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Starter is a WordPress blog template developed with coupons bloggers and all types of authors. HappyThemes has done great research to come up with a unique template that would combine features for blogging and marketing. The core features includes coupon listing feature and advanced blog features. So, blogger never need to buy two templates for blogging and marketing.

The responsive design and SEO friendly layout keeps this theme running all types of platforms. The blog will maintain best loading speed with heavy pages having many images or post entries.

Starter HappyThemes - WordPress Coupon Code Blogging Theme

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Overview : Starter WordPress Theme

Featured Sections : The theme has best homepage layout that combines multiple blocks to promote different content sections. The first home section is “Featured Section” which highlights posts with small thumbnails. The next section shows coupon entries which has been fetched from deals listing area. Last block is “Latest Posts” list that shows multiple entries like any regular blog.

These content blocks are movable in any position and you can turn them of or off as required. In-short, it has capability to create a best content promotion theme to display coupons, and recent post entries.

Home Newsletter Area : Content promotion is main thing when you start a blog or marketing website. And this feature will improve your marketing efforts and income by increasing subscribers. Starter provides a dedicated newsletter opt-in section above the content area on homepage. It will display a subscribe form so that visitors can sign-up for email newsletter. These subscribers will be you regular readers and they can be turned into sales leads by promotion deals and special offers.

Frontpage Featured Entries - Starter HappyThemes

Menubar and Header : The navigation bar looks bold and stylish when you use custom background color and unique font style. The header includes space to display logo, search box and menu links. Bloggers can set floating menu that is visible every time when user start scrolling in the pages.

Blog and Coupon Listing Support : HappyThemes

Deals Section : When you check home deals section then it shows a few latest entries. You can visit stand-alone deals promotion page that shows all coupon stores links in one plage. The offer promotion section will have space to display title, description, and navigation bar to sort deals based on selected category. There is a deals post type available for bloggers to help them easily insert latest coupons, and promotional offers.

The deal listing page has options to insert product details, featured image, and coupon code with “Click To View Coupon Code” button. Therefore, visitors will have to click deals button which has hidden coupon code and affiliate link. Once this button is clicked then it will show coupon and open affiliate product page link in separate window.

Deals Listing Page - Starter Coupon Marketing Theme

This type of coupon promotion features can secure affiliate commission while sharing deals with people. Thanks to Starter WordPress theme for bringing best blogging and promotion features in one package with reasonable price.

Blog Post Options : The blog articles will show your posts in excerpt or full style as selected from settings page. You can use custom featured image for every article that you release on your blog platform. If we talk on inner single blog post options the you will see many optional elements. For e.g. Related posts, Author Bio box, Sharing links, Comments box etc.

These features can improve page-views by showing related featured posts with all articles in bottom area. Your readers can share posts with friends on social media sites with built-in social sharing buttons. They will be able to see Breadcrumb navigation bar, taxonomy list, and author’s detail with all posts. This is how you can involve readers in activities and keep them on website for long time.

Related Posts - Starter Blog Post

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Starter HappyThemes – Top Features :

Theme Options Panel : No marketers want to code themselves and spend all valuable moments in manual customization work. That’s why, modern bloggers and coupons marketer prefer best cms like WordPress. When you choose advanced WordPress blog template like this one then it offers extra power to your marketing efforts. The ready options page gives you support to change color style, fonts, background and other stuff.

Bloggers can edit background style for header, heading font style, body area background, layouts etc. There are options available to control advertisements, single post elements, social media stuff and everything.

Responsive : Let every visitor take benefit of your blog platform and coupon promotion website. Just create website with Starter WP theme and see how mobile, tablet and every user is able to browse contents on their hand held devices. We love this theme for it’s floating menu and responsive design which really improves overall browsing style.

Footer Widgets - Starter HappyThemes

Final Talk : Last but not least, you will be getting special widgets for advertisements, and to display latest posts, highly viewed posts, category list, and more. The theme has premium widgets and advanced features that would never ask you to use plugins from 3rd party developers.

Apart from widgets and layouts options, you will get “Back To Top” button at the bottom of the screen. This auto-scrolling buttons takes user to the top of the website to speed up scrolling speed, especially while scrolling up side.

This is best WordPress coupon blog and deals marketing template we have seen so far.

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