview

Then you can add images, videos, buttons, call to action text, slider, social sharing links, sign-up form and other stuff with page sections. Whether you need a landing page websites, portfolio gallery site, agency site, corporate portal, or online marketing place, this is one solution to create any website you want.

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Thrive Architect Review : Thrive Themes

Pre-Defined Landing Page Templates :
The builder options can surely speed up the page customization and development task, but why should you start page building process from the scratch while you are getting ready support. The collection of 267 landing page templates covers all the layouts that would be useful to create website for any niche. Having a look at landing page templates collection will show you live preview from product page.

Thrive Architect - Landing Page Templates

We didn’t see all templates preview but we definitely had a quick look at some templates that seemed suitable for portfolio, personal, marketing, video portal and other needs. When you choose one suitable template from collection then it will save your time. You can replace demo with real contents and also edit style for content sections by replacing font, colors, background, contents, headings, animation style, box width etc.

Drag & Drop Editing : Thrive Architect is very different than any other WordPress page builder plugins. While customizing pages with visual editor screen, you can speed up editing task at the speed of though. Drag and drop editing process takes nothing much than a passion to build unique homepage. Even a non technical personal can also edit, and customize page contents without coding skill which is main reason why novice people also go for Thrive Themes Page Builder plugin.

Thrive Architect - Drag and Drop Editing

When yo load page editor on the screen, then you can view options panel on the left of the page. You have to click on content and it will instantly load relevant customization options into settings panel. This is called “click-to-edit” process where user can simply click on content and start editing process. No need to waste time on finding options as editor screen loads contents when yo choose content and click on “edit”.

Why Thrive Architect Is Different And Popular ?

Conversion Elements : With Pre-Built elements packed into builder plugin, Thrive Themes give you an opportunity to create homepage or articles that would brings lots of leads. You need content focused pages to promote new product, service or sell skills from the website. And that is only possible when you use visually impressive stuff like buttons, animated style, nice videos, images and other stuff.

Thrive Architect - Visual Page Builder Options

Thrive Visual Editor tackles the need to setup plenty of plugins as it already has conversion focused elements provided with Thrive Architect. The list includes testimonials, custom buttons, countdown timers and lead generation sign-up forms which would speed up email marketing process. You can’t trust all 3rd party plugins for reliability, speed, SEO and website security.

That’s why, many internet marketers and business entrepreneurs are turning to use Thrive Themes products to build their websites.

Create Beautiful Posts/Pages : If you want to see results for product or affiliate marketing promotion then you need to create engaging sales pages. This page editor plugin comes with everything that you need to create stunning sales pages. Every online marketing business need a big mailing list. That’s why, Thrive Architect provides plenty of landing pages in ready layouts package.

Thrive Architect - FullWidth Layouts

These landing pages can increase readers by sending offers, or product updates. Many startup prefer to start with simple landing page to promote their business concept, that’s what you can create with Thrive themes builder. Authors and content marketers need nicely formatted blog posts to increase their traffic and social media shares. You can’t survive in blogging world by just sharing plain text of all and a few images.

Smart content marketers use formatted content, stylist lists, images, videos, highlight boxes, quotes, gallery, and click-to-tweet elements to create highly engaging pages and posts. Thrive visual editor provides all elements within toolbox.

Other Features : Thrive WordPress Visual Editor

What We Liked The Most : It’s really hard to say what we don’t like, because everything that we saw with page builder won our heart with it’s powerful output. The ultra flexible columns layout can be easily resized to fit to your content need. You can resize columns width mouse click by dragging border line. This way, every section layout will look dynamic especially when you want to display big images or wide paragraphs.

With eye catchy text and image combinations, you can easily spread your message about product or company. Just create sections using custom background images by adding text overlays and add them into pages. You will see easy options to apply colored overlays or gradient overlays for your images. As a result, you can choose brand colors with images and make your text pop on the screen.

Thrive Architect Responsive View

Thrive Architect provides full control over typography by offering 700 custom fonts and typeface options. Hence, you can easily create attractive story board for magazine website. There are options which can add best hover effects for featured content blocks displayed on home or other pages.

No HTML or CSs coding skill is required to add full-width layouts and stylish buttons. You will get ready options to optimize sections, backgrounds, fonts, and column structure. the mobile responsiveness can be used for entire site or you can choose certain sections to stay away while viewed from tablet or mobile devices.

This is how you can developed conversation focused WordPress website for business, and promotion. Just look at the product page to view other features and see what it reveals. We recommend every internet marketer, new startups and corporate companies to choose Thrive Architect.

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