Starter PRO Themeum – Responsive OnePage WordPress Theme

Starter is a OnePage business WordPress theme having single page layout. Themeum offers custom blocks to display all key information on homepage. This theme is ideal for business marketers and agencies who need a small information website. Having multiple pages for business website can take extra time to browse pages one by one. That is only idea for large corporate companies and still it depends on personal choice.

Starter OnePage Theme - Themeum Demo

This business theme design concept saves all time required to browse many pages. Visitors can check everything from introduction to contacts directly at one page. We will check how you can take benefit of one page business template to generate leads.

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Why Starter WordPress Theme For Business ? :

The single page layout provides many sections to display vital information at one place. You can welcome visitors with a warm introduction or a feature slider. Business owners can control everything for each section and arrange them in specific order as required. Let’s check out some of the best sections found in demo.

Please remember that you can have many choices when it comes to display featured sections on homepage. I can assure you that it is going to provide custom space to display every key information.

Services : Homepage demo highlights many sections and one of them promotes services. This section is dedicated to highlight all services with details. You can add introduction, title, and benefits for each service listed on the board. Multiple columns and icons can be used to display multiple elements. This feature can promote features or services.

Services - Starter

Projects : Starter Pro WordPress theme has custom space to display projects. The portfolio gallery section highlights all projects or products using images. Custom grid section is developed with multiple columns so that visitors can check them all. Image slider is available to easily browse product photo gallery.

Projects - Starter Theme

Team : Most of the businesses prefer to display their main team members on the site. This section promotes all heroes who are working to achieve business goal. This section promotes each member by showing featured image, name and role in the company. The carousel slider section is available to display many staff members within one section.

Team Carousel - Starter

Themeum Single Page Business Theme – Benefits :

Below are some more features found for homepage and unique navigation to browse home sections. Let’s get more details on how you can use One Page WordPress theme to build a professional business site. It works for agencies, personal marketing, local businesses and all business types.

Pricing : The price table can display all product prices, membership plans, benefits and conditions. The table layout easily convey all information using minimum words. This is helpful to sell memberships, and subscriptions. It offers options to give custom title for each membership plan, details, and a link at bottom to promote sign-up page.

Pricing Page - Starter

Contact : I really appreciate Starter theme developers for providing custom contact section. You can insert contact form, address and google map in this block. Business agencies can display all types of contacts to connect visitors to the business. The map preview looks perfect in background while showing address, phone, custom links and other details.

Contact Page - Starter

Page Navigation : This is most powerful feature that connects user to home sections. The header navigation shows link to each home section so that user can click and reach there with auto scroll. Manual page scrolling is expected from new users as they might want to check entire page. But, auto section navigation becomes useful to jump over to particular homepage block.

This menu bar is a part of header section which is set in floating mode. Hence, user is always in touch of top navigation while scrolling on homepage.

Floating Navigation - Starter

Starter More Features – One Page Theme :

Blog : This is the only separate page to display news and publications. The blog offers online space to share knowledge, tutorials and other elements. The homepage shows latest featured posts so user can easily notice them. The blog work as a separate page as it has to display many stories with pagination.

Blog - Themeum Single Page Theme

Footer : This is bottom part of the website that shows custom widgets. It can display social links, newsletter box, logo and lots of stuff. The header section can also display same logo to promote business with a brand icon. Footer section is optional so you can keep it off or turn on with selected widgets.

Footer Widgets - BusinessWordPress Theme

Theme Options : This is main control panel to manage style, layouts and navigation system. The options panel shows live preview so administrator can see all the changes live. The integration of simple options panel controls logo, menu, home sections, background and other elements. If you need a conversation focused website with advanced features then go for it.

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