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Speakersumo is a responsive WordPress event theme from Showthemes. This theme is widely used to create event sites for corporate programs, business conferences, musical shows and all needs. If you are going to organize a business program or special show the you must try out this one. We loved the customization flexibility and built-in features that comes in easy to use mode. So novice users are also going to manage their event website when if they don’t have coding skill.

Speakersumo Showthemes - Premium Event Conference WordPress Theme

Now, event organizer companies and business people don’t need to depend on programmers. They can easily create and control everything on their own using visual options panel. The theme helps you to add event, conference details, schedules, speakers list and all stuff with ready modules. Let’s check all main features to see why it can be best event template for all modern event promotional needs.

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Speakersumo : Homepage Features and Design Overview

We ask you to check live demo to understand this part. After viewing homepage and navigation you will relative that it has lots of power. Speakersumo WordPress theme has been provided with a floating menu that always scrolls along with the website. So user can always see menu links, logo and everything from all places. The header menus consist of a transparent background style with light color background. So it never hinders the visibility of what is located on the backside.

Speakersumo Design

Showthemes offers primary navigation bar with options to choose custom links. So you will be the one who can decide what links will go on menu bar. Apart from basic page links, you can also display calls to action link which leads user to contact form on homepage. If you click “Hire Me” button on demo from menu bar then you will be scrolled to the contact section instantly.

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This button link can be renamed to anything like contact us, or other text to ask visitors to contact you for business. Thanks to Showthemes experts for developing best layout that offers bold homepage design for all sections and header area. Whatever home sections visible in demo are crafted and inserted from page composer section. So you can follow your own way to insert different content sections in best order.

Home Sections Overview : Speakersumo Event Theme

Flexible Header : The top front-page includes a nice header section that looks like hero section. This is best homepage area to convey your message to the visitors. The header let’s you use any video or photo so that you can introduce your company or promote upcoming event highlight.

Speakersumo Floatitng Navigation and Header

The header background permits you to use any custom image or video as I just said, so this is best way to hack into client’s mind. Along with media rich header, you can use custom calls to action like intro words, buttons, headings etc. So visitors would always get some details about good stuff or whatever is important for them.

Header Background - Speakersumo

Events Schedule Calendar : When you develop an event promotional site then you have to list single or multiple events. And this WordPress theme is well prepare to promote all your current and upcoming events. Once you have done with events listing then you can make them easily visible by showing events calendar as home section. Hence, visitors can browse events month wise (tabs) or week wise.

User will see little title and date on calendar view so he can click there and visit full page. The full listing page will show everything integrated with events listing module. So clients can get location detail, schedule, access ticket links and check everything listed by event organizer.

Event Calendar - Speakersumo Showthemes

Ticket Support : The theme doesn’t bring it’s own ticket module as this is totally different part. So they have kept Speakersumo WordPress theme open to support all external event services and WP plugins. That’s why, you can choose any ticket management services that you trust and insert given code on the website. Though, yo can use WooCommerce plugin with PayPal to sell tickets or books or any stuff which is your choice.

Other Details : Showthemes Event WordPress Theme

Events Map : Now it’s easier to display all your future events using location map. So visitors can easily check about your availability in their home town. The maps section shows all your events list on left side and google map on right side. Once you click on any event from the list then it will navigate you on map to the relevant location. This is another best way to interact with client’s in nice way.

You should know that Speakersumo and all other event templates by Showthemes comes in responsive design. So user can check maps, slider, videos, book tickets, and browse navigation from handy devices. The theme maintains good speed and flexibility that is required to get SEO results and more visitors. So nothing much is required from your side except adding contents.

Highlight Events on Map - Speakersumo Event Template

More Details : Besides above mentioned home sections, you can manage to display social media links, calls to action and more. It let’s you highlight speakers list, program benefits, ticket links, testimonials, current/past events etc. The bottom area shows 2 best sections : first is media board with tabs to access photos and videos. And last one is contact form which creates bridge between event organizers and clients.

Home Sections - Speakersumo

Apart from homepage, you can also use blog and books listing page which comes as a package. So visitors can check news from blog section and you can also add latest posts section on homepage area. This is best ever event and conference WordPress theme that works for all modern events marketing need.

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