Specialty CSSIgniter REVIEW : Best WordPress Job Board Theme

Specialty by CSSIgniter is a premium job board portal WordPress theme packed with user friendly features. The theme wants any type of user to try it to create online job board listing site and that too without coding skill. So all people who have been planning to start their resume or job listing portal can make their dream come true. The good thing about this theme is that it is sold in reasonable price package so any one can purchase it.

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Specialty by CSSIgniter - Best Job Board WordPress theme

If you check out other WordPress themes store then they charge almost double price than Specialty. So here, you are going to save money spend to start your own job posting website and that too without missing any advanced feature.

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Why CSSIgniter Job Board WordPress Theme ?

Many people think that starting a big job posting website takes lots of time, money and coding skill. So people mostly end-up leaving their dream buried or they spend lots of money to create website by programmers. But forget all those traditional methods as CSSIgniter has done everything to simplify the entire process. It gives you custom features support that to enable employers to list projects or job vacancies.

Specialty Footer Widgets

Hence, you just have to install theme and WP Job Manager plugin which is main back-bone of entire job board platform. Once you have installed this plugin then you will find all options that is required to add and manage jobs. Apart from that, you can also add an advanced search panel within website so that visitors can find right job by providing preference.

Specialty - Responsive Job Board Resume Theme

Specialty WordPress theme is one solution for all job classifieds, job agencies and employers who wants to post jobs using online platform. It will not only help employer to find right candidate but also help employee to find right job as per their skill. So this is two way exchange portal where job provider and job seeker can both meet at one place.

Specialty CSSIgniter : Key Features

Post Jobs Easily : We have been talking on everything from setup to job posting process. Now we will take close look on how things actually work, so you can be more clear about your theme selection for job board site. Once you have confiured all necessary plugins as explained in documentation then you will find “Job Listings” options menu on dashboard panel. Here, you can click on “Add New” button to start listing new job with ready job listing form.

The job board plugin offers you custom fields so you can start adding details like title, category, description, job type, business logo and more. There are many other fields that you can see in the job listing screenshot here. Let’s talk about other useful fields which makes job listing and management easier. The Position Filled allows you to specify if job position is still available or filled. If you mark it as filled then it will disable job listing for particular job.

Job Listing Module Form - Specialty Job Board Theme

If you tick “Featured Listing box” then it will make job listing sticky and visible during searches. You can also apply custom style to make sticky post stand out from regular job listings. Finally adding Expiry date helps you to set job listing automatically expire after it reach specified expiry date. After that, it will stop accepting online application for the said job.

You can also set content to become invisible, once it cross expiration date. In-short, it takes little time to add jobs using ready form. New user just have to sign-up in order to start adding jobs using front-end submission panel. The job board owner can earn good revenue by selling Featured Listings space, Ad Banner Space or they can sell membership plans to employer.

In-terms of content management and monetization, Specialty is best job board WordPress theme that covers every small need.

Top Job Board Features : CSSIgniter

Quick Search Module : While utilizing all the advanced features of WP Job Manager plugin, Specialty theme also maintains search task. Throughout the homepage top area, you can add a job search module so that visitors can easily find job. The search module also allows you to use filter options so that job seekers can filter jobs by “Job Type” or “Job Compensation”.

The filter options are displayed on the sidebar so it takes little time to find exact job as you like. Thanks to job search module which allows user to add keywords and choose location, category etc.

Job Search Options and Filter - Specialty CSSIgniter

Homepage Layout :The homepage has 3 layouts so you can go for full-width, left sidebar or right sidebar style. The footer and sidebar both are useful places to display recent jobs, social links, contacts, or you can add calls to action button to Post New Job. By default, homepage shows all latest posts in clean style with main information like Job title, Job Type, Company Name, Location, Posting duration details.

Specialty CSSIgniter - Job Board WordPress Theme

The front-page has limitation to display few jobs at a time, that’s why it offers “Load More Jobs” button. This is an ajax button which loads jobs from previous page with single click while not reloading the entire page. So this is advanced feature which speed up the process of browsing job listing. You can also add email subscribe widget on homepage so visitors can get job vacancy updates through email.

Ajax button - Specialty Homepage

More Benefits :

Single Job Post : Finally it’s time to see single job listings preview on Specialty demo. The job post shows all details in stylish and clean way which has been filled in listing form. It shows job title in big size along with location, company name, job type on header. Then it shows video, image, text or whatever detail is provided by employer.

The bottom and Top right (sidebar) shows “Apply For This Job” button for quick job application submission. The very bottom region of each listing has social share buttons so viewers can share jobs on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and other sites.

Job Listing Preview - Specialty Theme

This way, other people can also come in contact with your listings and job board platform. The sidebar also shows company details box and Recent jobs listings. Thanks to CSSIgniter for providing special widgets which can improve job views.

Other Details : This job board script is powered by WordPress customizer where you can find ready option list. The customizer has Layout options, color panel, Post options, Social networks, Menus, Job Listing Options, Widgets, Footer options and more. While providing all job board related features, it also gives you blog template, landing template and basic options.

Specialty Options - Customizer

Whether you are searching for Resume or job Board theme, this one theme is sufficient for all needs. The theme is released for people who wanted to start job board site with to earn revenue from listings. With it’s professional and mobile friendly responsive design you can surely get more employers and job seekers from search engines.

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