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MySocial Pro is a best free and premium WordPress blogging theme by HappyThemes. It comes with two versions but premium version have many advanced features compare to free one. With mobile-friendly layout, you can start magazine or blog websites that works on every devices and modern browser programs. If you want to start blog platform with Adsense integration then I suggest this one.

MySocial WordPress Blog Theme Demo - HappyThemes

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Why MySocial Pro WordPress Theme Is Best ?

Homepage Overview : From the default homepage demo preview, it is clear that HappyThemes have developed this blog template with professional bloggers in main goal. The way it shows latest posts in homepage makes perfect content listing with simple list view style. The spacing between lines and content columns improves readability for small and big screen sizes.

With bold heading font style and excerpt with thumbnail improves overall presentation for all featured post entries displayed on homepage. The right bottom side location of the screen shows “Back To Top” link. This button takes user to the top area with only single click. Large websites requires this button especially for long archive pages.

Homepage Layout - MySocial Blog Theme

Footer/Sidebar Widgets : MySocial WP theme has been developed to show-off maximum contents in every corner. The top area is covered by header, and middle section by main body contents. So what’s left is right/left and bottom area which are known as sidebar and footer. These are the main areas which turns free surrounding space into content navigation section.

HappyThemes Revenue : Responsive Blog Theme

The Pro (Premium) version has many custom widgets to display Social links, Most Viewed Posts, Recent Posts, Popular Posts, Newsletter Subscribe Widget and more. This is how bloggers will be able to use widget sections to display categories, navigation menu links, banners and other stuff.

Footer Sidebar Custom Widgets - MySocial HappyThemes

Numbered pagination bar is used on home and archive pages so user can check other posts from previous pages.

Features Of HappyThemes Blog Magazine Theme

Advertisement Options : HappyThemes blog, news and magazine WordPress themes are always delivered with built-in ad listing options. Therefore, news agencies or bloggers can easily make revenue by showing ads in pre-defined ad slots. The header banner is already visible in demo, and there are other ad locations available for homepage, single posts etc.

If you want to display extra Ad banners then you can use footer/sidebar widget areas to make extra revenue. With search engine friendly layout and modern blogging features, any one can use this theme for adsense blogging or business marketing platform.

Single Blog Post : Checking upon single post in MySocial Pro demo, we find Author Information box and comments section below every single post. There are optional elements available for single post which are Social Share buttons, and Related posts. The sharing buttons will gear social media sharing work and Related articles list will set a navigation point to browse other articles.

Blog Post Preview - MySocial Happy Themes

Custom Header : The header area is full of content sections so that bloggers can utilize it to add logo, links, banners and search box. The top area shows logo on left which could be text or image. The right portion is free and used to share a wide adsense or affiliate banner.

Navigation part is also covered to help you add many links with primary and secondary menu. You can add multiple categories, pages and other useful links in menu bar. Search box can be activated for header area so user can easily find contents with keywords from within header.

Floating Menu and Header Banner - MySocial

Final Though On MySocial Blog WP Theme

Sticky Menu : We already discussed about header and footer navigation. Magazine website owners can setup a floating layout that is always stick to the top area of the website. So user can scroll down and they will see floating menu following them while scrolling on the page. It’s advisable to insert main blog category links in primary menu so that user can view top links in floating menu bar.

Theme Customization : Like all other WordPress theme developers, HappyThemes has also tried to offer best options panel. The theme options will be available under customizer that includes color, typography, background and other options. Google web fonts support is available in premium version which is useful when bloggers want to setup unique and clear typography.

Overall, MySocial theme works smoothly for any blogging need. With fast page loading speed and search engine optimized layout, you can easily setup a blog that ranks higher on search engines. Bloggers can use it for any niche topics from travel, fashion, technology, food etc. The translation options, free updates, theme support and demo content integration are other advantages which makes me recommend this theme to every blogger.

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